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  • make sure this suits with the aid of coming into your model variety.
  • versatile equipment – this education bench can be used for a huge sort of abdominal workouts. It helps fortify the lower again while concentrated on the glutes and hamstring muscle tissues for remarkable definition. Carve out the rock-hard abs you’ve continually desired with this gadget that allows you to perform hard exercises to broaden your middle.
  • hyperextension bench – the marcy roman chair features a again hyperextension station that lets you function yourself efficaciously even as appearing a spread of movements. Sit down and lean backward to increase your core or turn over to perform returned workouts with targeted motions.
  • included padding – this fitness center device comes with high-density foam, padded handles, adjustable two-foam leg holders, and polymer upholstery to deal with an expansion of workout regimens to your convenience and maximum consolation.
  • top rate high-quality creation – made with a sturdy, heavy-obligation tubing body with a powder-coated end, this device is guaranteed to stand the take a look at of time! It gained’t sway underneath your weight, as the shape’s solid frame and ergonomic fashion assure reliable balance for every exercising routine.
  • gymnasium-at-domestic enjoy – whether or not you’d like to bolster your middle, ease again ache, improve your posture, or build your six-percent abs, the marcy roman chair will carry you a secure and stable way to paintings on your health goals right in the comfort of domestic! Its smooth and compact layout lets in you to store it with ease in a nook along with the rest of your exercise equipment. Simply tuck it into a small area while it’s no longer in use.

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marcy roman chair/hyperextension bench

the marcy roman/hyper extension bench lets in you to get off the floor to stretch and fortify your center stomach and returned muscle mass for advanced health. Your legs are held in vicinity with the aid of the padded ankle supports which permits you to hyperextend your abdominals which engages greater muscle groups. With padded handles and adjustable -foam leg holders, it’s far feasible to perform difficult exercises with out a teacher or spotter.

this robust bench is well constructed and clean to set up with simple instructions. Designed to final for years of use, the marcy bench presents a greater cozy manner to work your center muscle companies. Boasting a great-sturdy heavy-gauge steel-tubing body, the sleek bench will tuck into the nook of a room while not in use, and high-density deluxe boxed upholstery will hold up over time.

whether you would like to construct and keep six-percent abs or toughen your core to ease again pain and improve your posture, the marcy roman/hyper extension bench is a secure and strong way to goal your health desires.

  • 2″x2″ heavy responsibility tube body
  • at ease excessive density deluxe boxed upholstery
  • assist handles
  • adjustable ankle pads
  • long lasting powder coated finish
  • design call outs

    adjustable ankle pads can be adjusted for extraordinary styles of center sporting events.

    handles are padded for splendid grip to do physical activities.

    2 inch x 2 inch tube framing with long lasting powder coat end with 300 lbs. Most weight ability.

    relaxed vinyl upholstery maintains frame firm during workout routines.

    marcy history

    on the early age of nineteen, walter marcyan commenced schooling with barbells and shortly after gained the relevant aau light heavyweight lifting championship. From 1934 via 1940, walter marcyan started interesting audiences as a vaudeville strongman, acting incredible feats of electricity and balancing acts.

    within the early 1940’s, walter marcyan moved to santa monica, california where he began training at the newly established muscle beach: a famous education facility that still exists today and wherein most of the legendary pioneers of bodybuilding which include jack lalanne, invoice pearl, and arnold schwarzenegger began their careers.

    in 1946, walter marcyan opened the first of seven power schooling gymnasiums, house of health, within the los angeles region. He changed into the first to offer private running shoes to his members and emphasized the importance of energy schooling to men, women and children.

    within the early 1950’s, walter marcyan participated inside the first organized body constructing competitions. Primarily based on his very own personal experiences, walter marcyan commenced constructing his personal power education gadget for his gyms in la.

    in 1959, walter marcyan founded marcy gym equipment company. Walter marcyan believed that everybody need to have the opportunity and the understanding to workout at home with their very own, professional grade system. Walter marcyan changed into an innovator and a visionary. His patented designs have been years in advance in their time and nevertheless extensively utilized in commercial and home programs nowadays.

    now, 50 years antique and nevertheless going stronger than ever, the mythical marcy brand maintains to make its mark by using imparting new and progressive merchandise to purchasers global.

    product description

    product description

    have an optimal frame workout and build some rock-hard abs with the marcy roman chair!

    made of top class-nice tubing frame with a powder-covered finish, this fitness center equipment is assured to stand the check of time. Its stability and ergonomic fashion allows you to carry out extreme workouts while not having to go away the consolation of your private home.

    carve out those rock-difficult abs you’ve continually desired with this training bench that assist you to perform tough physical games to broaden your middle. It is able to also fortify your lower again and deliver awesome definition in your glutes and hamstring muscle groups at the same time.

    the again hyperextension bench lets you function successfully while appearing a variety of movements. Sit and lean backward to develop your middle or turn over to carry out returned workouts with focused motions.

    the marcy roman chair features high-density foam, padded handles, adjustable -foam leg holders, and polymer upholstery to house an expansion of exercising regimens with comfort and luxury. Its smooth and compact layout lets in you to store it comfortably in a corner together with the rest of your workout system. Absolutely tuck it into a small area whilst it’s no longer in use. Get into form proper within the consolation of your property!

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    apex roman/hyper extension bench allows you to get off the ground to stretch and make stronger your center stomach and returned muscle tissue for stepped forward fitness. This sturdy chair is properly built and easy to set up with simple instructions. Designed to ultimate for years of use, the apex bench affords a extra relaxed way to work your middle muscle companies. With padded handles and adjustable two-foam leg holders, it’s miles viable to perform difficult physical games without a instructor or spotter. Your legs are held in area through the supports, and you are able to hyperextend your abdominals, accessing extra muscle businesses.

    boasting a first-rate-sturdy heavy-gauge metal-tubing body, the glossy bench will tuck into the corner of a room when now not in use, and excessive-density deluxe boxed upholstery will hold up over the years. Whether or not you would like to construct and hold six-% abs or improve your center to ease returned pain and enhance your posture, the apex roman/hyper extension bench is a secure and stable way to target your goals.

    important protection observe


    this exercise gadget is built for max protection. However, certain precautions observe every time you use a chunk of exercising equipment. Be sure to read the whole guide earlier than you bring together or perform your device. In particular, observe the following protection precautions:

    depart children unattended in the identical room with the machine.

    2. Only one individual at a time must use the machine.

    three. If the user stories dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or some other bizarre

    symptoms, stop the exercising immediately. Seek advice from a medical doctor

    straight away.

    4. Role the gadget on a clear, leveled surface. Do no longer use the machine

    near water or outdoors.

    5. Preserve palms far from all shifting parts.

    6. Always wear suitable workout apparel while exercising. Do now not put on

    robes or other apparel that would come to be stuck in the device. Strolling

    or aerobic footwear also are required while using the gadget.

    7. Use the gadget best for its meant use as defined in this guide. Do

    now not use attachments not advocated with the aid of the manufacturer.

    eight. Do not location any sharp item across the system.

    nine. Disabled individual need to no longer use the machine with out a certified person or

    health practitioner in attendance.

    10. Earlier than the use of the system to exercise, continually do stretching sporting activities to

    nicely warm up.

    11. Never function the gadget if the gadget isn’t functioning nicely.

    7 reviews for Marcy adjustable hyperextension roman chair / workout hyper bench jd-3. 1

    1. Robyn Lewers

      My husband just put this entire machine together and as gripped the handles so he could get his hips on the pad and do his FIRST repetition the right handle broke completely off Metal and all! His is 6ft and 190 lbs. he probably applied 20 lbs of his weight to it when it just snapped off. Not able to put back on bc it was the actual metal bar that snapped in half! He never even got to use it once! So disappointed this was my birthday gift for him . Read more

    2. Jedi_Nomad

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I’ve had this product since 2015. It completely eliminates my back pain, in less than 30 seconds of use. To put this into perspective, I’m 6’1.5” and I weigh 190, and this thing handled my weight when I was 220. It’s made very well and I would totally buy it again in a heartbeat. For a full demonstration, please watch the attached video I uploaded. I use it a couple times a week. No pain, and back support issues became an easy fix due this wonderful machine. My significant other attempted to get me to get rid of this machine to save space, but I just simply cannot live without it. If only family members had this machine and listened to my success story, they would be without back pain. I hope others will see the value and gain from it as I have. 🙂 Read more

    3. Frank

      I recently purchased and received his hyperextension bench. Once assembled, I started to use it. After the first rep, the right handle that is used to assist in exiting the bench broke off at the joint where it is welded to the part that is screwed to the frame. After nearly landing on my head, I took a photo of the broken part. If I wasn’t careful, I would have most likely fallen off the bench. I plan to call on Monday to ask for a refund and let the company know that this is one of the lowest quality pieces of exercise equipment I have ever purchased for home use. Read more

    4. Straight UP Straitz

      I own a CrossFit gym and paid almost $600 each for our Rogue GHD machines. I didn’t want to spend that kind of money for an emergency one at my house, so I bought this Marcy one. Now I’m not saying this quality compares to Rogue’s $600 version-it’s apples and oranges-but the insane difference in cost evens it out! For home use I think this is one heck of a good quality piece of equipment, and the price is just insanely affordable! I’d buy it again and I highly recommend! Read more

    5. Corey

      I have used this one time (3 sets of 5 reps) and it is extremely uncomfortable to use. Upon looking at other similar pieces of equipment I have noticed that they have a cut out down the middle of the pad. This machine really pushes on my pelvic bone and creates quite a bit of pressure on my testicles. I assume that is what the cut out in the other ones is for, to relieve pressure on those two areas. I would like to return this piece of equipment, but I’m not sure that I can fit it back in the box. I would not recommend this product. Read more


      Well, this machine is weird in that it takes about 15 minutes to put together, not bad, but its effectiveness is mostly collecting dust. Very uncomfortable pad, especially for MEN (if you get my between the goal posts idea) and it is more uncomfortable the more you weigh. So if you are 200 lbs, the padding is WOEFULLY inadequate and you will feel everything you do. If you are fit, 130 lb. female, this may be okay. The exercises? Well, as you might imagine, there are very few things you can do. You can: 1. Lay face down, back of heels barely holding you on – nothing else btw – and bend down and up 2. Lay face up, under pretty severe pain and do situps. 3. Use weights under 1-2 That is it. I would not buy it as it just collects dust. Read more

    7. B-Rizza

      If you’re used to the chairs at the now defunct “Gyms” during “Shelter in place,” then you’re in for a doozy… Home Gym Equipment doesn’t have to mean “cheap gear” or “settling,” but this bench is a bit of a hybrid of both. As usual with Marcy gear, the equipment came carefully packaged (an egg could’ve survived the transport) & quality of parts/powder coating looking quite impressive for a $100-ish addition to the gym. That’s about where it stopped… Once pieced together, I was scratching my head as to how to “mount it.” I found the easiest way was to (once you figured out placement of the pads for your calves) rest the front of your foot/ankle on the pad to lift your body onto the torso padding, then reset your feet as designed to perform the reverse hyper. Once on the pad, however, it feels like a long way down. Also, though the bench is spec’d to support 300 Lbs, I HIGHLY doubt that the padded assist handles would handle even a fraction of that. I’m in the low 200’s & I didn’t even attempt to use the handles. The frame may be 2×2, but these handles look more appropriate on a tricycle. When my Wife gave this thing a test drive, she too was confused (even more so, as she’s barely pushing 5′) & said, “there’s no way I’m going to do weighted hypers on this.” She attempted 1 set & said she was too scared due to how she was awkwardly hanging by her ankles, suspended several feet above the floor. With her not comfortable nor feeling safe using it (& no possible way I would be either), we opted to return the unit (Amazon has been EXCELLENT). There are quite a few decent reviews on this product, so there’s obviously a market out there. For us, however, we’ll likely have to purchase (assuming we can actually find one during SIP without absurd price gouging), a commercial unit… Read more

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