Ncstar nc megastar drgb135, tactical pink/inexperienced/blue dot weaver mount

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  • ensure this suits by getting into your model wide variety.
  • limitless eye relief
  • black anodized aluminum creation
  • 3 brightness settings for the pink, green, blue dots
  • limitless eye alleviation
  • black anodized aluminum creation
  • three brightness settings for the pink, green, blue dots
  • 30mm cantilever weaver style mount for mounting onto most weaver style/picatinny rails
  • purple, green and blue leds (mild emitting diode) a hundred% safe for the eyes

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ncstar tactical purple/green/blue dot sight with cantilever weaver mount. Features: – limitless eye alleviation – black anodized aluminum construction – 3 brightness settings for the purple, inexperienced, blue dots – 30mm cantilever weaver fashion mount for mounting onto maximum weaver style/picatinny rails – crimson, green, and blue leds (light emitting diode) 100% secure for the eyes. Specs:- duration: 5. Zero’ – width: 2. 7′ – top: 3. 1′ – weight: eight. Nine ounces. – mount length: 2. Sixty eight’ – goal lens diameter: 35mm – magnification: 1x – reticle: purple, green, & blue dot – dot size: 3 moa – click cost: 1 moa – lens coating: platinum – battery type: cr2032

8 reviews for Ncstar nc megastar drgb135, tactical pink/inexperienced/blue dot weaver mount

  1. Adam B.

    The blue dot feature is awesome. I have it mounted on an M&P 15/22 and it seemed to work great for the first two weeks or so, but the other day, I discovered my zero seemed to be off. So I flipped up my iron sights and sure enough it was way high and to the left. So I did a little more “testing” by bumping the sight on each side and as I did, the dot would jump significantly from side to side. I was disappointed to say the least, but figured you get what you pay for. I love the blue dot feature, it really stands out against most backgrounds. I wish some higher end optics manufacturers would incorporate a blue dot. Read more

  2. Knutts

    Looks cool, but definitely not worth your money. This was mounted one a AR .223 rifle. The dot itself was a little oblong, but not bad for the price. The mount also needed loc-tite to keep from working loose. The sight picture is okay, at best. The real kicker, though, is that it can’t hold zero. I’m not the first to have these problems, either. I hoped to get lucky with this scope, but instead I wasted well over 120 rounds, plus time and money. If your looking at this for anything bigger than a .22lr, please, put your $40 towards a better brand. Read more

  3. John R.

    My rating is based on value for money spent. I’m new to red dots and took the advise of a You Tube video which, to make a long story short, basically stated that before you spend hundreds of dollars for a Vortex, ACOG, and (insert other brand here) to start with a lower priced red dot. I know NcStar is made in China but I have always had good luck with this brand, own several so I decided to give this red dot a chance. Better to spend $49.00 for something and find out I liked it than to spend a couple hundred dollars and find out that I didn’t care for red dots. I mounted this to a Arsenal AK and sighted it in at 50 yards. Sighting in was somewhat difficult until I figured that the windage (left/right) adjustments were reversed, left was right and right was left. Everything clicked then and I put about 250 rounds down range as a punishment test and to see if it held its zero. The zero held and AK’s are notorious for punishing scopes. I may, in the future, invest in a more expensive red dot for my AK but for now the NcStar is just fine. This is a good beginner red dot and I highly recommend it. UPDATE; 10/19/16, still going strong, had the opportunity to shoot steel, 18″x18″ steel plate, at 375 yrds, stabililized platform, and got a nice sold ding 95% of the time. Misses I attribute to shooter error. I did match this red dot up with the NcStar 3x magnifer which was a definite improvement. Just ordered another one for my nephew who is new to shooting, but as I explained it to him you are getting the equalivant of a bicycle, not a motorcycle. There are better products, but not in this price range. Read more

  4. Tommy G.

    NcStar is a pos.. Don’t waste your money on this crap. Can’t hold zero, just crap.. I’m stupid for thinking it would be worth a damn. Read more

  5. Rich

    The dot is not perfectly round. The three brightness control and colors are a perfect fit for all shooting conditions. Mounts easily and adjusts easily. Great value for the money. Read more

  6. Kindle Customer

    Sending it back for a refund. I was unable to zero it in, moves all over the place. When I thought I had it close, would move again. Waisted 30 rounds trying to get it close , gave up! Read more

  7. Jesse

    Scope Dot won’t center. I only needed the mount which worked great. I got this bc it was cheaper than just buying the mount alone Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I bought this as a Christmas gift for my brother, he’s getting an airsoft rifle. I wanted to get him a cool accessory for gift and this does not disappoint. My father even said this is better than his sight. It seems very sturdy and well made and is very cool with three different color dots. If you’re looking into getting a sight you should really consider this brand Read more

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