Marcy blend weights garage rack for dumbbells, kettlebells, and weight plates dbr-0117

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  • ensure this suits by means of entering your model variety.
  • heavy-obligation production– manufactured from heavy-obligation steel tubes and stable creation that is constructed to last, this rack showcases an ergonomic shape this is compact and stabilized in a square body to comply to the wishes of preserving diverse exercise gear
  • three-tier unit & 4 smooth get admission to posts– shop your fitness add-ons in this multifunctional rack with uniquely constructed 3-layer rack and 4 storage posts that lets in for dumbbell set, weight set, and different weightlifting equipment multi functional vicinity
  • hammertone end – featuring a strong structure that exudes beauty and capability, this storage rack is hammertone-completed to defend it from undesirable scratches, ensuring a stunning and reliable storage rack so as to closing for years.
  • rubber base caps – having a scratch-free ground is a should within the execution of safe and relaxed education. The mix weight rack from marcy is mainly designed with four rubber give up caps to protect your floor from any viable damages.
  • suitable for home use – revel in your ordinary exercise routine with this weights storage rack! You can now perform your training at your selected time in your own home, providing a convenient and coins-saving way of having a more fit and healthier frame!
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reap a more fit and healthier frame right in the comforts of your home with the mix weights storage rack by marcy!

reinforced with top class coating, this gear’s hammered finish protects its normal structure from scratches, ensuring that its characteristic, style, and tone will last for years. Moreover, this weightlifting accent garage rack comes with 4 rubber end caps to protect your floor from any feasible damage, scratches, and cuts. You might not should worry about having chipped or crooked floor surfaces with this garage rack!

invest in dependable weightlifting garage that gives characteristic, fashion, and comfort, permitting you to harness the advantages of schooling efficaciously in your house fitness center. You acquire all of this and extra with the marcy blend weights garage rack!

presenting a strong shape that exudes beauty and functionality, this storage rack is hammertone-completed to shield it from undesirable scratches, ensuring a stunning and reliable garage rack with a view to last for years.

having a scratch-unfastened ground is a need to in the execution of secure and cozy education. The mix weight rack from marcy is particularly designed with 4 rubber give up caps to shield your ground from any viable damages.

store your fitness accessories in this multifunctional rack with uniquely built three-layer rack and four storage posts that allows for dumbbell set, weight set, and other weightlifting gear multi function vicinity.



8 reviews for Marcy blend weights garage rack for dumbbells, kettlebells, and weight plates dbr-0117

  1. Marissa Haigh

    I am a certified fitness trainer and retired veteran. I have been lifting for decades and only use Rogue equipment in my garage gym. I broke tradition and went cheap and learned the hard way about getting what you pay for! This rack is not able to hold the claim of heavy weight. The sleeves broke when I started to load it. When I started pulling weights off of one side to disassemble it to return it, it flipped over and slammed onto the side that still had weights on it and dropped all the weights almost hitting my son. A weight rack should not fall over when you take weights off of one side. Triangle trees properly distribute the weight so one side can be empty. Vertical trees are supposed to have longer bases to do the same. This rack is dangerous. Read more

  2. Becky

    I love this rack. Having one piece of equipment that holds everything is great. It has a phenomenal weight capacity so will be able to put my entire 550lb dumbbell set, 110lb kettlebell set and 245lb of Olympic plates. It was easy to put together, although if you have someone to help, it will go faster. As soon as I got it together I put around 500+lb of weight on it and there is no wobbling or shaking. Read more

  3. Tessa

    Me and my husband just love this rack! It is worth the money we paid for. We have every plates and dumbbells we own on it and fits perfect! The only problem I have is It’s hard to put the heavy dumbbells on the bottom rack since I am only 5ft without hitting your face on the above dumbbells. I will totally recomment this rack it does it’s purpose. Read more

  4. roNNie

    The item was built extremely well. This rack is ideal if you have dumbbells, kettle bells, slam and medicine balls. Also, the side poles came in super handy. My workout space is really small, so I like the fact I was able to remove one of the side poles. The only thing I disliked was the shelf clearance (where you place the actual weight). Every time I put the weight down, it would pinch my pinky and index finger. Read more

  5. Lb

    Absolutely love this thing. I usually find multi-function items do a lot of things poorly. Not the case with this! Easy to put together, very sturdy, and holds and organizing a lot of workout equipment with ease. Fits Olympic and standard plates. I read reviews about the bars pinching your hands when you pick up the weights. I am not having that problem at all as a woman with petite hands. However, I can see that being a problem with people with larger hands. Truly a must have if you care about organizing your workout space. Read more

  6. antattack

    Nice rack. the instructions are a bit off, but you are smart and will figure it out. The finish is good. The storage pins on the sides are lightweight 1″ posts with plastic sleeves the make them accept olympic size weights. Update- NOTE: If you have quality Olympic bumper plates, the storage posts on the side will not accept your bumper plates. I have the Rogue 2.0 plates and the tight tolerance on these bumper plates do not allow them to fit over the plastic sleeves on this racks storage posts. My old school iron plates do fit, but they have oversize holes. It comes together in about 30 minutes. The top shelf is holding about 250# of kettle bells without any problem. It’s a solid race with room to run a broom under it. Good stuff. I use the storage pins on the sides to hold spring clips, a landline attachment and some iron change plates. so it mostly works out for me. Read more

  7. J. Williams

    I added this to get my weights off the floor and it works great! The top section holds the following KB weights, and they fit perfectly: 55 | 45 | 35 | 30 | 25 | 25 I place my lighter dumbbells on the middle section, and fit a pair of each: 10 | 15 | 20 | 25 Then on the bottom, I have the heavier pairs: 30 | 35 | 40 The weight combinations above fit our family workouts and fill out the rack nicely. Plates can be 1″ or 2″ (four 2″ sleeves for the 1″ posts are included). Overall a great buy! Read more

  8. Alex G.

    I am not sure whether the Hex dumbbells work differently, but I have the TROY Pro Style Dumbbells – Gray Hammertone Item SKU: HFDC-C, I have 3 pairs, 50s, 80s and 100s … The 50s and even the 80s are manageable, but the 100s are practically impossible to place on the rack. The space between the two planks holding the dumbbells is not wide enough for the hand to fit inside, it cannot be wider because the dumbbells simply won’t fit, but at the same time one must be careful not to get the hand pinched by the weight of the dumbbells … The 80s are somewhat problematic, but not too much …But the 100’s are IMPOSSIBLE TO PLACE ON THE RACK … THE ONLY WAY I MANAGED IS BY LEANING ONE SIDE AGAINST THE CLOSER ROD AND THEN LIFTING AND ALMOST THROWING THE DUMBBELL ONTO THE RACK ! The ONE OTHER PROBLEMATIC THING, UNLESS YOUR FLOOR IS LEVELED, IS THAT THE LEGS SUPPORTING THE RACK AN NOT LONG ENOUGH TO KEEP IT BALANCED … ONCE LOADED WITH ENOUGH WEIGHT, IT IS FAIRLY STABLE, BUT A GOOD JOLT COULD SEND IT TOPPLING … THE LEGS SHOULD BE LONGER TO MAKE IT MORE STABLE, ESPECIALLY IF THE AREA IS NOT LEVELED!!! Read more

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