Leupold deltapoint pro dovetail one-piece riflescope mount

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  • make certain this suits by coming into your model range.
  • it comes with screws for mounting the plate to gun and further screws to mount delta factor seasoned to plate.
  • machined metal, made in the united states
  • sport kind: searching
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  • will this work on the glock 40 mos with the delta point pro ?
  • question: will this work on the glock forty mos with the delta point seasoned ? Answer: you don’t want this for an mos glock. This essentially converts your wellknown glock so it can bring a purple dot sight by means of changing the rear sight. By using coop on february 21, 2017 didn’t get answers. See more answers (2) collapse all answers

  • will this work within the new vp9?
  • question: will this work in the new vp9? Solution: work* by using melanie t. On june 8, 2017 didn’t get solutions. See greater answers (1) collapse all solutions

  • why does this say dovetail mount if it’s miles for a milled slide most effective? I need to mount a leupold dp within the dovetail slot wherein the rear web page commonly is going
  • query: why does this say dovetail mount if it’s miles for a milled slide only? I need to mount a leupold dp inside the dovetail slot in which the rear site typically goes answer: this precise mount is for milled slides. The description by way of amazon is wrong. By buck fever on june eight, 2018 disintegrate all answers

  • do you need to positioned a particular purple dot sight on this mount or does it work with majority of fashions
  • question: do you need to put a particular red dot sight on this mount or does it paintings with majority of fashions answer: this mount is designed in particular for the leopold deltapoint pro. This is not a typical pink dot sight mount. Via amazon customer on november 28, 2016 didn’t get solutions. See more solutions (3) fall apart all answers


    1911, Beretta 92, Glock, HK, SIG 226, SW MP, Springfield

    8 reviews for Leupold deltapoint pro dovetail one-piece riflescope mount

    1. SBC97223

      I put the Deltapoint Pro on a Glock 20 with this mount. Full power 10MM rounds create some momentum to absorb and stay on target. 250 rounds later this mount has held. The Deltapoint is also amazing. Read more

    2. hdb

      Purchased DeltaPoint Pro and Leupold mount for CZ 75 SP-01. I love the design and features but… the DeltaPoint Pro did not snug up to the mount and would not zero on target. Returned to Leupold for adjustment. After a month “on the bench” at Luepold the sight still would not zero – point of impact at maximum elevation adjustment 5.5” below sight point at 10-yards. Leupold service says elevation adjustment range set for zero at 25 yards. 9mm 115gr ballistics – 1” rise from line of sight to point of impact at 10 yards, another 1” rise at 25 yards. 5.5” variance from line of sight to point of impact indicates ballistics not compatible with DeltaPoint Pro’s elevation adjustment capability on the Leupold mount sold for the CZ 75. Leupold refused to acknowledge the sight/mount combo was faulty and declined to honor the warranty commitment, “Leupold & Stevens, Inc. will repair, or if repair is not possible, either replace the product or refund the purchase price, whichever you prefer,” saying the problem was with the mounting system. The mount used was Leupold part #170903 designed and sold for the CZ 75 upon which the sight was mounted. Read more

    3. Ron

      I bought this to fit my FNH FNX Tactical 45acp. I was told it would fit even though it’s says it’s for a S&W Core. I’m happy to say it fits perfectly, it came with all necessary screws to attach it to my FNX with loctite preapplied. Happy with it. Read more

    4. Randall L.

      This is holding a redfield accelerator on top of a glock 17L so far only issue is been with some 147gr anemic target loads not cycling do to mass added by optic. This is a cheep fix for an often over complicated task. I rarely do reviews, however my insomnia is your benefit. First to start off with this is on a range toy race gun. Second I’m not worried about losing my iron sights. So this little guy comes in a typical leupold plastic package. Now what they don’t tell you is there is a tool for removing the rear sight that isn’t a mallet and drift punch. Seriously just don’t do it if you have tritium sights go find a sight pusher. Remember to use a little bit of blue lock tite and take your time zeroing. Pictured target was shot at 25yds with an 8 moa dot standing aiming at the target zones. (8 moa loosely equals a 2 inch dot at 25yds) the head was multiple magazines dumped at 15 yds I fully take the blame for the misses trying to shoot to fast to long started slapping the trigger. Read more

    5. Derick F Villar

      This is the perfect addition to my 5″ Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm. Only thing is you have to order a mounting plate for this platform as it is not included with the firearm. Luckily you can buy it here on Amazon. This optic has the ability to change the battery without removing it from the firearm which is a big thing for me. If you use loctite to secure your optics down this is certainly a plus. I like the battery life saving feature and the protective cover. I opted to push the sights out and treat this as a red dot gun only. It looks awesome and it took only about 20 rounds to zero in and I am terrible at sighting optics in. Leupold quality you cannot go wrong. This is a great sight!!!! I hope this helps…. Read more

    6. dougbiggs

      This did get my Leopold Pro mounted on my Glock, along with a shim to kick the back of the red dot up so I could zero it in with my barrel laser. But the mount is not aluminum as the ad states, but a piece of plastic. Now I have a plastic plate, a plastic shim, screwed to my Glock holding a $500.00 sight. We’ll see how it holds up, will post later Read more

    7. slixx

      Description is incorrect, it is not dovetailed mounted. Your slide would need to be equipped with the CORE which is factory from SW or a machine shop can cut/mill the slide to accommodate this mount for you. Mount is a bit thicker and does not co-witness with the original SW suppressor sights on the slides. Other than this, what other options do we have? Mount comes with 4 screws and a star wrench for installation. Read more

    8. Big foot

      the adapter is made out of flimsy plastic. the screws are too short. complete a waste of money. Shame on you, Leupold. No more leupold products for me Read more

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