Neoprene dumbbell pairs through day 1 fitness – 12 weight and package deal alternatives, 1 – 20 lbs – non-slip, hexagon form, coloration coded, clean to examine hand weights for muscle toning, electricity constructing, weight reduction

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  • ensure this fits by way of entering your model variety.
  • add intensity and variety to workouts: obtain a toned returned, flat abs and sculpted fingers with these versatile free weights; perfect for average health, stability, and weight control, they’re also superb for aerobics, cardio, yoga, and strength-building
  • colourful colours with a neoprene finish: with vivid colours and clean-to-read numbers, the usage of education weights has by no means been less difficult or greater fun; the long lasting neoprene coating presents a secure grip and protection against calluses
  • compact and handy: with an anti-rolling hexagon design, your unfastened weights gained’t roll away and are easy to stack in order that they take up minimal area; ideal for domestic use, travel, outdoors, interior, or the gymnasium, you may take these gymnasium add-ons everywhere
  • difficult, stable, and sturdy. Constructed the use of a great solid iron middle, your hand held weight set received’t ruin or bend after repeated use; for beginners and advanced users, alike, those dumbbell sets are available in weights starting from 1lb up to 20lbs
  • versatile and multipurpose: our freestyle weights, bought in pairs, resource in physical activities that burn calories and help you tone and keep power; perfect for fitness, weight loss, and orthopedic remedy, in addition they help enhance stamina, and muscular tissues
  • pleasure assured: at day 1 fitness, we believe in providing the fine merchandise to fit your needs and way of life; if you aren’t one hundred% satisfied with our neoprene dumbbells, return inside 30 days for a complete refund
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let’s get started!

the usage of dumbbells may be a incredible way to exercising at home or on the fitness center.

running out with dumbbells permits you to now not handiest workout the exercised muscle but can even require the input from diverse stabilizing muscle mass. This will allow muscle tissues to bolster together and no longer expand independently from each other. It is critical to maintain proper shape while completing the sporting events. Be careful no longer to swing and use momentum to perform the exercise, therefore gaining the best blessings. Exercise in front of a mirror to assist ensure that you are the use of top shape for the exercising.

to begin it’s miles vital to pick the proper weight. Start off with lower weights till you study right method and build yourself up. In case you’re looking to tone your muscles and build endurance, as opposed to extensively growth muscle size, pick out weights that let you do about 12 to 20 repetitions of a given exercise before feeling overly tired.

1. Status with a dumbbell in each hand, hands confronted toward every other

2. Stepping ahead along with your right leg, maintain your left leg desk bound, inhale and decrease your left knee until your shin is perpendicular to the ground.

three. At the same time as in lunge function, carry out an over head press. Attaining your fingers overhead, lower weights to intention submit positions.

4. With emphasis on the heel of your foot, exhale and push your frame lower back up to begin position.

5. Careful to maintain your balance, preserve to alternate every leg.

1. Vicinity two dumbbells on the ground approximately shoulder-width apart. Start in a pushup role with both knees at the floor or raised plank role. In both position it’s far critical to preserve your back instantly line.

2. With fingers fully prolonged, elbows close to the body, improve the load up towards your ribs till you reach mid line or 90 diploma angle. Pause and then slowly go back to start function.

three. Repeat on opposite aspect.

d1f proudly helps neighborhood enterprise. All of our progressive fitness products are designed inside the u. S., so you can experience top understanding you are contributing at once to the economy. We utilize the knowledge of enterprise leaders to build products to remaining. Whether or not you use these for your property gymnasium or a commercial gymnasium, know you are getting the exceptional you deserve!

shop with self belief! If you have any questions or concerns regarding this product, we’ll do our high-quality to make certain your shopping experience with day 1 health is extraordinary!


b) 2 POUNDS, h) 8 POUNDS, i) 10 POUNDS

8 reviews for Neoprene dumbbell pairs through day 1 fitness – 12 weight and package deal alternatives, 1 – 20 lbs – non-slip, hexagon form, coloration coded, clean to examine hand weights for muscle toning, electricity constructing, weight reduction

  1. M. Gondek

    Measured exactly the 15 pounds that I ordered, with good grippiness. No problems with the neoprene taking the finish off furniture, like a cheaper pair I have. The hex shape could be more defined, but they don’t roll on flat surfaces. That said, I wish I’d realized just how large “1.81 inches” diameter can be for the grip – I didn’t even realize that grips varied this much, since all my other sets have such smaller grips. This grip is MUCH larger than any other dumbbell in my collection, including the 20- and 25-pound sets, and the swell at the center makes it even worse. That makes these dumbbells very, very uncomfortable for my average-sized (gloves: ladies’ medium) hands. Very expensive to return, so I suggest you be sure you like this huge grip size before you purchase. Edit to respond to the manufacturer’s comment on my review: The research about wrist strain is great, but the problem is the grip is very unsure with this huge diameter. My hands barely go around the monster grip, and I’m relying on finger strength more than forearms to maintain my grip as a result. I’m constantly worried I’m going to drop the weights and smash my face when I’m doing chest flies or similar over-the-face/head exercises. I have no problems with my 25- and 20-pound weights (which have traditional grips), so I’ll definitely be looking for a 15-pound pair from another brand, with a traditional grip. Read more

  2. Sarah

    The weights themselves are in great shape. However, the grip is SO BIG my hands don’t come anywhere near closing around them. Don’t know why in the hell anyone would need a grip that big, even if you have giant hands… I don’t get why they don’t go smaller, to include ALL hand sizes, not just Andre the Giant sized hands. Can I get by with using them still? I think so. However, my grip starts to get lost much quicker, and I can foresee having extra pain/tenderness in my palm from having to hold it weird since my grip is only half on the weight. For reference, I bought a 20 pound set. I’m 5’ 4’’, I have pretty small hands, but all my other brands of weights work just fine for me. I’d say the grip is about 2-3X the size of all my other weights ranging from 5-15. Read more

  3. AdSmith

    These weights are basically unusable for me. I’m 5′-5″ and have average size hands, MAYBE slightly on the smaller size but the handles or the bar that connects the two are so thick, that I can’t hold or control the weight, which is otherwise easy to manage. If you look at the photo of my 15 lbs (blue) vs. these 20’s (red), you can see the vast difference that doesn’t seem needed. Otherwise, if you have huge hands, these are nice, solid and good looking. Very expensive and costly to return, but nice. The “bulbous” edges aren’t too big, so they are easy to use without bumping your body. Read more

  4. Michele Groce

    I am a petite women – 5’2″ and I bought the 10 lb and 12 lb weights. As I continued to lift with them I realized the tendon in between my thumb and index fingers was feeling sore and it felt like it was weak. When really looked at them I realized that the grip on both size weights was getting thicker with each size. I wish I could return them. Read more

  5. Michael B.

    I am a physical therapist and I ordered the 20 lb Day 1 Fitness dumbbells for my clinic since I did not have anything over 10 lbs. Being in an office building and not a gym setting, it was important to have a softer, protective coat for patient’s (and my floors!) and was pleased with these. I like the bigger handle on them and the grip feels somewhat “cushiony” in my hands. So far no complaints from patients and no one has dropped them which is my number one concern with heavier weights – patient safety. Used for farmer carry, overhead carry, turkish get-up, squats, etc. Some dumbells either don’t have enough grip or are too harsh on the hands for more advanced exercises like these, but this dumbbell can be used like a dumbbell and like a kettlebell. Pros: Good protective coating, soft feeling and comfortable in hands, larger handle. Cons: Possibly larger handle (don’t know what the other weights are like). Dumbbells aren’t rocket science, but I’ve used some bad ones…these do the job and do it well. Highly recommend. Read more

  6. Nicole Pearson

    Anybody worried about the grip size after reading other reviews, don’t buy these. I’m an average sized woman and often use 20lb weights at the gym for circuit type classes. I read the reviews about the big grip but after looking at other options I thought this what the best price so I would try it anyway. After 10 reps of renegade rows and chest presses my wrist and the backs of my hands were cramped. That’s a 10lb weight next to the 20lb in my pictures. Read more

  7. Cathy J Cross

    Great product – is as is expected. I just had shoulder surgery and was using 1 lb weights (which feel like 50lbs after surgery) to help get ROM back. Now I have these at home to continue the PT exercises. They sure beat grabbing onto a can of beans (also one pound). Read more

  8. Terry

    I use these every other day. I started with two of one weight and now have two other sets for a total of 3 sets of different weights. These weights are sturdy and fit well in the hand. I would buy these again and plan to buy other weights from this company. I hope they will come out with a stand to hold the weights. Read more

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