Ncstar red dot reflex sight/ three/eight” dovetail base (dp3/8)

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  • make certain this fits by way of entering your version range.
  • durable plastic and could in shape on dovetail 3/eight-inch grooves
  • purple dot sights
  • comes with cleaning cloth and further batteries

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product description

red dot reflex 3/8″ dovetail base features: – consists of extra battery & mounting tool. Specs: – magnification: 1x – goal dia(mm): 22×33 – reticle: pink dot – dot size: 5 moa – exterior finish: black plastic – lens coating: clear – net weight (oz.): 2. 80 – period (in): 4. Seventy three – mount: incorporated 3/eight” dovetail

7 reviews for Ncstar red dot reflex sight/ three/eight” dovetail base (dp3/8)

  1. Heath

    Would not dial-up to point of impact. Very limited range of adjustment. Even though this was bought for a very cheap multi-pump Daisy Air Gun and would have been fine for 10 yards…it just couldn’t adjust higher than the end of the barrel no matter what I did to compensate. The very bright red dot was aiming four inches from the end of the barrel and would not adjust any higher. Yeah…It’s 10$…with that said…It did seem well made and sturdy. God knows how it survived the shipping. Again a fragile item sent in a bubble envelope and the product box was smashed and it still survived…I don’t know how but it did. Amazon shipping is getting worse with every order. 4 tins of “EXPENSIVE” pellets all damaged, METAL TINS dented and pellets deformed. Yet I get a soft cloth and foam gun bag that would fit folded in half in an 18 X 24 envelope and it comes in a box 3 feet by 2 feet by 18 inches???? Improperly trained I guess??? Amazon can do better…they always did in the past. I would not recommend this product for anything more than a toy and for looks. Read more

  2. Sypiarz

    Came with low expectations given the price. Wanted something cheap to put on air pistol. This thing surprised my lowest expectations, it is so cheap I’m not sure it would survive 10 shots. The power switch wants to fall of on it’s own. The biggest problem is the viewfinder. Unlike other ones, this one is coated with some dark mirror like finish. This creates two major problems. 1. At certain angles you can see your own reflection 2. As a result of mirror finish the light transmissive properties are poor, so everything looks very dark thru it, to the point that you’ll have hard time actually seeing your target. Pass on this one, get the cheap Crossman for 11 bucks instead, same cheap construction but much better viewfinder. Read more

  3. Andrew Schuepfer

    This sight it very cheaply made. The on/off switch has already fallen out. The upper housing part is not solid by any means. I’d ONLY suggest this if its the only one you can afford and even then I’d recommend asking strangers for change so you can upgrade. It does fit 3/8″ dove tail mounts for BB guns but it feels like it wouldn’t survive anything like bumping it into a tree. If it were more than $10 I’d return it. But I’ll probably give it to one of my neighbors’ kids. Read more

  4. BC

    For $12 this really fits the bill for my air pistol (benjamin np .177). I’ve never used this type of dot sight before but now I’m a huge fan, and I bought another (from Walmart for $12) for my other air pistol. My accuracy has increased immensely from the stock “open” sights. Here are my observations: – this fits my 11mm rail (0.44 in) perfect even though it states it is for 3/8in (0.375in) – the red dot brightness is NOT adjustable – sighting it in is fairly straightforward. I started close to the target then worked my way back to about 45 ft. – the sight adjustment dials were a little loose, but a screwdriver easily fixed that – these sights, at least the expensive ones, are not supposed depend on eye placement behind the sight. However, for this one, if I move my head all the way from the right of the sight to the left, the red dot will move about 1.5 inches on a target 45 ft away…which is acceptable for me since my air pistols aren’t much more accurate than that anyway. – I can use this sight outside on a bright day if I cover the end of the sight with something like small cardboard, then aim with both eyes open so the dot image from one eye will superimpose on the target image from my other eye. – This sight produces 2 red dots, a bright one used for aiming, and a less bright one (reflection) directly under the bright one (which cannot be seen when viewing the “bright” one). I mention this because I accidentally used the wrong one to aim and completely over shot above the target. – I cannot holster my air pistol anymore with this sight on top, although a simple modification to the holster might remedy that. Read more

  5. AmazonCustomer

    The diode was not glued in, I had to reattach it, it kept fall down inside the body of the unit. The on off switch fell off after the 3rd use.. So I glued it back on. The up / down adjustment is very limited I had to enlarge the mounting holes so I could give it more of a “z” axis. bottom line does it work… yeah kind of.. but you get what you pay for. Read more

  6. Toddsshare

    This is an ok sight. Not real impressed with it. I would have rather had a more stable sight. This one lays crooked on the barrel and isnt very bright. But you get what you paid for. A 3 Star is all I can muster up for this sight. Cheap plastic and lens arent that impressive either. The extra battery is a nice touch though. I shouldnt be real hard on this review. The sight is only being used for a pellet gun for my son to learn the use of firearms. Again, its about right for the price thats paid. UPDATE>>> After adjustments and a few practice shots, the sight DOES seem to be dead on its target. You dont have to readjust after a shot or a few shots. I have fired about 100 rounds(im talking bb gun here folks) and the sight has held its position as it was with the first. I think Ill add a half STAR of my own due to the fact it has maintained its final adjustment. 3 AND A HALF STARS Read more

  7. E. Garcia

    its not very easy to sight in as the sight likes to move around while turning the knobs because it feels like cheap plastic. The laser emitter in the rear is not all the way elevated so the plastic in front of the beam is somewhat in the way causing the red dot on the display to appear like a glare with a concentrated red center which is not so good since you can’t really see the target behind it. It looks cool on my ak 47 and if you shimmy the top display part while turning the knobs and keeping the rifle still you can actually manage to sight in the red glare to about 15-ish yards with a 4 inch spread (semi auto). Despite mine being defective in a way, it performs okay for close range. Delivery time was not great. I don’t think I would recommend this product. Read more

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