Meprolight s&w m&p protect constant set (ml11770)

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  • make sure this suits through coming into your model wide variety.
  • product of anodized aluminum
  • replaces inventory iron points of interest
  • battery-unfastened tritium gas illumination
  • designed for and established on the battlefield

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meprolight merchandise are lightweight allowing you to get on track faster—when nano-seconds count.

excessive transparency optic

crystal clear glass allows you to quickly pick out objectives in any climate.

big fov show

large field of view window lets in for quicker target assessment and unique engagement.

electricity green

meprolight makes use of latest era to ensure power performance providing hundreds of hours of continuous operation beneath battlefield situations.

outshoot your competition while accuracy, precision, and speed make all the difference

complete array of combat-validated aiming answers incorporating present day technology has made meprolight the supplier of desire amongst military, law enforcement and defense corporations international-wide.

meprolight provides modern day answers for day or night time in any climate

meprolight’s engineers applied the trendy state-of-the-art generation to create a rugged multi-purpose reflex sight incorporating a crimson dot sight and lasers with multiple energy resources that exceeded mil-widespread requirements. The mor is particular in that it is an all-in-one crimson dot reflex sight/ ir/seen laser in a single unit.

product description

tru-dot night time sight set, s&w m&p protect, green the front and rear dot description: s&w m&p defend 3 dot fixed sights tritium illumination inexperienced front and rear dots.

7 reviews for Meprolight s&w m&p protect constant set (ml11770)

  1. R. W. Gauer

    No Allen Wrench provided and that”s why only four stars for this night sight set. It requires a very small allen wrench to set the rear sight. I have replaced sights on S&W Shields before, and this is the problem I’ve encountered on THIS sight set replacement. Like several reviewers have mentioned, the original front sight is tightly set. The rear sight requires an allen wrench key to remove it. What surprised me is the small size of the wrench required to install the Meprolight rear sight. Removing the original fiber optic rear sights was done with a key I had and have used before with other sights. this one is different. One person answering a question said this, “None came with mine either. It uses an Allen/hex wrench. The same size that adjusts the bridge saddles on Fender guitars. 0.050″ I believe.” I can’t verify if he’s right or not, but I will have to… I’ll try to provide more info about this issue later. Otherwise, quality of the sight set seem pretty good, especially for the money. Update: (1/09/2021)- Just received my order of the “EKLIND 10111 Hex-L Key allen wrench – 11pc set SAE Inch Sizes .050-1/4 Short series” and am happy to say that the littlest allen wrench, that’s the 0.050″, tiny by any sane person’s standard, well, IT FITS. I am so happy. This EKLIND allen wrench set cost me a bit more than five dollars, it’s made in the USA, and it is quality tools that I will certainly hang onto and may even use that one little wrench again sometime. Adding in the $5.32 cost of the allen wrench set, the Meprolight night sight set is still well worth it. Now- 5 stars. Update(2/282021): Still quite satisfied with this tritium night sight set; just wish ammo was easier to lay hands on. Read more

  2. Richard Farr

    I hope you can see it in the photos. These won my side by side comparison with the Trijicon sights I ordered so I had these Meprolight Tru Dots installed. They are very bright in no light situations and great for daytime shooting as well. At this price, they are a very strong upgrade to the stock sights on this wonderful gun! Read more

  3. Gary M.

    Let me start by saying the nighttime visibility of these sight is outstanding. However, these are fixed sights and cannot be adjusted for elevation. These things shoot 2 inches high at 7 yards. This is not acceptable. The factory sights were spot on. Meprolight, you could do a lot better. Read more

  4. john key

    works great in daylight and night Read more

  5. Tbone

    front site was somewhat lose.I paid a smith 20 bucks to install because i didnt have the tool to push safely.He said he pened the front and set with loctite.All seems well now and the visibilty is awesome. Read more

  6. John Brandt

    Did not fit M&P 9 Shield rear sight dovetail, very loose fit once installed. Also, the set screw is smaller than on the stock sight, therefore my traditional hex keys did not fit. I ended up putting the OEM sight back on. Read more

  7. Matthew

    M&P Shield 9 Before firing: the sights do glow. They’re well made, but the front sight was too small. I had to shim it in order to get it to fit. Also, the screw holding the rear sight had a strangely sized hex head, requiring some creativity to get it out (the rear sights came with the screw in) and in. I plan to update this review once I’ve fired the weapon with them installed. Will update 07/09/16. Read more

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