Meade devices 126000 barren region recognizing scope – 15-45×65-mm (black)

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  • make certain this fits through getting into your model number.
  • meade awesome, 15-forty five strength, zoom porto prism binoculars deliver years of use
  • big 65mm goal gathers lots of light for bright particular pictures
  • features high index bak-4 prisms and great, precision ground lenses that are lined with more than one layers of anti-mirrored image coatings
  • water-proof, fog-proof, and nitrogen purged to ensure a few years of overall performance no matter the surroundings
  • comes widespread with a tender case and digital camera adapter
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from the manufacturer

meade’s barren region recognizing scopebinoculars are high strength binoculars with top class nice. This large binocular has 65mm lens with 15-45x magnification. It consists of excessive index bak-4 prisms and precision floor lenses that comes with multiple layers of anti-reflection coatings.

these fog-evidence, nitrogen purged and water-resistant binoculars have a rugged rubber armored construction. It ensures a robust grip and protection of your equipment against the factors.

those journey binoculars comes with a nylon carrying binocular case, digital camera adapter and lens cleaning cloth to hold your binoculars in mint condition.

product description

the meade wasteland collection recognizing scopes are the right choice for hen watchers, hunters, and people who love the outdoors. Deliver the desert nearer than ever, and see more with meade’s superior optics. The wasteland 15-45×60 recognizing scope capabilities high index bak-4 prisms and exquisite, precision floor lenses which might be lined with multiple layers of antireflection coatings to offer optical overall performance that is equal to, or better than any recognizing scope in its class. With magnifications from 15x up to 45x, and a 60mm goal, you may make sure this scope will produce bright, distinctive photographs to present you the satisfactory viewing enjoy. Each wilderness recognizing scope features a sliding sunshade to further reduce glare a rugged rubber armor protecting protects your barren region recognizing scope from abrasions and damage from regular use has trendy ¼-20 threaded holes, ready to mount for your tripod all wasteland collection spotting scopes are water-proof, fogproof, and nitrogen purged to make certain many years of performance regardless of the surroundings all barren region spotting scopes come preferred with a tender case nylon wearing bag to protect your scope, lens cleaning fabric, and camera adapter (requires t-mount, not protected)


15-45×65, 20-60×100

8 reviews for Meade devices 126000 barren region recognizing scope – 15-45×65-mm (black)

  1. Busy Executive

    I have a pair of 12x Canon image-stabilized binoculars, and I wanted something more powerful to use for watching the local wildlife, so I tried the Meade 20-60x spotting scope. To get some of the obvious stuff out of the way, this is a good quality scope at a low price. The construction quality is good, all the controls operate smoothly, and generally the image quality is about as good as you can expect at this price. The large 100mm optic gets you a really bright image, even in dark conditions. The image you see in the eyepiece is definitely one of the brightest I’ve seen from this type of scope. I will say that the image itself is a bit on the soft side compared to top-quality scopes. Certainly, this Meade scope isn’t priced like some of the others, but keep in mind if you want razor-sharp images, you’ll probably need to spend a little more. The 100mm optic is very large, as is the entire scope. The large optic gets you a very bright image, even at 60x, but at the expense of having something that’s heavy and hard to carry. Unless you’re pretty strong and steady, you probably won’t be able to get good results with this scope handheld, so definitely a tripod or some other sort of mount is a requirement. Of course, 60x is a lot of magnification, so it’s not really an issue with the Meade – it’s just that the size and weight of this scope, added to the high magnification, makes it a handful – especially if you’re using it outdoors or on an uneven surface. The best combination I found was using an expensive carbon fiber monopod designed for heavy cameras. It gave me enough stability to use the 20-60x range without adding a ton of weight to the already large scope. Still, I found this to be a little too much scope for what I wanted, and I returned mine to try some other possibilities. I’d say if you absolutely need the 60x end of the range and you’re okay to carry a heavy scope and some sort of mount, this might be a great value at the price – for me though, the size, weight and requirement for a solid mount just made it too impractical for the way I want to use it, and I’ll probably be searching for something else. Not a bad product, especially considering the price, but not for me. Read more

  2. Shazaam

    MODEL 15-45×65. This is a very affordable, well built and adequate “low-end” spotting scope. I think the BK-4 makes the difference (and a main factor in my purchase). For those in the market for such a spotting scope you should be aware that this is not the kind of scope you can effectively use for long range spotting 300yds and up. Prices for such scopes are in the $300 and up or way up. I tested it at 100 yrds using a black circle on white background target and small caliber holes in that black circle. Testing mid-day and cloudy. Image was clear and holes easily discernible at full 45X magnification. Eye relief was sufficient for comfort by my standards. From the clarity and zoom ability I experienced, I can safely say that I wouldn’t have those results at 200 yrds, however at higher calibers it might be possible. Scope does not come with an included tripod, I used my basic Canon tripod (under$100) and it proved adequate. Scope feels well built, easy to grip and hold and has a nice rubber like soft texture. You get a sense of how solid it’s built. The adjustment knob is relatively harder to turn but smooth and precise. Good value for quality and included accessories. Read more

  3. Jack Charity

    Good value, but not in the same class as my Nikon scopes. Works well up to 45, perhaps 50, magnification. Forget 60, you will actually see more detail at 45. Central aberration is minimal, about the same as my Nikons, up to about 45, then softens quickly. Edge definition is less good at all magnifications, but is perfectly acceptable. Law of diminishing returns certainly applies in scopes. To get something significantly better, you will have to pay 3 or 4 times as much. Power isn’t everything – I find I spend more time looking through one of my my Nikons fitted with a 20x prime lens, than either this scope, or my other Nikon with a variable zoom lens, especially in poor light. The image is just so brighter and sharper, it more than compensates for the lower magnification, and is less tiring. Read more

  4. J. A.

    Based on power reports from a lot of online research it seems as though everyone believes that 20x to 60x and a minimum of 80mm aperture is all anyone really needs for maximum magnification for target shooting. So far as I’m concerned the jury is still out. I’m looking a smaller than a .20″ to a .15″ diameter hole at 100 yards, it might be a squint to see. I will say that the unit I purchased by Meade provides a very crisp clear view throughout the entire view from 20x to 60x all of the magnification levels are great. I feel fairly safe in believing that .30″ to .50″ hole should be visible at 60x and 100 yards, but much beyond that may be a challenge. I’ll most likely haul my Meade 1200 mm scope along just to save all the walking back and fourth to the target. Read more

  5. JZ

    I absolutely love this so far! I haven’t used it at the range as of yet but from looking st things outside, I’m absolutely impressed. Crystal clear images. Zoomed way out to amazing clarity. I’ll update once it goes to the range but from what I’ve seen already, this should work as far out as 400-500 yards. Read more

  6. mike henne

    amazingly precise instrument, superior optics, and very user friendly. Love it. Read more

  7. Hound

    Works really well. Can see really far away and it’s pretty clear maxed out. A lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. Was hoping it would be about half the size that it is, but overall I’m happy with the product. Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    I bought this glass to enjoy watching the birds and wilderness around my house. It is my first spotting scope, but I do own very nice ED binoculars. It is a value for the money no doubt, and it does what it is meant to do, but image quality is mediocre at best, and the tripod that you buy (separately) from Mead to mount it on is simply horrendous. My advice to you: save your money and invest in quality glass AND a quality tripod to go with it. There is just no way around it if you want to enjoy the outdoor experience. Read more

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