Marcy 3-tier dumbbell rack multilevel weight garage organizer for home gym dbr-86

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  • heavy-duty welded creation – preserve all of your weights relaxed always with the marcy dbr-86 dumbbell rack. Made from business-grade steel, its durable frame can face up to heavy loads while resisting harm from intensive use over time.
  • long lasting powder-coated end – bolstered with a sturdy powder coating, this versatile dumbbell holder boasts a sturdy construction that won’t be without difficulty tarnished even with the aid of the heaviest tools. Its disheveled surface effectively resists scratches and scuffs.
  • compact and area-saving layout – this weight rack has an ergonomically designed structure offering a compact 3-tier storage area and an angled design, permitting you to location the rack in any a part of your gymnasium for clean system accessibility.
  • multi-stage garage for free weights – shop your dumbbells in a designated space that you may without problems get right of entry to at the same time as maintaining things organized in your property fitness center! This rack stand functions a 3-tiered storage space designed to deal with dumbbells of all sizes.
  • rubberized feet for stability – a practical addition in your fitness center, this unfastened weight organizer features rubberized toes that protect your ground from scratches. It also absorbs shock at some stage in re-stocking, stopping the rack from sliding.
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metallic heavy-obligation welded creation – preserve all of your weights cozy at all times with the marcy dbr-86 dumbbell rack. Made from commercial-grade metal, its long lasting body can resist heavy masses whilst resisting damage from extensive use over time. Durable powder-coated end – strengthened with a robust powder coating, this flexible dumbbell holder boasts a robust creation that won’t be effortlessly tarnished even by way of the heaviest gear. Its disheveled surface successfully resists scratches and scuffs. Compact and space-saving layout – this weight rack has an ergonomically designed shape presenting a compact three-tier storage area and an angled design, allowing you to vicinity the rack in any part of your gym for easy equipment accessibility. Multi-degree garage without spending a dime weights – save your dumbbells in a delegated area that you may without problems get admission to whilst keeping things prepared in your property health club! This rack stand capabilities a 3-tiered garage area designed to deal with dumbbells of all sizes. Rubberized toes for balance – a functional addition for your gymnasium, this unfastened weight organizer features rubberized ft that defend your ground from scratches. It additionally absorbs surprise in the course of re-stocking, stopping the rack from sliding. Marcy 3 tier metal steel domestic exercise fitness center dumbbell weight rack storage stand


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8 reviews for Marcy 3-tier dumbbell rack multilevel weight garage organizer for home gym dbr-86

  1. junior

    Not sure how anyone can hate on this Rack?!?! Took all of 15 minutes to put it together using one tool (pictured below) a #16 socket. I’ve included pictures of the packaging and pieces and installed in my garage. Being that it is in my garage I have not noticed any type of unwanted smell and has done a very fine job of just looking good while holding our weights. I might buy another one if my weight collection increases! For this price point, purchasing this rack is a no-brainer. I did follow advice from previous posts, as pictured, and installed the bottom brackets on each row inverted. The reason for this is to avoid any accidental pinch when placing weights back on the rack. This DOES NOT affect the integrity of the rack and as you can see does not affect the look. I can’t speak for the other Amazon users but I’m highly satisfied with this product… I have NO disclaimer – I bought this out of my own pocket and am receiving absolutely nothing for this review, just another satisfied customer! Read more

  2. NKC, MO

    Great low priced DB Rack. Ideally would be slightly longer to hold 5-50LB DB set on one rack (why removed 1 star). I ordered 2 of these racks to ensure I can hold the full 5-50 lb set which gives me some extra room to add in 2.5, 7.5, 15s and eventually 55s. Dumbbells fit securely on rack while taking up a limited amount of floor space being 3 tired. As many others suggested – I flipped the lower rail on each level “up side down” to decrease the potential pinch point of the DB handle to the rail. The top rail still easily holds all DB sizes preventing them from sliding down. I needed to remove the plastic caps from the end of the side supports for the rail to fit “upside down” and the bolt align to secure. Even when fully loaded rack felt very secure with no bend or movement. Paint finish arrived in good condition (mine were a very dark grey) – the product logo labels were easily removed (wish the company would make a smaller more professional logo label). Read more

  3. SF vicinity – tech industry – parent of 3

    Good stuff. Plenty heavy-duty for home use. Easy assembly — best to bang on the hard rubber feet with a mallet. Can fit range of neoprene / rubber or hex dumbells, small to large, with some flips to the orientation of the rails. Easy to peel off big model numbers/letters for a cleaner look. As other reviews have noted, the the orientation of the cross bars in the instructions seems not the best for access / finger crunching or fitting a variety of types of weights. Found that putting the lip of the front rail facing front, instead of inside/back, works best. For large hex weights, facing that front rail upside down makes them easier to get & replace without catching a finger. (snapshot attached.) Also agree with other reviewers that assembling with nut on top makes it a bit easier, and doesn’t really change the appearance. Read more

  4. anonymous

    I have only had this for two days. It was shipped in good condition, arrived early, and all the parts were inside. It was easy to put together. I recommend adding light weights on the rails prior to tightening the bolts. The bolts themselves appear to be commercial or industrial grade. The steel is of a thicker gage than one would expect. The feet were awkward at first. I hammered them on. I have my bigger boys on the lower two tiers, and a couple of kettlebells on the top tier with CAPs #25. There is room for the 2 sets of the larger dumbbells on each tier, ie. 70,s and 80’s on the bottom tier. It does not budge, sag, shake, or give in anyway. I should have bought this years ago. I had a vertical one I bought for $7.00 at a thrift store and it isn’t worth the $7.00 I paid for it. This is well worth the $60.00 I paid for it. (Sorry for the pictures being rotated, they are vertical/horizontal in their respective folder). Read more

  5. Renee from Columbia, MO

    I am able to fit a pair of 5#, 10#, 15#, 20# and 25# dumbbells on the first 2 tiers. I have the bottom tier that I put my yoga block and some extra barbell weights. Read more

  6. A L Welsh

    This rack does not “fit various dumbbell sizes and styles” of dumbbells. What a fib that claim is. It fits almost nothing you buy or put together. But it could. If the folks designing this thing had thought just a little bit more, they would have given it at least 6 inches more depth and closed the gap between the rails you set the dumbbells on. The way it is now, many of the dumbbells you will commonly buy or put together will either fall short of the rails because they aren’t long enough, or they’ll hang over the back rail because they’re too long. I don’t think the folks who make these actually use dumbbells. Read more

  7. MEF

    I went in thinking you get what you pay for and thought this may have been a bad purchase, but was pleasantly surprised. IMO I think the quality of this rack exceeds the price (64$). It seems to be very sturdy and all my weights fit on this one rack. It is a little smaller than I thought it would be, but as long as my weights fit, I’m fine with that. As you can see from the picture, the top row holds pairs of 5s-20s… I’m missing the 5s.. 2nd row… 25s-35s and last row a pair of 40s. That last row looks like it will only hold a few more, so maybe a pair of 45s. Anything more and you may need to buy a 2nd rack, which I won’t hesitate to do if I get any larger weights. Read more

  8. MP

    I bought this from the Amazon Warehouse deals (Used), so it was at a good discount. When I opened the box I noticed that it had been repackaged and I was worried that it might be missing parts. Well, everything was there and it went together very easily. The only issue I had when assembling was tightening the bolts. I tighten some of them more than I should and it deformed the metal a little, but that did not hurt the stability. I read other reviews about the rack not holding 2 sets of dumbbells on one shelf, and that is true. I was able to get 3 larger Dumbbells and one smaller one on a single shelf. (see Picture) So, as long as you are ok with having some sets not on the same shelf, then this will work. But I do understand the criticism and it would be better if the rack were a little wider to accommodate 2 sets of dumbbells on one shelf. But I am ok with this, and it does what I need for a reasonable price. I researched other racks and they were 2 or 3 times what I paid for this. It is a very solid rack and if you have smaller Dumbbells it will hold a good amount of them. Read more

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