Leupold general two-piece scope base

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  • make sure this suits with the aid of getting into your version variety.
  • solid and machined metallic creation
  • versatile, to be had for plenty extraordinary guns
  • offers maximum accessibility to the breech region of your gun
  • suits right- and left-hand moves, and reversible base is available for many movements
  • leupold complete lifetime
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actions talk louder than words. It’s a simple announcement that we stand at the back of each single day. Because while you’re 8 miles deep into the backcountry, a promise on a piece of paper is nugatory except the product in your fingers performs while you want it most.

hold innovating. That’s one of the keys to relentless overall performance.

we’re relentless due to the fact you’re relentless. You don’t back off. You don’t give in. You maintain going while others stop. Irrespective of wherein you are taking us, on the battlefield, in competition, or on the hunt, we won’t let you down.

so be bold. Be tenacious. Be relentless.

leupold trendy mounts are precision engineered to satisfy the demands of even the maximum advanced hunters. Excessive precision facilitates you are making the maximum of your scope’s and rifle’s accuracy and machined metal construction guarantees this nice will last.

your mounting system is the critical hyperlink between your firearm and your optic, and it’s where accuracy and performance start. For leupold’s steel mounts, all of it starts offevolved with crimson-hot, strike forged steel blanks. That is what it takes to ensure rock-strong repeatable accuracy, shot after shot, yr after year. Every base is meticulously machined and polished.


Gloss, Matte, Silver


Browning 1885 HW, Mauser FN RVF, Remington 541, Remington 7, Remington 700, Remington 700 RVF, Weatherby Mark V, Weatherby Mark V RVF, Winchester 70 RVF/R, Winchester 94, Mauser 98, Ruger American, Ruger American RF, Savage 10/110 Round Rcvr, Tikka T3/T3x, Winchester XPR RVR

8 reviews for Leupold general two-piece scope base

  1. Amazon Customer

    Front mount fit great …the rear mount was way too small the rear screw hole was almost 1/4 inch off from the hole in the receiver. I called Luepold and they told me to get the receiver drilled again to fit their rear mount.I explained the rifle is a very expensive one and I had no wish for the receiver to look like Swiss cheese because their mount would not fit. I asked if they made custom mounts and was told “No”. When asked if there was anything they could do the reply was “No”. I was not even offered a return and refund. Very disappointing because I have purchased and used their scopes for 30 + years. Up till now I have always had the best experiences with this company. I will go to one of their competitors and have a custom mount made. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    The rear base in the picture should be turned around. If you mount it that way; the bolt won’t open. I bought this to replace a one piece base that I had on a Remington 700 in .30-06. With those mounts, the rear ring sets farther forward. I also bought an extended ring for the front. Long actions seem to put the scope too far forward in my opinion. The Objective end of my scope’s outside diameter is 115/16 inch in diameter. I bought High Rings. The bottom of the scope in the front clears the rear of the rear ramp sight enough that the ramp doesn’t show up as a blur when looking through the scope. I recommend putting gun oil on the front mount and then using an open end wrench to loosen up the ring in the base. A few turns back and forth makes a big difference. This design allows you to get the scope lined up with the barrel as needed. I have a Winchester Model 70 that I installed the Dual Dovetail Bases on. I couldn’t get the windage in the scope to line up right. I used a Bore Sighter. Somebody at the factory messed up. Read more

  3. 6thMichCav

    I favor the Leupold/Redfield style of mount because they allow solid ring mounting without a lot of fuss. The mechanical dovetail front is easy to install (no scope tool? Use a dowel or a piece of 1-inch PVC pipe). The screws provided are high quality Torx head screws, and they have a bit of blue loctite already on the threads; I found this a nice touch and highly convenient. The rear mount has a modest amount of windage built into the ring mounting screws. I purchased my set for a new Browning X-Bolt. The Leupold set fit the provided mounting holes perfectly and installed without any surprises. I also like the fact that Leupold provides the proper Torx wrench in the package, so you don’t have to hunt for your toolbox or Allen key set for installation. For endorsement, no rifle I own with the Leupold/Redfield Austen has ever had any problems with accuracy or shifting zero. While I have other bases such as Weaver, Millett, Remington, and Tikka, I much prefer the Leupold system, even though I am not a Leupold scope snob. Read more

  4. Jksn56

    Good quality solid base mount but had to reverse the rear pc in order for the bolt to open and by doing that the base windage screws hung over the receiver opening nearly 1/2″ reducing access to cartridges in the magazine. Would be nice if the description clearly stated this as it just doesn’t look like it was meant for my particular 110 rifle model. May have been manufactured for older 110 rifles prior to or without an Accutrigger … ??? I’m going to check out Leupolds 1/pc model and see if if fits my rifle better… Read more

  5. Jack of all trades

    Put these #51701 bases on a Weatherby Vanguard S2 and they are a perfect fit. Optically centered my scope using the mirror method and after adjusting the windage with the rear base, have it bore sighted at 40 yards without touching the adjustment turrets on the scope. Haven’t shot it yet but it should only take a minor adjustment to get it zeroed. And these are absolutely 0 moa. Vertical lined up dead zero also. Good clean, uncluttered look. Read more

  6. Rational

    The quality is great. The mount height and screw spacing, seem to be correct, which is the most important part. Unfortunately, I had to do significant filing, polishing, and blueing on one corner as the bolt would not quite clear! This is supposed to fit a very early Weatherby Mark V, built on a Mauser 98 action. Not your typical Leupold bolt on, but what I could not have fixed is correct. Read more

  7. Brian

    I bought windage adjustable bases to adjust for some seriously misaligned scope mounting holes on the receiver of an older Model 70. I paired the bases with Burris Signature rings so I could use the inserts instead of messing about lapping rings. Worked great for that and I was able to adjust ~24″ of windage and get zeroed with minimal scope clicks. However, I have a few other probably 15-25 year old sets of Leupold mounts for other rifles and those clearly have better worksmanship/finishing. These newer ones have a noticeably rougher finish and sharper edges. I have no reason to believe the new ones won’t hold up – just disappointed in another shortcut to save an extra buck. Read more

  8. Brandon

    I installed on my new Winchester Model 70 6.5 Creedmoor. Unfortunately, the dove tail on the front base is out in front of the mounting screws and overhangs the barrel. Can still work for mounting a scope, but looks funny and doesn’t give room for getting the proper position for eye relief. Tried reversing, but then the overhang blocks the receiver. Will be buying a dual-dovetail set of bases so that the scope ring can be mounted right on top of the base instead of out in front. Good Leupold quality product, but beware if you are purchasing for a newer short action Winchester. Read more

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