Lifeline software weight bench – adjustable – 1,000lb rated for weightlifting and electricity education

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  • ensure this fits through entering your model range.
  • heavy duty adjustable utility weight bench completes the schooling answer supplied by the lifeline pro power rack or gives a versatile training compliment for our dumbbells and kettlebells.
  • adjustable: 5 adjustable lower back relaxation positions: flat, 30°, 45°, 60° or eighty five°. 3 adjustable seat positions: flat, 14° or 28°.
  • heavy obligation: crafted from heavy duty 2″ x 3″ 11-gauge metal and incorporates excessive great wheels built to ultimate. Overall bench weight is 61lbs
  • clean to transport: foam blanketed deal with and rear wheels for clean motion around the house or gymnasium
  • pad width: 12″
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Black Bench, Red/Black

8 reviews for Lifeline software weight bench – adjustable – 1,000lb rated for weightlifting and electricity education

  1. Steve

    Bench is heavy duty, and I have no doubt that it will hold up for my workouts. However, the padding is sub par, and a bit too wide. The thing that frustrates me the most is the fact that the seat and main part of the bench do not line up. There is no adjustment to make sure that the bench is straight. Poor craftsmanship. If the bench wasn’t so cumbersome, I would return it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, the local fitness stores are out of utility benches. I would not recommend this bench. Read more

  2. TJP

    I am a huge fan of Lifeline exercise equipment! This weight bench is a top quality, commercial grade piece of equipment. I bought this bench in conjunction with their dumbbells (95lbs-120lbs) and kettlebells (8.8lbs-97lbs). Read more

  3. Scott

    The bench itself is not bad for the price. I matched it up with my Rogue Power rack which goes well together both being red and black in color. Here are some pros and cons. Pros: The bench itself seems to be of high quality steel. The installation was only about an hour total. The color is a nice addition over options like hoist which are only gray and black. It feels sturdy after getting the bolts on tight (which is a lot of work) Cons: putting it together is not difficult but getting it bolted together is. There is a huge gap in the butt pad and the back pad when in the flat position (it goes away when you incline the seat portion of the bench or the back portion). The back pad is not as thick or comfortable as other gym level pads I’ve used. The leather and stitching also seems less then stellar, the wood underneath the leather is also not top quality. It doesn’t seem to be as heavy duty and dense as claimed. It also has a little shake in it. Its likely one bolt sighted harder then the other and can be fixed but its not as sturdy as hoist or other comparable. All in all this thing is what I wanted and what I expected. For $300 you can get the hoist adjustable bench or a flat rogue but not in the color I really wanted. For an adjustable color bench, which ships quickly, and meets the eye test it is what I wanted. Read more

  4. Richard Brett Bodisco

    The bench itself is great. Solid, sturdy and nice quality. I will get years of service out of it. I give five stars for that. However, it’s advertised for 1000 lbs. capacity, but the owners manual states 600 lbs capacity to include the weight of user. So not as advertised. My real frustration was when I opened the box everything was loose inside, the box being filled with “popcorn”. All the hardware, nuts, bolts, washers just free to roll around. As a result I had to provide more than a few washers myself. The bench itself also had some scuff and wear indicative of it having been assembled and returned prior, or perhaps a floor model sold to me as new? Honestly, I could have done better shopping for a used bench on Craigslist. Now the wear and scuff doesn’t bother me. All my gym equipment eventually gets that way, but then I should have bought it at an adjusted price. Especially when it was missing approximately a quarter of the supplied washers. Read more

  5. marc4361

    I bought this based on the overall general reviews stating that it was “high” quality. After receiving it and putting it together I had a few quibbles, related to the welding quality. I understand that this isn’t a car and doesn’t cost $1000, but the welds on this thing are ugly. Looking at the bench down its length comparing the welds on the left side to the right side, they are all different lengths and a couple of them look like they were put on by someone who didn’t care. My biggest concern is with the welds around where the seat connects to the bench at the “V”. Thankfully I’m not likely to win any worlds strongest man contests, but it would be nice if they’d at least taken the time to fully weld the connections, or make them consistent across the two sides. There are places where they’ve welded a short segment on one side but not the other and I don’t understand the logic. Also, if you’re looking for a bench to do decline work on, this isn’t for you. The vertical brace on the back restricts the bench from going any lower than horizontal. I didn’t realize this until I’d put it together (that was my mistake, but something that I thought others should be aware of). Read more

  6. megan morgan

    came packaged well and was heavy so we thought great should be nice…NOPE!!! poorly built, wobbles from bad welding. not suitable for lifting. poor customer service to resolve issue as well (it was COVID time period and we couldnt talk to a rep over the phone) i would give negative starts if i could, save your money. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    This is a very high quality product for the price, I was pleasantly surprised. This is a sturdy bench, and should meet the needs of pretty much any lifter that isn’t a pro level powerlifter. While is doesn’t have the pull-release mechanisms, chrome or other unnecessary features commonly included with commercial grade benches, this product is still durable and we’ll designed. The back rest is actually slightly wider than most commercial benches which adds to stability when bench pressing. Assembly was simple and the instructions were clear. Overall this is a great utilitarian option for a home gym for people that don’t want to drop $600 or more for a durable product. Read more

  8. G. Summers

    The seat is too wide, the seat and back don’t align properly, it will scratch the floor really badly if not careful. Read more

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