Mlb baseball (100) cards in sealed wax packs topps donruss rating top deck

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  • (100) cards in packs is appox 7-12 packs of playing cards subjects on the amount of playing cards inside the packs. Please word the photograph is a pattern of the packs that you will be receiving. Gamers and rookies that are available in theses packs are barry bonds , mark mcgwire , ken griffey jr , don mattingly , frank thomas , craig biggio , alex rodriguez , derek jeter , tony gwynn , wade boggs , ryan sandberg , nolan ryan , george brett , pete rose , and others.

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  • how many topps would you get right here
  • what number of topps could you get here

  • $6:50 each % or for all???
  • $6:50 every % or for all???

  • how many individual packs are available in this?
  • how many individual packs are available this?

  • what have been the years of the cards?
  • what have been the years of the cards?

    8 reviews for Mlb baseball (100) cards in sealed wax packs topps donruss rating top deck

    1. stacey t.

      Leaves a lot to be desired. One packs looks like it might have 4 or 5 cards in it. And you can tell the wrapper wasn’t made for and other packages that just don’t match up. For a kid or someone new to collecting, they’re ok. But still, going thru packages and revealing them before selling them is just wrong, if that is what’s happening.Read more

    2. E.C

      My son enjoyed opening the cards. I don’t really care that some of them were opened and repackaged. My son was s not really looking for any cards in particular. We did get a Chipper Jones rookie card so that is something that will be worth a lot sooner or later. His eyes lit up every time he opened a pack. If your a card collector , may not be for you but was definitely worth it. Will buy again from this seller !Read more

    3. Montana M.

      These cards were in mint condition when delivered. I picked up a few boxes of them for the kids on the baseball team, and my kid. They were happy to have some “old” baseball cards for their collection.Read more

    4. KK

      Bought these for my nephew and he loved them. They are all older baseball cards from the 90s which is exactly what he wanted. I know nothing about baseball but I recognized the name Jose Canseco to give you an idea of who is on the cards. They come wrapped in about 8 different little packets. It was fun for him to open up each one. Highly recommend!Read more

    5. Jay

      The product description and title here are misleading. It was supposed to be 100 baseball cards. I received 2 packs of MLB cards (about 15 or 20 in total), 5 “packs” of NFL cards (re-packaged, not sealed or wax packs), 2 packs of NHL cards, and 1 pack of PGA cards. Very disappointing.Read more

    6. Christina Eno

      Awesome Packs! My son was very happy to see that some even had gum! All were from the 80’s and 90’s. He got some players that he knew and it was great watching him open such old packs. He put them in his collection book with a smile.Read more

    7. Haztive Dominicana

      Bright, slightly waxy colors envelop promising internal cards that could be the best rookie card.Read more

    8. Barb

      I bought these for my child because she like to get baseball cards and she doesn’t really understand the collecting aspect. They come in somewhat sealed pouches but you can tell they had def been opened. The ones we received were from 90, 91 & 92…not a big deal just not impressed with the packaging.Read more

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