Lifetime 1269 seasoned courtroom height adjustable transportable basketball device, 44 inch backboard crimson/white

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  • ensure this suits by entering your model variety.
  • your purchase includes one lifetime 1269 transportable basketball gadget, in purple/white colors. Evaluate the guide before buy as extra materials may be required for set up
  • transportable hoop device dimensions: background length – 44 in. Base dimensions – 43. 2 in x 30 in x 6. Five in. Pole size – 2. 75 in. Rim dimensions – three. Five in x 2. Seventy five in. Round base length – 27 gallon. Usual weight – fifty five. Eight lbs. All-climate internet weight 50 g
  • telescoping top adjustment mechanism adjusts from 7. Five to 10 ft
  • 44″ shatterproof fusion backboard is design with a shatterproof polycarbonate playing floor
  • fade resistant images; three-piece metal pole is all-climate resistant
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44" Polycarbonate Backboard



8 reviews for Lifetime 1269 seasoned courtroom height adjustable transportable basketball device, 44 inch backboard crimson/white

  1. RKmerica

    I’ve had this basketball hoop set up in the back of my house for a few weeks now. From box to built it was about 30 minutes. (I suggest a second person just for when it’s time to put the backboard/rim together and mounted onto the pole.) After looking over some hoops at the BX and Walmart, I decided to check out Amazon and found this one. (Though I did pick up the bag of base gel from the BX–it’s a must-buy for these type of hoops as it lasts just under a month before more is needed in the base.) It’s held up well for me and my five boys since it’s been built. This is where I get to the “for the most part” of my review headline. Over this past weekend, due to the base slowly losing it’s gel from evaporation, the hoop fell over. Once it was set back upright, I came home from work and noticed the tilt in the backboard that most likely came from tipping over due to lack of gel in the base. The “tilt” is slight but it is still noticeable… from near where the rim is on the backboard up to the top of the backboard it goes forward just a bit. The bad part of this is that there’s really no way of resetting the backboard to make it (and keep it) straight since the backboard is balanced by 2 wing bars that extend from near the rim on the back of the backboard up and outward towards the top corners. This means any attempts to reset those wing bars would only corrupt their integrity even more and risk further damage. Bottom line: good basketball hoop, just make sure you periodically check the base gel (or water… or if you get sand obviously evaporation wouldn’t be an issue but from deploying to Iraq for a year I just couldn’t deal with the mess of more sand on a daily basis–your choice though). Read more

  2. Michael Long Beach NY

    Great hoop! If you are going to fill the base with sand b/c water will freeze in winter and crack base. Try to get dry sand and not the “play/multi purpose” sand from Lowes or HD. The play sand is slightly wet and will take you HOURS to get it in the holes with a funnel. Maybe dump the sand from the bag into a rubbermaid container and let it dry out in the sun first…then it will be a breeze filling it Read more

  3. RPowers

    Kids need basketball hoops and this portable set delivers the goods! Firstly, it was delivered in two days, as per Prime. Second, it’s easy to assemble…just read the instructions all the way through first. It took about two hours, at a leisurely pace with two teenagers helping – although you could assemble it alone with a fold-out table. Everything fit, nothing was missing and the baked-on finish is tough. The backboard is sturdy, integrates well with its surroundings and the hoop itself is extra well-built. In addition, the height adjustment is easy and secure. We simply piled cinder-blocks on the platform, rather than mess with sand or water. Makes it easy to move when trying to position it. The kids were soon shooting hoops and I was once again the hero-dad! Read more

  4. ParZar

    I was excited about this purchase and I bought the assembly Sevice with it. When we opened thr box to assembly it the guy noticed there was a pole missing. Instructions said 3 poles but we only has two. We looked and looked and sure enough that one piece was missing. What a waste of my day off as I ended up taking it to UPS and reordering. Hoping for a better outcome. Update 12/11/17 – reordered and it’s missing the cap that goes on the bottom of the base. This time instead of shipping whole unit back I called lifetime and they will send the cap to me. However that will take 5 business days so now I have to cancel/reschedule my installation date. So disappointing. Read more

  5. Ms. Shop-a-lot

    Purchased this item for my kids 9 and 6 and it works great. I find myself also shooting around with them. The build time took my husband about an hour. The only time he needed help from me was to attach the headboard to the pole. It seemed easiest to do this when the hoop laying on the ground, as opposed to it standing. Great deal for a nice hoop for the driveway! Read more

  6. C.M.

    All my boys from age 10 to 15 love this! It took my husband about 1 1/2 hrs. Put up. Very happy with this purchase. UPDATE: Still one of the most used items we have purchased for the kids. Used everyday, and is still in awesome shape. Read more

  7. Kimmie

    Box showed up open. We have no hardware and no net 🙁 unable to put this thing together at all. Read more

  8. Tam

    Product looks OK except very poor design for the base. Manufacturer recommends sand for the base for safety issues, probably OK if you never plan on moving the hoop. We bought dry play sand so we could easily fill, used 280 pounds like recommended in their instructions. When we tipped the hoop down to move using the wheels like instructions say, the sand shifted to the front of the base bulging the plastic base some, and now is packed, even with very dry sand, so very little will slide back to the back of the base, making the hoop front heavy and not as stable. We tried to shift the sand backwards but do not want to damage the base by lifting up to high. Now we will have to remove some of the sand and use bags or remove all and try the water or gel. Very poor design on the base, should have had the base divided in the middle with 2 different holes to fill the base up, this way the sand would have been evenly distributed. This company needs to redesign the base for sand or tell their customers to avoid moving when sand is in the base, sounds like water or gel product would be better when moving the hoop. Read more

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