Marcy adjustable 6 function application bench with leg developer and excessive density foam padding sb-350

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  • 6-role adjustable back pad adjusts to upright, incline, decline, and flat
  • ergonomically designed lower back pad adds greater variety of movement while performing dumbbell physical activities
  • compact design
  • heavy obligation metallic body creation
  • scratch and chip resistant long lasting powder covered finish
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for all people who is trying to begin or upload to their home gym, the marcy application bench – black is going to quickly be the sweatiest and most-cherished piece of device you’ve got. This versatile bench features an adjustable returned that could cross from incline, to flat to say no, providing you with a great place for operating in your top body with dumbbells, bars or maybe body weight physical games. You can also work out the legs with the two-role padded bar and weight publish that offers you the possibility to do a leg extension or curl. Boxed upholstery with high-density foam gives consolation and sturdiness, even as the powder-coated steel frame is resilient enough for years of iron-pumping attention. This versatile and essential bench is also designed to in shape maximum standard racks, cages and smith machines.


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6 reviews for Marcy adjustable 6 function application bench with leg developer and excessive density foam padding sb-350

  1. Robert Santos

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. The bench is great except for the leg exercises. Sitting down facing forward for leg curls is good. But laying face down to do reverse leg curls for your glutes the leg extension only curls halfway and you cannot complete the exercise to do a full leg curl. Read more

  2. M. Swan

    Just wanted to leave a review for those on the fence, who may have read a balance of negative and positive reviews and are trying to get a decent understanding of the quality of this product. The type of reviewer: My wife and I really enjoy this bench. We are short. She is 5’4″ and I’m 5’8″. The most either of us will bench is 225, leg lift 100 and this is because we are into fitness, not necessarily ever increasing strength. This bench is rock solid. There is not even a doubt about it holding up, in fact the quality of it doesn’t even lend a thought to that type of thinking, it is that solid. I’m convinced that the key to having success with this bench begins with the assembly. Mechanically minded people, or those who have turned a few wrenches having common sense to understand what bolts need to be very tight (structural bolts ) vs. just snug (hinge bolts) vs. firm (bench pad bolts). It took about 2 hours to get it together, fine tuning the hinge bolts (not too loose, not too tight) and getting the leg extension adjusted for both my wife and I. By the way, the instructions are strictly diagrams and not words so be intuitive, we made a couple of mistakes and had to take apart and redo and laugh at ourselves for not paying close enough attention … no big deal. For us short people, the bench pivot points are perfect. What I mean by that can be put into perspective this way. We first bought the Bowflex 5.1 because we wanted a super duty bench and it has great reviews and is known to be top quality. It is a tremendous bench for TALL people, but the bench hinge points for incline, decline, length of butt seat pad from knee to back too long etc. etc. We hated using it, it was heavy for my wife to move around even with the wheels. Comparably, the Marcy SB-350 is amazingly well fit for us. When I do decline dumbbell bench I no longer feel like I’m on a medieval torture device, but it just fits perfectly. The same goes for the leg attachment, everything fit perfectly. There are some reviews from tall people (6″1 and up) for this bench … I don’t see how this bench would fit them comfortably but those reviewers claim it does. There are also reviewers who make an issue of stability. I honestly have no idea what they are talking about, not at all. I’m 220, leg lift 100 and there is not even a hint of instability. Just really weird having used this bench and then trying to understand what those reviewers are talking about. The one negative that other reviewers have stated that I’m experiencing is the hinge bolt for the leg lift attachment does indeed stick out too far and scrapes the inside edge of the knee. One reviewer added extra washers to get the smooth rounded edge if the nut to be out far enough to cover the scraping blot threads. another suggested tape. It is not that bad, really more of an annoyance and I will be adding washers like the reviewer who submitted a picture of such in his review. Conclusion: Who should buy this bench in my opinion? 1) Persons 6 feet or less. 2) People who want to be in great shape but not excessively strong. Go 225 for more reps as opposed to 315 for Power/Strength training. 3) Space savers. With bench inclined and leg lift attachment off the footprint is 52″ or so. Who should avoid this bench? 1) 6’1″ or taller you begin to not match up with the bench dimensions. 2) People who want to train for strength Mark Rippetoe style, you will soon outgrow this bench. Go to a real gym and not Planet Fitness either LOL or get yourself a $400 commercial gym bench. 3) People who have no skill to assemble resulting in negative reviews because of their lack of understanding i.e. don’t over tighten the screws to the pads or you may rip out the built in fasteners, duh. Don’t over tighten hinge bolts or the won’t pivot etc. This is a great bench, we love it! Read more

  3. Kellyn

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. 1 star for ease of assembly. Very unstable bench, would not recommend for anyone serious about lifting. I will keep it, and most likely need to anchor it to the ground. Hopefully I don’t create a huge crack in my garage floor. Read more

  4. George W

    This is a decent quality adjustable bench with leg extension. Sturdy enough, good adjustability, and fairly comfortable. I’m 6′ tall, and it fits for any exercises I do. The only rub is the assembly. I have a lot of tools that make assembly even easier, and it took well over an hour to assemble–The instructions were fine–follow them precisely! All you get for assembly are three hex keys, and you provide the crescent wrench. Fortunately, because of my arsenal of tools, I didn’t have to use any of them. A milimeter ratchet set, and matching wrenches makes thing a lot easier. I’d go nuts assembly this bench with the hex keys provided! If you’re not mechanically inclined, and have to rely on the “tools” provided–good luck! Here’s a quick tip: vid you don’t attach the pads to the top of the leg extension, you can use the through bar for seated curls; preacher bench sorta thing. UPDATE: The other reviews regarding instability are correct. If you slightly kick the bench when mounting it, and you have weights in place, it will tip over. Ouch! This is a product liability claim in waiting! It such an easy thing to fix, for them–and you,if you have the skill to do it. See my photo, it’s self-explanatory. Why Marcy did not do this is really a mistake. Very much needs a design correction. The other photo depicts what I meant about using the upper leg extension bar for curls–just don’t attach the roller pads. Read more

  5. Poor Ol’ Johnny Ray

    Overall I really like this bench. It’s much more comfortable than my previous CAP bench. Not bad considering the quality and price. And I’m able to use it for leg curls and extensions. This bench works extremely well for my home gym. However, that being said, I did take note of the excellent reviews pertaining to tendency of the bench to be unstable and the protruding nut. Thanks to prior reviewers! Nonetheless, I opted to go with this bench because of the cost compared to other leg extension/curl machines. Hence, I picked up a 10” flat bar at Lowe’s, drilled a 1/2 hole through it, painted it black and bolted on. Simple solution to instability issue solved. As for the nut, even simpler solution, I found a bolt head cap and just put it on top of the nut. You can get the bolt head cover at Lowe’s or other hardware store. I use one from an old dumb bell stand . See photos. Although I really like this bench, in all fairness, I have to take off one star due to having to make a trip to Lowe’s for the flat bar plus labor and locating a cap for the nut. In my opinion, two easy, inexpensive and necessary safety fixes for Marcy to take note of and address ASAP. Otherwise, I am very happy with the bench. Read more

  6. Eric

    Good bench, awesome price! Some previous reviews have complained about the stability, but I have to agree with the more recent reviews that said it seems like Marcy has listened to customer feedback and fixed the problem. The front leg’s base support is 11 inches by 4 inches (unlike what the picture shows). I’ve loaded it up and haven’t had any problems. The bench is very easy to put together and the wheels make moving it a breeze. I added the Deltech Fitness preacher curl attachment so now I have a multi-position bench, with leg developer and preacher curl set-up all for under $200. Read more

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