Magpul mbus pro offset metallic backup attractions

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  • make certain this fits by using coming into your model number.
  • all metallic production; metallic, square sight put up selectable among match and standard widths (. 040” in shape width for accelerated precision; . 060” wellknown width for maximum visibility)
  • case hardened and finished with melonite qpq for severe resistance to wear and corrosion
  • mounts on any mil-std-1913 picatinny/stanag 4694 rail such as receiver-peak gas blocks
  • elevation adjustment knob – no equipment required; nice detents in both the up and down positions in addition to at the elevation knob
  • standard top over bore while deployed, forty five deg. Offset proper-hand side
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mbus seasoned offset attractions

constructing on the established mbus pro platform, the mbus seasoned offset attractions are part of an an powerful aiming machine to supplement magnified optics on m1913 picatinny mounting surfaces. All metallic creation ensure durability at some stage in tough use and the steel case is hardened and finished with melonite qpq for severe resistance to put on and corrosion.

mbus pro offset points of interest ensure short and clean sighting even inside the occasion of a damaged or nonfunctional primary optic, or a near target. With the offset sight perspective, definitely rotating the rifle forty five degrees offers the shooter with a totally-featured iron sighting answer.

nice detents preserve the attractions locked in function when deployed, and a low profile footprint ensures compatibility and reduces interference with maximum rifle setups. The rear sight has twin apertures and functions a low-profile knob for easy no-tool windage modifications, and the front sight functions a no-device elevation adjustment knob.

the mbus pro offset the front sight capabilities a metallic, rectangular sight publish selectable between fit and fashionable widths. Suit width is 0. Forty” for increased precision, whilst preferred width is zero. 60″ for optimum balance.


Front Sight, Rear Sight

6 reviews for Magpul mbus pro offset metallic backup attractions

  1. motherhub

    I bought the offset sights as a backup for my main red dot optic. I removed the junky plastic 1/3 co-wittiness brand x sights that came with my AR and bought the Magpul offset rear and front sights. These are very well made metal sights with great instructions. I was pleasantly surprised that the front post sight can easily be rotated to be a skinny post or a standard post. You do have to manually flip the sights into position but I knew that when I bought them. The rear sight is not really wide so you have good quick target acquisition. Just one complaint – the windage knob is a REAL PAIN to rotate. It doesn’t need to be this tight. UPDATE: well, after zero-ing these sights, I have to drop the rating to 1 star. It’s are simply too difficult to rotate the windage knob and a REAL pain to rotate the front elevation knob. Both front and rear adjustment knobs are too difficult to rotate. There are plenty of sights out there that are a fraction of the cost and easier to adjust. I’m not paying a premium for MagPul ever again. Read more

  2. Stewbacca

    These are a must for shooters who want iron sights available on a scoped rifle. It takes some practice to transition quickly from the scope, twisting 45 degrees to the left and using the irons, but once you’ve got the mechanics down it’s easy. Gives you confidence that you can continue to engage targets if your scope becomes damaged. Very hard to twist for adjusments, but it’s a bit easier with gloves on. I don’t consider this a drawback as you probably won’t be making sight adjustments after you’ve got them zeroed, and I wouldn’t want them to get changed by careless handling. These steel sights are slightly heavier than I anticipated, but they are robust and I’m sure they would take a beating and stay aligned. The front sight post has two widths that can easily be changed by first twisting the sight adjustment to raise the post all the way up, then gently twisting it 90 degrees either direction. If you’ve got thick fingers you may need to use some needlenose pliers. Thin profile for precision/competition shooting, wider profile for easier sight acquisition during movement and transitions. Be aware that if your gas block is not the same height as your upper receiver rail, you’ll either have to get a riser to compensate, or you’ll have to mount the front sight on top of your handguard. Generally, the farther apart your iron sights are, the more accurate you will be. Your results may vary. The rear sight also has two peepholes. Small for precision/distance shots, and wide for easier target acquisition. The holes seem to be the same width as the standard A2 sights on an M16, but instead of rotating the sight down along a screw, which changes your windage setting (albeit by only one click) the small peep folds straight down from the front and clicks into place. If I could suggest improvements, they would be a spring-loaded deployment instead of having to open them into place manually, and a full-circle front sight post guard so that the side posts aren’t mistaken for the front sight. Yes they’re angled, but you’re also holding the rifle at an unusual angle while shooting with these sights, so there’s potiential to mistake one of the side posts as the front sight under stress. A circular guard would also reduce the potential for snagging on equipment. Read more

  3. Philip Anderson

    I really really like these back ups, they make a hellofa lot more sense then having to take off your optic to get to your irons. I got these for my recce build and really love the look and functionality of them. id give them 4.5 stars if I could….. due to the fact that on 2 different sets and on 2 different handguards, the front sight wiggled when it was fully tightened. nothing a little shim on each side couldn’t fix…. I shouldn’t have had to do that and magpul needs to look into that problem because I am not the only person who has had that happen. But, if you built your rifle like I did, then you have enough mechanical skills to come up with a solution to the problem. These things kick ass and look sick too =D….. Hope this review helps =) Cheers Read more

  4. Jennifer Corrao

    Usually Magpul products are top notch. The sight that was delivered does Not have the sight post. WTF …. The box was beat up and had been opened. Kinda of like having a row boat with no oars. Maybe this one is their new Anti-Aircraft sight ? Read more

  5. Peter Palma III

    These are extremely well made and even melonited. They are at the perfect angle and have no 90 degree edges on them making them smooth and mostly snag free. Some people complain about the adjustments being to difficult which isn’t really an issue since it is still pretty easy to adjust them and once they are zeroed you shouldn’t be adjusting them much anyway. They are a bit heavy being made of steel but they couldn’t be molded out of aluminium and still be this strong. The reason I gave these only 3 stars is that they flip DOWN under spring friction pressure only and it is very easy to accidentally “close” these, especially the front sight. Since they are molded it makes financial sense to use the same base for the front and rear BUIS but the critical design flaw is that there is no locking mechanism to ensure that the sights will be flipped up when you need them. Read more

  6. C.Will

    I love these offset sights. I like having a scope and i do not like having my scope mounted high to be able to see iron sights underneath. For a close combat situation, this is the perfect solution. You can use your scope or whatever you have normal, but when you need to use the backup sights, just tilt and there they are. The way these are made, they would be best mounting on the left side of the gun. Meaning, with an AR on the cheek side if you are right handed. The hash marks for sighting in are the reason. Tilting for that direction just did not feel natural for me so i mounted on the ejection side. They still work the same. You just have to remember that you turn the knob backwards from how you normally would to adjust. Also for most people once they are sighted in, they will not be changed. Just use Kentucky windage if you need to adjust. Read more

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