Laserlyte laser sight instructor for picatinny rail. Laser dot for instant aim. Laser trainer for firearm education. Push button activation for simple use. Car-off to save battery lifestyles. Upgraded adjustment screws for immediate sight in.

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  • ensure this suits by way of entering your model range.
  • laser gun sight: while installed adjust the laser to bullet effect. Use the laser to quick intention at your target. Use the laser to rapidly purpose after the gun recoils. Use the laser to train new or challenged shooters.
  • laser trainer: the sound activated laser fires a pink dot for 1/10 of a second simulating bullet effect. Use the trainer for trigger manage practice. Use the instructor for teaching new or newbie shooters.
  • push button activation: easy and fast push button activation. Use both side to show the laser on or off, this system is absolutely ambidextrous custom fit: this device will include one laser unit and two sets of laser our bodies.
  • this gun sight is the brightest and maximum effective laser we’re legally allowed to supply. The bright laser dot can be seen over one hundred yards away at night. Power output: 630 – 670nm, < 5mw, elegance: iiia

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from the producer

dry hearth, ccw and accuracy development products

weapon lasers are built of heavy obligation material and make sure speedy acquisition in a the ones dire moments

laserlyte offers a extensive style of schooling tools together with laser cartridges and audible digital goals for indoor dry fireplace exercise

sight in your guns with the bore sighting kits that include the entirety needed to get on track

product description

it’s far a laser sight, it is a laser trainer, it’s far all-in-one on your gun. The kit comes with two specific length housings for a custom fit for your unique gun. The laser unit fast swaps among housings all through installation. The laser gun sight will placed you as it should be heading in the right direction and adjusts to the bullet effect. The steady dot mode or flashing dot mode is programmable to the shooter’s needs. The car-off feature will automatically turn the laser off after 6 mins to store battery lifestyles. The sound-activated laser teacher flashes the laser for 1/10th of a 2d. If the laser is a dot, terrific shot. If the laser is a streak, awful approach. Teach at home with the comfort of your preferred couch and air conditioning. Store time on journeys to the variety. Save cash on ammo and gas. Strength output: 650nm, 5mw, elegance iiiacompatible firearms: any pistol with . 70-inch picatinny rail programmable: dual mode regular-on and pulse, auto-off in 6 minutes built-in laser instructor mode for dry-hearth practicebatteries: three x 392 battery existence: actual usage 5 hours constant-on,10 hours pulse mode weight: . 71 oz fabric: 55% glass crammed nylon and plane grade 6061 aluminumlength: 1. 32 inches (small length); 1. 90 inches (tremendous) width: 1. 08 inches peak: 1. 15 inches

7 reviews for Laserlyte laser sight instructor for picatinny rail. Laser dot for instant aim. Laser trainer for firearm education. Push button activation for simple use. Car-off to save battery lifestyles. Upgraded adjustment screws for immediate sight in.

  1. Daytona Greg

    It is really nice to use with the Glock 19 BB gun (~$69) licensed & sold by UMAREX on Amazon. Felt nice aiming at target on the wall, or Laser Sensitive targets (Cheapshot Training Target ~$29.95 on Amazon). However when I attached it to my real Glock 19 G5 it had great difficulty holding zero while shooting 9mm AMMO at the range. Even though it felt solidly attached to the picatinny rail, I could not get it to STAY ZEROED. I adjusted up, down, left, & right but after firing real 9mm ammo it was out of alignment. Again, it does work great for me as a laser trainer attached to my Glock BB gun. I think it would also work fine dry firing with a real gun. Adjustment tool works well for elevation & windage (left/right). Good luck #2A Read more

  2. ack

    I got the model that includes the trainer mode (UTA-FSL-3). In fact, I bought this product specifically for the trainer mode. A rail-attached trainer appeals to me much more than trainer cartridges. A rail-attached trainer can be used on multiple guns with multiple calibers. A rail-attached trainer can be zeroed. (Obviously it would have to be re-zeroed if switching it to another gun.) Those are two strong points in its favor. Let me further say that I did not experience the laser losing zero when I fired live rounds, as some other reviewers here have said it did for them. However, there were a few things that knocked it down to 3 stars for me. First, the documentation included with the product, as others have said, is far from the best it could be. Someone obviously tried to make decent documentation, but seriously someone should just write down the script of LaserLyte’s youtube video as a starting point and add some pictures. The version of the documentation I got was for the UTA-FSL-2 (which didn’t have a trainer mode), so it doesn’t even mention the trainer mode. Additionally, it would be great if customers could download a PDF of updated documentation (or any documentation) from the manufacturer’s web site, but as of the time of this writing, I couldn’t find it, probably because it’s not there. One star off for all that. Second, if the laser is turned OFF manually, recoil from firing live rounds somehow turns it ON automatically. Turning it OFF again requires pushing the activation button twice, I guess once for ON (which it already is) and again for OFF. Not every recoil turns on the laser, so there seems to be some randomness there. At least recoil never turned it OFF automatically for me. Nevertheless, the laser coming ON when I don’t want it is kind of annoying, so another star off for that. Read more

  3. Barry

    It works, but a couple of items to note. 1) when i switched from small to larger case the cylinder button didn’t work right, it was pushing on the internal switch when I tightened the housing screw. After some looking I noticed the top of the tube inside the housing had a burr sticking up which was preventing the plastic button piece from sitting flat. A few strokes using a file and this issue was solved. 2) i do not see a way (yet) to adjust sensitivity of training mode. This is useful if you have noisy double actions, or very smooth/quiet single actions. 3) the clamshell case fits together nice, but to keep it rigid I used just a few fine dabs of Elmers glue it about 3 spots around the case lip. It easily comes apart if need be. Other than that, seems to work ok for me. Read more

  4. douglv

    Great little laser for any sized pistol with any type rail. 30 seconds to install, 1 minute to zero with the sights, and mine is still zeroed after 200+ rounds of 9mm. Comes with size adapters so you can fit it flush with the trigger guard on most pistols. I have a full sized Walther and it looks like it’s part of the gun. The power button is on the left side just in front of the trigger guard instead of on the bottom like some lasers, so it could cause a trigger guard safety issue for left-handers who try to turn it on under stress. But that risk seems minimal. I love it. Read more

  5. thatsrich

    I’ve now owned two of these. One of them I installed only a week ago after owning it for over a year. The internal parts are coming apart, rendering the laser inoperable. Also, the workmanship is bad in that when you use the larger body parts, the buttons don’t work if you tighten the parts together (one button is permanently stuck). I’m going to try to use the warranty for this one. I ordered a brand new one and it just doesn’t work at all. The laser doesn’t light. I tried both sets of batteries that came with it, and neither works. This unit also has the issue where if you use the larger body parts, that one of the buttons gets stuck in the On position permanently. You have no choice but to back out the screw ever so slightly so that the button doesn’t press hard in the On position. I’m really reluctant to buy any LaserLyte products. They all seem to be so overpriced and poorly manufactured. Read more

  6. bryan h

    This is my first laser sight, so i don’t have much to compare it to… But i would think that any accessory meant to be affixed to a firearm should be sturdy and stay aligned during shooting. The plastic body and tiny cheap screws of this device apparently can’t handle recoil from a 9mm, and it became un-zeroed after <10 shots. I tried tightening the screws, and they shredded right through the plastic body of the laser with no warning. Now it's a paperweight. Save your money Read more

  7. SteveinKC

    Updated: 11/18- Brightness issue resolved with new silver oxide batteries, now performing as advertised Orig review: Dimmest laser I’ve ever seen, even dimmer than my TruGlo Micro Tac which is known as one of the dimmest due to its size. In a poorly lit room, range was about 20 ft with the included batteries right out of the package. Usable as a trainer in controlled lighting but not realistic as a usable laser for self defense. The two different housings are a great design, as is the sound activated trainer mode, but the core of the product is the laser. I will be ordering fresh energizer silver oxide batteries and see if it is any brighter before making my final decision but at this point, its a toy Read more

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