Mallofusa 12 pcs sports activities basketball headband/sweatband head sweat band/brace outdoor

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  • acrylic fibers
  • ¡ïpackage deal blanketed 12 desktops cotton scarf: black, white, pink, gray, orange, yellow, mild blue, light inexperienced, crimson, green, red and blue headbands.
  • ¡ïextremely comfortable and durable, soak up sweat effectively, acrylic fibers and 5% lycra
  • ¡ïlong lasting and washable, without problems washable and won’t over stretch additionally very fashionable for a notable look
  • ¡ïterrific for all sports, first rate for blockading sweat from running down your face whilst running out
  • ¡ïeach one size:2″ x 7″, sports activities headscarf and wristband is light-weight & vertical to be used in basketball, soccer, tennis, workout, running, on foot, yoga, cycling, and another physical exercise interest, to maintain fitness and fitness for each person.

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size: 7″ x 2″(17cm x 5cm) , fit maximum ladies and men fabric: ninety five% cotton and 5% lycra, more thick packaging: 1pc / poly bag. * take in sweat successfully even in warm days, which facilitates you sense precise when doing sports activities. * at ease to wear and be of sturdiness, it would paintings for a long time certainly. * perfect in all kinds of sports activities activities like basketball, soccer, tennis, football, jogging and so on.

8 reviews for Mallofusa 12 pcs sports activities basketball headband/sweatband head sweat band/brace outdoor

  1. JessGates

    These headbands are beautifully made. The material seems to be of good quality and is thick and soft. They stretch well. The problem is they are a good two inches too short for an average-sized adult head! I have a small-to-medium head, and these dig into my forehead, leaving a serious indentation, and give me a headache in less than 15 minutes of wear. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around such a blatant design flaw when these headbands are, otherwise, so well made. Or is this a deliberate attempt to skimp on material to save money? What’s baffling is that for the same price, they could offer a few less but with more length to them, so they can be worn comfortably. When I see that a company like Mallofusa makes no attempt to reconcile valid issues or even to reply to a single complaint, it seems obvious they just don’t care about their customers. Read more

  2. Kay Robbins

    It is hard to garden in Florida’s hot muggy weather when you have sweat in your eyes in the first 10 minutes outside. A sweatband and a large hat are a must for me if I am going to spend any time in the garden. I am glad I bought these. First of all, I like having a variety of colors. These are really vibrant, rich colors. I knew these would be thinner than my old one but that is a plus for my use. It is hard to get a hat to fit over a really thick sweat band. My hat has fallen off so many times when bending over because of fit issues. Now my hat stays firmly on my head regardless of what I am doing. It also takes a long time to dry the thick ones in the dryer. These dry quickly and I don’t even put them in the dryer which should make them last longer. Read more

  3. David Havelka

    Thick for absorbing persperation so it doesn’t get in my eyes, and very elastic for a smooth fit…these don’t have the cheap elasticity of other collections I’ve bought, and lasted repeated washings in perma-press cycle. Unlike other headbands i’ve bought. Read more

  4. Jan

    My head is pretty big that I need XL helmets. Concerned that it might be too tight. Turns out that I can wear them for hours long comfortably. Stays on. Not too tight. Nice color. Absorb sweats well enough. Read more

  5. VegasBear

    12 sweatbands for like $10, how can I complain. They’re softer and thicker than some others I bought a few years ago but oddly less absorbent. Considering how much I sweat when I workout, these do the trick. They’ve held up well in the washer/dryer, no bleed/running onto my other laundry. If they’ve shrunk, I haven’t noticed and probably stretched them back out anyway. If (when) I lose them or they start to fall apart, no biggie. Read more

  6. Faye McCommon

    I like the quality of these headbands. They are wider than the Wilson one I had previously bought from Walmart. I also like having 12 different colors to match my shoes and exercise clothing. They seem to be doing a great job of keeping the sweat from rolling down my face as I exercise. The other thing I want to comment on is how well the headbands were packaged. Each band is in a separate plastic sleeve and then inside of another plastic bag. Read more

  7. maxjaypower

    I do have a larger head than most folks, but I’ve never had a problem with tight headbands before. As some other reviews mention, these are just way too tight. They aren’t uncomfortable per say, but for me the result is that they just don’t absorb the sweat very well and I get sweat on my face and in my eyes. Very annoying. I will be looking for something else that works better. Read more

  8. frequent reader 2000

    There is nothing wrong with these except that they are way too tight for the average adult. I am a petite 5′ 4″ woman with a small head and they are so tight they leave indentations and give me a headache if I wear them. So tight they are unusable. Read more

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