Meprolight mepro tru-dot rds carrying optics with 1. 8 moa crimson dot

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  • make certain this fits with the aid of entering your model range.
  • rapid target acqusition
  • automobile close-off mechanism for added energy financial savings
  • severa awesome reticle brightness ranges for exclusive tactical scenarios
  • well matched with nvgs & magnifying scopes
  • massive show window
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meprolight products are lightweight permitting you to get on target faster—when nano-seconds depend.

high transparency optic

crystal clean glass permits you to quick identify goals in any climate.

large fov display

huge discipline of view window permits for faster goal evaluation and particular engagement.

electricity green

meprolight makes use of state-of-the-art technology to make certain energy efficiency offering hundreds of hours of continuous operation underneath battlefield conditions.

outshoot your competitors when accuracy, precision, and speed make all of the difference

complete array of combat-established aiming solutions incorporating ultra-modern technology has made meprolight the supplier of choice among army, law enforcement and defense businesses global-huge.

meprolight provides contemporary solutions for day or night in any weather

meprolight’s engineers applied the modern day trendy technology to create a rugged multi-reason reflex sight incorporating a crimson dot sight and lasers with a couple of strength resources that surpassed mil-widespread necessities. The mor is precise in that it’s miles an all-in-one pink dot reflex sight/ ir/seen laser in a unmarried unit.



4 reviews for Meprolight mepro tru-dot rds carrying optics with 1. 8 moa crimson dot

  1. JJ

    I could not be happier with this optic. I own and regularly use a wide variety of reflex and holographic sights (Aimpont H1, Eotech, Trijicon RMS, Vortex, Etc.). The fit and finish is solid. I would have liked to get one of the early release aluminum hood versions, but the polymer is fine. The integral mount is well designed and pre-adjusted tensioned for just the right fit on a pic rail out of the box. I have an astigmatism so most reflex type optics will “bloom” on me. I see very little blooming on the Tru-Dot both with the naked eye and with the Aimpoint 3x mag I am running with with. I can’t report on battery life yet. However, the instant on feature is key for me. Unless it is Aimpoint H1 where my batteries will last years, I always carry extra batteries if I forget to leave an optic on. Don’t need to worry about that with the Tru-Dot’s delayed off and instant on. I like that the field of few is larger than my Eotech but the height of the optic is shorter. I would summarize the Tru-Dot as having many of the features I appreciate with my Aimpoint H1 and Eotech EXPS2 with not as many cons (such as price, size and field of view). (Please note I have not run this thru an extensive day of shooting. Just install and range shooting. I don’t expect my opinion to change much after.) Read more

  2. VILLA20

    Nice optic. Bought RDS from Amazon. Mounted on .556 BCM rifle. Received 9/20/14. First battery was needed replacement 8/7/15. Next replacement was 1/13/16. My most recent replacement was on 2/10/17. RDS was left constant on on lowest setting. Gets used/ handles at least once a week. Returns to zero after removing a handful of times. Have had no malfunctions as of yet. Used in the rain w/ no problems. Only problem I’ve had is that while performing some functions w/ rifle I have accidentally changed the setting to the NV setting. And definitely not getting the 15,000 to 18,000 hours only about half of that. But I’ve been using alkaline batteries so maybe with lithium it’s possible. Overall a good red dot and am happy I picked up. Read more

  3. electrograv

    Sadly I must update this review with my longer term testing results of both this non-pro model and the pro model. The Mepro RDS is a very flawed sight and I don’t believe just due to manufacturing defects, since I’ve tried two of them: the first one I had was this non-pro version (non-mil-spec), which was so bad I returned and tried buying the more expensive mil-spec pro version instead hoping it would be better (supposedly the Mepro M5 sight used by the IDF). I really, really wanted to keep this sight because I LOVE: the wide field of view, the appearance of the sight, rugged durability, and the simplicity of installation. This would be a perfect sight if not for its major flaws. These flaws apply to both the pro and non-pro version. The only real difference between the two is the pro version has a better designed hood and slightly different brightness knob. For the price of the pro version, you can get a high end Aimpoint, which has none of the flaws mentioned here. Flaw #1: Lots of bad optical artifacts and internal reflections, especially in low light or under magnification. I’ve attached a picture showing this. Note that in the picture, the artifacts seen are NOT lens flare or camera artifacts; these are actually visible to the eye, and are even worse if you add a magnifier behind the sight. The most obvious artifact is the halo around the dot (not intentionally a circle dot sight, it’s a warped inconsistent dim halo), but perhaps worse is the speckling of additional red throughout the field of view. These become most problematic in darkness or under magnification. In daylight without magnification it’s not a big deal, but this is not a low end sight and I would expect it to not have these issues in low light scenarios. Flaw #2: Again, due to poor quality optics: bad parallax. At first I thought the sight was simply parallax-zeroed for a different range than the traditional “infinity” of most red dots, because when I moved my eye around I saw significantly more dot shifting than other sights (even much less expensive ones). Thinking this was perhaps zeroing the parallax to a closer range, I tried to find a range where it was zeroed. Then I discovered that the parallax shift vertically and horizontally are not the same, and no matter what range you’re at, the parallax can lead to several MOA offset, and sometimes even as much as 10 MOA. Parallax inducing up to 10 MOA offset is a big deal; that’s around a full foot off target at 100 yards. This is clearly not a precision sight, but also clearly fails to replace the criticized EOTechs POI shift issues. EOTech holographic sights were recently discovered in a “scandal” to have not conformed to their advertised specs, by shifting ~10 MOA or so depending on heat fluctuations. Yes, that’s a big deal. But this Mepro RDS Pro is no better; maybe it handles heat/cool fluctuations better (I don’t know), but the parallax is FAR worse than my EOTech holographic sight, making shots less consistent unless you keep the dot perfectly centered in the FOV. I do not recommend this sight, sadly, though I very much wish it could have replaced EOTech’s, Aimpoint’s, etc. It simply does not, and a cheaper Sig Sauer Romeo or Holosun red dot is actually optically much better. Read more

  4. Midnight

    This optic simply must be one of the best values on the market today. Meprolight makes the optics for the IDF, and organization that used their gear, and uses it hard. I have used optics, stuff from trijicon, aimpoint, eotech, vortex, and cheap stuff as well. You get what you pay for, but in this case, I feel like you get a bit more. If you need a truly go to war capable sight, but don’t want to spend the money for a trijicon (the only optics I like more than this) it will serve you well. Long battery life, coupled with an easily obtainable battery (AA) means it can be kept ready to go for months on end, or turned off to save the batteries if you won’t need it an a moment’s notice. Controls are easy to use and soldier friendly stupid simple. Tough as nails, it has withstood being dropped, banged up against things, and (literally) being thrown in the back of a truck with nothing other than cosmetic damage and maintained zero through hours of training and 1000s of rounds through my rifle. I’m not sure if it’s as tough as an Eotech (which I have seen continue to work even when the glass has been broken) as I suspect the polymer hood makes it more susceptible to cracking, but I have not had it break yet to find out. The batteries last far longer and only takes a single AA. Compared to the Trijicon Reflex (which is my favorite reflex sight and what I carried on my rifle when I was in the Army) it’s roughly half the price. And while the trijicon doesn’t take batteries at all, for normal usage, the Meprolight is a better value for stateside usage IMHO. I really like this sight, and would recommend it highly. Read more

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