Leupold general one-piece scope base

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  • do the aspect windage screws include it? Because they are not inside the photograph and the jewelry do not include the screws.
  • question: do the facet windage screws come with it? Because they aren’t inside the photo and the jewelry do not include the screws. Solution: comes with mounting screws handiest. By using jim d. On december eight, 2015 didn’t get solutions. See greater solutions (3) fall apart all answers

  • what is the distance between the holes? My savage 99 become custom drilled and tapped within the nineteen thirties (no longer factory) and i need to see if this can in shape.
  • question: what’s the distance among the holes? My savage 99 turned into custom drilled and tapped within the 1930s (not manufacturing facility) and that i need to look if this could suit. Answer: remarkable-unlikely this will in shape, until authentic holes are nevertheless there. A bit recitent to unmount my scope simply to degree those. Purchase it, if it doesn’t in shape just go back it? You’re higher off measuring your holes & finding some thing to fit! Through john on november thirteen, 2020 disintegrate all solutions

  • is this scope base matte or gloss?
  • query: is this scope base matte or gloss? Answer: mine changed into gloss and failed to work for my light weight. By way of randy clawson on april 4, 2017 crumble all answers

  • i’ve milled off the rear bridge stripper clip hump, will this base work for it?
  • query: i have milled off the rear bridge stripper clip hump, will this base work for it? Solution: sure it’s going to nevertheless work. The hole that needs to be drilled and tapped is at the back of the hump. By using ann robertson on february 22, 2019 fall apart all answers


    Gloss, Matte, Silver


    Browning BLR, Mauser FN, Mauser M98, Remington 700 LH-LA, Remington 700 RH-LA, Remington 700 RH-SA, Remington 799, Ruger 1022, Savage 110 RH, Springfield 1903 A3, Browning A-Bolt RH-LA, Remington 700 Long Range RH-LA, Remington 700 Long Range RH-SA, Winchester 70 Long Range RH-LA, Winchester 70 Long Range RH-SA

    8 reviews for Leupold general one-piece scope base

    1. Jimmy James

      Great 15MOA base for the everyday rifle. They used to put index marks on the rings and bases to help you get everything lined up. Not anymore. That little tick mark got value engineered out of the product. Just like quality glass, heavy duty tubes and precise tracking got engineered out of their scopes. I have at least a half dozen of these bases installed on as many rifles and they are great for what they are. You do need a set of pointy dowels or plugs made by Wheeler or Weaver or whoever to get the rings lined up square in this base. Torque base screw to Leupold recommended values or risk stripping out the ring holes on your rifles receiver. The blue goo on the base screws is a nice touch. Keeps things locked down tight but can easily be unscrewed with screw driver with proper bit. Edit/note…not getting 15mins out of these bases on 20+ yr old Rem 700. Put a spare EGW 20moa base on same gun and got 20mins. Tried 3 of the Leupy LR bases and same result. Measured all 3 bases and they measure and calculate to 15moa. Talked to Leupy tech support, total Mystery. Read more

    2. Bobbygun

      I’ve use Leupold bases and rings before so I expected a quality product, which it is. I bought this for an old Mauser 98 that my dad left me, replacing an old Kuharsky Bros./Bausch & Lomb base. I wasn’t even sure the holes would line up when I ordered it, but some research on the Internet led me to believe the spacing was correct. The spacing was correct, but the metal near the rear hole contacted a ridge on the rifle and wouldn’t allow the base to drop down where it was supposed to go. I took a dremel tool and ground some of the metal off of the base and was able to get it to work, so hopefully I will be good to go. Waiting on the rings to mount my scope. Read more

    3. Gregory Kukulski

      Picture is not correct for the product I ordered, but I ordered and received the correct product. The one piece scope base for a Savage Model 99 (right-hand ejection) must have the solid part of the bridge off-centered to the left so as not to impede cartridge ejection and finger/tool insertion. Read more

    4. R. W. Johnson

      This a top quality scope base, unfortunately it mounts the scope too far forward. I used this base to mount a Leupold Rimfire scope and to get the proper eye relief, i had to drill and tap two additional screw holes into the receiver so the scope would be about 5/8″ further back. I think it could be even a little more than that. The unused holes are covered by the base, so they do not detract from the appearance of the rifle. I have several scopes, Leupold and Nikon rimfires, that I used for comparison and in my opinion, this base would mount all of them too far forward. I am a Leupold fan and own several Leupold scopes and binoculars, but in my opinion this base is incorrectly designed. BTW, I am a normal sized adult male, I would need to have a much longer and flexible neck in order to use this base comfortably. As you can imagine, for youth shooters, it is more of an issue. Read more

    5. fiveworth

      So I bought this one piece base for my Savage 99. The base fit the gun well, and was easy to install. However, the way the rings attach to the base is bizarre. The front one has this dovetail that you have to twist into place, but there is no indication when it is in place. you just have to eyeball it. then the back ring attaches with this sketchy system of screwing in these windage screws, and again, you just eyeball it. For what I paid for this base and rings, i expected a better system. Will not buy them again. Read more

    6. Gregs ReVieu

      Bought this for my 7400 but base screw pattern didn’t match , the vender got it wrong , but it did fit my 760 , so that’s where it lives now . Called Leupold for correct model number for the 7400 and it fit……both are made by Leupold so quality is built in . Read more

    7. Stevo50

      I have a 1975 Remington 742 it is not listed. I purchased the model for a Rem 760 and it fit the 742 fine. Looks great. Read more

    8. Mark

      Over the last 50 years I have purchased several Leupold products and only had one issue with a rifle scope which Leupold promptly fixed under their life time warranty. Products are well made, and most of all Leupold is proud of there products and will stand behind them 100%. Read more

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