Ncstar 4×20 compact air scope/blue lens (sca420b),multi

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  • make certain this suits by entering your model number.
  • tactical 4×20 air scope well suited with air weapons
  • multicoated lens ensure crisp, bright photograph
  • 26. 2-foot field of view @ one hundred yards
  • plex reticle; 2. Five inches of eye alleviation
  • dovetail jewelry mount; measures 7. 88 inches
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  • does it paintings with ukarms russian dragunov svd m677a spring airsoft gun sniper
  • query: does it work with ukarms russian dragunov svd m677a spring airsoft gun sniper solution: no clue however degree your rail gadget in mm and if it comes around 7. 88 then take into account getting it but i’d get a scope that has adjustable rail fittings with the aid of sam on february 13, 2014 did not get solutions. See extra answers (1) collapse all answers

  • will it match on a daisy version 74 bb rifle
  • question: will it match on a daisy model seventy four bb rifle answer: don’t realize. It become junk so i threw it within the trash. Via w. Wolfe 52 on july 1, 2020 fall apart all answers

  • will it match a m1001 bolt action gun? Ps don’t answer do not know for a solution please. Thanks.
  • question: will it healthy a m1001 bolt action gun? Ps do not solution don’t know for a answer please. Thanks. Answer: of path it will by way of donald d. On july 10, 2014 crumble all solutions

  • will it paintings on this? Https://www. Amazon. Com/gp/product/b000e7pfeu/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2? Ie=utf8&%=1&smid=atvpdkikx0der
  • query: will it paintings in this? Https://www. Amazon. Com/gp/product/b000e7pfeu/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2? Ie=utf8&percent=1&smid=atvpdkikx0der answer: what are you the use of it on? By amazon customer on february 9, 2016 fall apart all solutions



    8 reviews for Ncstar 4×20 compact air scope/blue lens (sca420b),multi

    1. .556

      I wouldn’t put this on a rubber band gun Straight up garbage came out of a cereal box. It’s deceiving the picture looks like it could be a real scope. It is plastic the diameter is around the same size of a nickel, just for fun I decided to bend it over my knee. Yep real plastic, probably manufactured from recycled packing material. I should’ve been smarter just like you guys out there deciding whether not to buy this. Let’s put it this way, would you buy A scope made out of tampon applicators? If you would this is the scope for you Read more

    2. A. Wood

      I don’t know who made this, but they have no business selling this whatsoever. This is the worst piece of garbage I have ever seen. You can’t even look through it, it is so cloudy, and it literally looks like there’s plastic Rings inside, that basically obliterate The View. When you look down the viewfinder, all you see is a little teeny pinhole, no field of range whatsoever, and it’s blurry. Clearly this product has zero quality control. Read more

    3. D.K

      Horrible even for price point. Mag is closer to 1.5×15. Seriously. This is seriously as bad as the scope that comes on Daisy BB guns. I know, because I was replacing one. This is a stage prop not useful for even a BB gun to scare critters away from a garden. Again, THIS IS GARBAGE! Seriously, for once believe a 1 star review! I have to drive acrossed town to drop it off for return!?? It ain’t worth the effort. Easier to just show it to everyone, and try and prevent future sales by NCstar. (NCfalling star). What a POS. I can’t believe a factory plastic bb gun scope is actually BETTER than this thing. Wow. Unbelievable. Read more

    4. VTP

      This is a nice inexpensive scope that’s perfect for air guns. I have mine on a Crosman 1377. I love it. It fits the dovetail on my metal breech and locks down tight and solid. I can put pellets trough the same hole at 15 yards all day long. Update: I just ordered another one of these for my 2240. I’ve been reading the reviews again and can’t believe the ignorance of some of the negative reviews. This fits dovetail mounts only– NOT weaver, NOT picatinny. It’s an airgun scope, NOT airsoft with weaver or picatinny mounts. It’s only 4×20 magnification. It’s NOT meant for 1000 yard shots on a SKS, Mosin, or any high power rifle. Here are the clearly stated intended uses/specs/etc right off the listing (my caps): Tactical 4×20 air scope compatible with AIR GUNS Multicoated lens ensure crisp, bright image 26.2-foot field of view @ 100 yards Plex reticle; 2.5 INCHES OF EYE RELIEF DOVETAIL RINGS MOUNT; measures 7.88 inches Wow. This poor little scope is taking a beating because people can’t read or won’t do their homework. It’s a nice little scope which works great with air pistols like the Crosman 1377, 1322, 2240, etc with a metal breech, or lower powered pump/co2 rifles like a Crosman 1077. It isn’t suitable for high power/low recoil rifles due to low magnification. It’s unlikely hold up under the recoil of springers or high power guns. Read more

    5. Damon Conn

      I ordered this air Rifle scope for my sons gun. The scope arrived , but it was not as advertised . These scopes did not have any manufacture , or company shown on them. None shown on any of the packaging either ( NC Star ). The scopes arent as clear as they could be when you look through them . Even after making all adjustments. Buyer Beware Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      The scope comes with dovetail mounts so sorry airsoft people! I got this scope for a crosman pumpmaster 760. First thing I noticed when comparing it to a inexpensive 4×15 crosman targetfinder scope is that this scope was much less magnified then the targetfinder. Comparing it a variable magnification Leapers scope I was able to determine that the scope is closer to 2.75-3x. At first I was disappointed but the 3x magnification and more compact size compared to the targetfinder make it perfect for bb/pellet pistols with a dovetail mounts. Also the mounting method is a bit unusual. You have to slide the slope directly onto the rails and into place rather, as there are not two “clamp clasps” that you tighten the scope down on but rather the both sides of the mount are one solid piece of metal that you “vice” together with a screw to keep it in place. Now about the reticule. The scope has a standard fine crosshair, not a duplex crosshair (thicker crosshair lines away from the center for contrast, and fine crosshairs at the center) like the targetfinder, or mil-dot. The inclusions of a cheap lens cleaning cloth was a nice add in for a cheap scope like this, but lints terribly so I wouldn’t use it to clean the lenses of scopes. It makes a great non-abrasive oiling cloth for pellet guns though. For $10 its worth the price but I choose the targetfinder (also $10) for my gun but kept this scope and now use it with my inexpensive bb pistol, which is where it really excels best. It may be 5mm larger aperture then the targetfinder and more compact, but the targetfinder has other features which made it better for an inexpensive bb/pellet gun like the pumpmaster. This scope is more suitable for pistols with dovetail top mounts. Read more

    7. Gary A. Tippery

      I’ve had good experiences previously with NCStar products, but not this time. Compared to the 20-year old 4×15 Daisy ‘scope it replaced, it’s dimmer and the position your eye must be in to see the full field of view is much more critical. Also, it sits visibly crooked on the receiver, possibly because the mounts are very poor – tightening them causes them to change shape, by design. Read more

    8. Justin

      Lets be real here, this scope is not for anything other than pellet guns, and .22LR. This is not a long range optic to be placed on your .308 or other larger caliber rifles. I purchased this scope for a $100 .22 rifle I had, I was not interested in spending 50% of the cost of the rifle for optics. I got better than I paid for, but it’s not perfect. The eye relief is crap, its not really all that clear, and I think the reticle is ever so slightly canted to the right. For the price I paid though, I expected it to be a whole lot worse. It is very usable for plinking at the range at 30-50yrds. I’d buy another one if I had a need for another cheap 4x scope. Read more

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