Laserlyte trainer target steel tyme with plinking steel sound, led light and audio and visible training experience for shielding shooting and ccw , 1. 25″ x 7. Sixty three” x 3. 13″

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  • ensure this fits via coming into your version number.
  • versatility: may be setup on any flat floor or held on the wall and works interior or outside
  • convenient: ideal for adolescents shooters and setup is short and clean with (three) aaa batteries (blanketed)
  • be organized: lets in for practice of fast pictures, specific shots and can also track groups
  • includes: (2) steel tyme goals

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from the manufacturer

  • 2 modes
  • metal sound mode
  • silent mode
  • five leds
  • hold everywhere
  • lighting up while shot with laser
  • makes the sound of metallic
  • resets for any other shot
  • 2 mode switch
  • sound mode
  • silent mode
  • dangle everywhere
  • product description

    whilst you hit the goal with a laser teacher, it’s going to mild up and provide you with the sound of plinking metal. The spherical goal will give you a undertaking to hit, however rewarded with led lights and the sound of hitting a steel plate. The sound can be muted and handiest the led lights will flash whilst it is hit. Place the goal on any flat floor and practice capturing them randomly at special levels and places. The metallic tyme lets you know when it’s far hit with a party of lights and sound. The virtual goal will now not want to get replaced; you will most effective want to exchange the batteries after some thousand photographs. Train at home with the comfort of your favored couch and air conditioning. Shop time on trips to the variety. Keep money on ammo and fuel. Like minded products: all laserlyte laser trainers batteries: 3 aaa batteries battery existence: 6,000 pictures fabric: high effect abs polymer weight: five. 60 ounces intensity: 1. 25 inches height: 7. 63 inches width: 3. Thirteen inches

    8 reviews for Laserlyte trainer target steel tyme with plinking steel sound, led light and audio and visible training experience for shielding shooting and ccw , 1. 25″ x 7. Sixty three” x 3. 13″

    1. JM

      The Laserlyte trainer steel tyme targets makes your dry fire practice sessions more interesting than just shooting at paper targets or inanimate objects to practice your fundamentals. I use a laser training cartridge (red) in my 9mm pistols during dry fire practices. These practice targets are versatile since you can place or hang the targets any where to practice and improve your shooting abilities when you don’t have time or money to go to a gun range. They come with a 3 year limited warranty from the manufacturer. However, these steel tyme targets seem expensive relative to its small size (less than 8” high and about 3” wide) and minimal options, e.g., sound or no sound, probably due to lack of other similar products that would be a better value. These targets may give false hits when they sense bright light such as sunlight shining through a room window hitting the target area. Otherwise, these practice targets do what they suppose to do and provide instant feedback. When you hit the target area with the laser cartridge the target LED lights up red with steel plinking sounds. The laser cartridge may not register a hit unless the sensors perceive a hit, e.g., outside perimeter. I have a green laser sight on my pistol, and the target doesn’t register a hit when the green laser hits the target area. Made cut-up of tactical targets to cover the target areas to make the steel tyme targets more challenging and fun (see photo). Read more

    2. jynx1966

      they work with the laser as they should, but I discovered that they react to the brightness of light not just specifically lasers, my room has a dimmer for the light, so as I turn the lights on and reach a certain brightness the targets start to clang non stop. also I tried to practice with the room fairly dark to simulate a night time invasion , but the targets wouldn’t to react to the laser.. so all tho the sound makes practice fun, I can only give a 3 star for the quality vs price Read more

    3. nicholas r rego sr

      These things are very fun, a great stand alone trainer / entertainment, or good in conjunction with the Score Tyme Versus Kit (which I also have). I read where some had issues with multiple fast shots not registering. The solution to that is turning off the sound. The sound takes longer to reset, but with it turned off multiple fast hits are registered visually. I really do like these, but I think they are a bit on the pricey side for basically plastic boxes that go “ding” when a bright light is shined on them. I think the value would be there if they integrated with the “Score” target line, so they could be included in timing and scoring calculations. Then I would be inclined to buy two more sets. All in all they do what they are supposed to, and used in conjunction with proper training, I am finding them very useful to improve my shooting skills. Read more

    4. E.Y.

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I have had LaserLyte Target System for several years now. I have enjoyed using it as an alternative to having to drive to the range and save some $$ on ammo and range fees. I still go to the range, but not as much. I decided to purchase the Target Steel Tyme to spice things up a bit and get that quick auditory feedback when I get a hit. After a couple of hours use, it’s definitely worth the investment. It’s does what you’d expect it to do. Sound is loud enough indoors to hear from 30 feet away. Great product and it’s been good fun to use between myself and my daughter! Read more

    5. Fer Rviz

      Fun to use but don’t handle quick shots well. It takes a short moment for them to reset and be ready for the next shot. Update: Got stuck with 2 of those, the timer target lasted 2 days, got a full refund but the laser cartridge stopped working a little later. And not because I used it a lot 🙁 Invested around 300 for a you that lasted 2 weeks all together. I really wanted it to work… Sadly it didn’t Read more

    6. El Sooko

      These and the Laserlyte gun are terrible quality and my just reward for opting for this “discount” system over the SIRT. These targets, like a lot of online reviews and forums say, worked beautifully for about an hour then just started working when they felt like it. At first they only respond when hit. But after an hour or so of use they responded to even continuous dead center hits at random. Additionally, if the lights in your house are too bright or too dim, these won’t work at all. The gun just died one night after I had it for one week. I tried various batteries and even checked the factory batteries for charge, which tested nearly new, but the thing is dead. Spend more. I’m getting the SIRT gun even though it’s $150.00 more. If life and safety are riding on arms training, the system should work reliably. Read more

    7. Lee Bennet

      Great concept, but like others mentioned mine failed to record hits approximately 20% of the time when using a SIRT training pistol (red laser, of course). Returned it as I like the SIRT better than the LaserLyte pistol. Hopefully LaserLyte will make a version that either has more sensors to register the hit or can handle other product’s lasers. Read more

    8. C L

      These turned out to be way more fun than I expected! I hung them up and am able to practice draw-and-shoot and switching targets. The “steel” sound is quite fake, but still entertaining. I really appreciated that they also have a mute mode with just the flashy lights too. I’ll be using these fairly regularly! I do wish that they had an option to plug into an outlet. Read more

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