Marcy workout utility bench for upright, incline, decline, and flat workout sb-261w , black, forty two. 00 x 19. 00 x 51. 00 inches

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  • make certain this suits via coming into your model variety.
  • heavy-responsibility creation – made with a long lasting steel body, this equipment has a guaranteed strong construction. The shape’s stabilized design, contoured foam roller pads, boxed upholstery, and high-density foam offer an top-quality amount of assist and comfort to allow you to get the most from your exercising!
  • ergonomic layout – the marcy exercising utility bench functions an ergonomically designed structure that is compact yet multifunctional. It is designed to fit inside your home with out taking on too much space. The equipment is fashioned in a manner that allows most mobility whilst performing sports. Workout without problems at the same time as getting fantastic effects in your body.
  • secure curler pads – this health gear has smooth foam roller pads for consolation for your thighs and ankles. It also has high-density upholstery for an exciting strength-training enjoy, so that you can push your self for as lengthy and as hard as you may while minimizing fatigue and bodily exertion!
  • adjustable seat – the seat and returned pads of this bench can be readjusted into distinctive positions. You may set up the bench to tailor your education and lay it in an inclining position, declining role, or flat function.
  • flexible gadget – created to permit you to carry out a full-frame exercising at home, this utility bench can be used to goal a couple of muscle agencies. It lets in you to carry out a wide array of energy-schooling physical activities that target the fingers, legs, chest, and core. Pair it with a rack or cage or use it with unfastened weights which includes barbells and dumbbells.
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exercising utility bench for upright, incline, decline, & flat exercise sb-261w

the marcy sb-261w application bench adjusts to incline, decline, upright, and flat positions. The multi-position bench makes it handy and clean to tone and define muscle groups, while in particular targeting upper and decrease stomach, pectoral, and other muscle organizations. Burn energy, lose weight, tone/outline your muscle tissue, and boom your power and stamina with the sb-261w adjustable utility bench.

the sb-261w utility bench functions a robust metallic body creation with a durable powder covered end for expanded durability. The boxed upholstery with high density foam and 4 comfortable thigh and ankle foam roller pads spherical out the bench to make it durable and comfy.

the marcy software weight bench sb-261w will take your physical games to the following stage in comfort with its ergonomic layout. The bench is optimized to be secure, smooth, and compact to maximize home use comfort.

the seat and lower back pads may be readjusted into distinct positions. Tailor the bench for your training and lay it in an inclining, declining, or flat function for each weightlifting and equipment-unfastened physical activities such as crunches and curls.

this fitness gear has smooth foam curler pads for lower frame comfort. With a excessive-density upholstery for an fun energy-education revel in, project your exercises even as minimizing fatigue and physical exertion!

flexible device – it could be used to target more than one muscle corporations for a complete frame exercise at home.

tailor the bench on your education and lay it in an inclining, declining, or flat position for each weightlifting and device-free sporting activities such as crunches and curls.

it lets in for a big selection of electricity-education sports that concentrate on the hands, legs, chest, and middle. Pair it with a rack or use it with unfastened weights.



8 reviews for Marcy workout utility bench for upright, incline, decline, and flat workout sb-261w , black, forty two. 00 x 19. 00 x 51. 00 inches

  1. D. Elliot

    I should have known not to trust a $70 dollar bench. This thing looks nice and was fine for about a month until the top wood SNAPPED while I had weights over my head. Most of the back is reinforced by a metal pole, but the top part is only wood and cheap wood at that. I fell backwards and nearly had a heavy bar on my neck. DO NOT buy this. Spend a few more bucks and get a sturdy bench. The only reason it got two stars was because amazon was kind enough to not make me it apart to ship it back and I partially blame my own naivety for purchasing such a cheap thing. Read more

  2. AD

    So I got this yesterday and put it together in about 1 hr by myself… says 2 people should do it but oh well… 1st thing yes the nuts and bolts will be loose but if you use tools recommended or just 2 wrenches in combination (1 for back bolt and 1 for the front at same time the bolts can be tightened) it’s not science… During use the back support does wobble a little when the adjustable bar is in either of the 3 slot while lifting weights… but I attribute that to the construction of it… I am 5’9 265lbs and I can see how someone taller may have issues… but this is comfortable for me… I bought it for mostly situps… After I’ve put a couple months into it I’ll try and update to see how I still feel about this bench… but for the price it’s worth it!! Read more

  3. Stan von Miller

    It’s made in China, so that should tell you something. The frame seems fine (though I haven’t put it through any paces yet). The bench seats are worthless. They look nice at first glance, but when you put them on they don’t go on correctly because the threaded holes are not angled straight. So at least one of the screws on the seat and on the back rest wouldn’t go in. And after looking at the seat and the back rest closer now, I see that they are very poor quality. Most of the upholstery staples are not even all the way in. This bench isn’t worth $50. Read more

  4. Spencer

    Like many people who were panicked about staying active during the pandemic, I immediately started beefing up my home gym equipment. The price was attractive so I went ahead and ordered. Assembling the bench was pretty easy – it took me maybe 20 minutes but I wasn’t in a rush. The instructions were pretty clear, and the small pieces were securely stored, wasn’t missing anything. Even though everything is assembled correctly and secured tightly, the back support does wobble while you’re using it. This is pretty disconcerting at first, and almost made me lose balance. The back support piece isn’t particularly wide, so as expected my shoulders are over the edges pretty significantly even though I’m not that broad. The padding is pretty comfortable, but the seat can also be weird. The seat remains angled slightly up, since only the back support is adjustable. This can make it challenging to get in position for reclined moves, especially since the back pad wobbles. This can also sometimes be pretty uncomfortable to my lower back when I’m trying to lay back. If I were to shop again, I would probably shell out the extra money on something with a sturdier design. If you aren’t using this for weight lifting, then it might be a better fit for you. Read more

  5. Dale L

    I am admittedly new to the resistance workout arena, but this bench has worked out great for me. I can fully understand why some taller folks have issues with it, but being an efficiently packaged person, this size bench has worked just fine. For the price, I could not ask for more. Plus the assembly was very easy and can be done by a single person in about 1/2 hour with nothing more than two adjustable wrenches. I am looking forward to much use! (And not as a clothes hanger) Read more

  6. Chris

    Great bench for home gym. Easy to put together, sturdy and looks nice. I had the flat utility bench first and added this one. Reclines to fully flat and goes up to upright for shoulder presses. Would recommend. Read more

  7. Rachael

    I bought this bench for my 5’10” tall son as his first large piece of in- home gym equipment. It took two people and some additional pliers/vice grips to put it together. The back does wobble a bit because it is supported by one single steel pole that is not very snug in the incline holes. He has been using it now for almost 2 months and his only complaint is that the foam rollers, that support your knees and ankles primarily, are too thin and we are ordering thicker rollers for $25. The bench doesn’t fold flat for neat storage, but the “seat” does go flat and he leans the bench up against the wall for some extra floor space when not in use. Overall, worth the price and is helpful for beginners! Read more

  8. Andrew Tucker

    If you are over 6′ tall, you may want to look at other choices. I am 6′-2″ and this bench does not work well for me, especially when doing crunches. It seems to be designed for people with short thighs. For other exercises such as dumbbell presses, etc., it is just okay. I once owned an earlier version of this bench by Marcy back in the late 1980s. It was a much better constructed product back then made of tubular steel, thicker foam padding, and more adjustability. An all around better design. Plus it collapsed for storage under a bed or it could hang flat against the garage wall on hooks. I’m now sorry I gave it up for sale years ago. This bench is about what you’d expect for the price. Not a complete dud, but it will suit my modest weight training needs. Read more

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