Leupold deltapoint seasoned go slot scope mount, matte, move slot mount

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  • make certain this fits by using coming into your version wide variety.
  • can be used on any picatinny, weaver, or cantilever, rail or base that does not require a riser
  • allows for clean coupling with a spread of various fashion rails and bases
  • brilliant mounting option to your deltapoint seasoned sight
  • anodized aluminum production
  • game kind: searching
  • included additives: scope accessories

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deltapoint pro go slot mount matte

8 reviews for Leupold deltapoint seasoned go slot scope mount, matte, move slot mount

  1. Doorgunner1969

    After paying 400.00 for a Leupold Delta Pro, you’d think they would give you a deal on the low mount single screw base cross mount. It should come with the Delta Pro like most red dots. some evn have the full co-witness base so you can get all three positions. Wonder why we buy knock offs from China! really 55.00 more for a 20.00 item on top of the 400.00 to start with. the item is not even that robust. there has to be someone else making these for an affodable price. Holosun here I come!! Read more

  2. Tonya

    So theres no screws that come with this mount. There was also no screws that came with the Leopold DeltaPoint sight when I ordered it either. Highly disappointed! Luckily I work at manufacturing facility for a luxury auto maker and was able to track down 2 small bolts that were metric and would fit but they are not tapered correctly as it appears Leopold has their own taper specs on the bolt heads. I painted some that would work though and installed them. Not sure why the mount nor the sight had them in the kits. Either way I got it mounted on Scorpion one way or the other. Read more

  3. Dave York Pa

    First, I call Leupold products – Leo’s. Anyhow, over yet to squire a poor Leo part. Think about it, lifetime warranty, sh!t has to be good. And from experience, it’s great. I own many optics – in no special order, top 3 are Leo, Vortex and Sig. All 3 are great! Although….for the money I paid for the Leo red dot, I wish I would have bought a holographic sight. Red dots, I have Romeo 5, Vortex Venom and the Leo Pro whatever. Vortex is the top in this category. But this specific product works great getting your Leo Pro mounted properly. Use a torque wrench, duh – I assume if you’re reading this you know the importance of proper install. Read more

  4. Mavrik02

    I have two of these, one on my Glock 17 and one on a Scorpion Evo 3 (both 9mm). I have thousands of rounds through both guns with this sight and it’s never loosened or lost zero (and I’ve had problems with other red dots losing zero). The sight is small and compact but has a great clear dot that stays in place no matter where you look at it from. In bright sunlight there is no ghosting like on some other sights. This is a very high quality sight and for the money it is more than worth it. Read more

  5. The Taylors

    This mount seems to work great. I paired this with the Cross Slot Riser Leupold 120059 Delta Point Pro Cross Slot Riser to get my DP Pro mounted on my Christensen Arms CA-15 Recon and get the proper height over bore. The quality is top notch, and this piece in particular I have no complaints over. The cross slot riser is a little heavy, but not overly so. Overall a great combo if you’re looking to mount a DP Pro to an AR. Read more

  6. M. Grimes

    Perfect mount for the Leupold Delta Point as you would expect. Simple torque to 25 in/lbs and you’re good to go. Has a nice little Leupold logo on it for bling effect. Very nice mount for the money. Read more

  7. TD

    This works exactly as described but for the cost of the DeltaPoint, this should come with it. There’s even a slot in the DeltaPoint box for this thing and it’s just empty. Read more

  8. Tripwire

    If you got the sight, you need this mount. Works great. I have Trijicon, Holosun, and Aimpont, and this works ever bit as well. Get it and don’t look back. Read more

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