Night owl pro nexgen night time imaginative and prescient binocular (5x), black

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  • ensure this suits by way of getting into your model number.
  • field of view: 200ft at 53ft
  • 2 digital intensifier tubes inside stringer device for precision & control
  • effective integrated columnated ir illuminator presents clear & shiny viewing in whole darkness
  • excellent, all goal & ocular lenses
  • generation 1 generation; 5x magnification
  • discipline of view: 53 toes at a distance of two hundred ft
  • minimum consciousness variety: 6. 6 feet
  • interocular distance: 2. 27 to 2. 95 inches

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product description

product description

night owl optics explorer pro 5x gen-1 night time imaginative and prescient binocular nob5x

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the highest magnification binocular available, night time owl optics’ five-strength binocular is a sophisticated, fantastically acclaimed generation-1 binocular. The aesthetics, ergonomics, and overall performance of this device are superb and advocated by the manufacturer for people who demand the best overall performance that generation-1 generation can offer. A central focusing wheel permits for brief and smooth focusing of each goal lenses concurrently. And night owl’s proprietary interocular hinge guarantees you that both optical channels are continually focused exactly over every eye.


  • 5x magnification
  • adjustable recognition with critical focusing mechanism
  • amazing technology-1 image intensifier tubes
  • adjustable interocular distance facilities the twin optical channels exactly over every eye
  • built-in columnated infrared illuminator for use in complete darkness or to improve target recognition in any environment
  • goal and ocular lenses constructed of excellent all-glass optics
  • soft-touch rubberized end
  • effect-resistant molded thermoplastic lens housings
  • padded neck strap
  • specifications:

  • magnification: 5x
  • goal optic design: manual cognizance
  • lens diameter: 50 mm
  • resolution: 35 lp/mm on center
  • spectral sensitivity: 400 nm to 900 nm
  • diopter adjustment: +four to -four
  • interocular distance: adjustable from 57 mm to 73 mm
  • minimum focal distance: 3. 6 ft (1. 1m)
  • angular field of view: 12. Five stages
  • subject of view at two hundred feet. Distance: forty four feet wide (61m / 13. 4m)
  • dimensions: 8. 00 via five. 85 by using 2. 60 inches (l x w x h)
  • weight, with out batteries: 38 oz.
  • energy deliver: requires (1) three-volt kind-123 lithium battery (not protected)
  • battery life: forty to eighty hours, depending on infrared usage.
  • infrared illuminator, integrated
  • 8 reviews for Night owl pro nexgen night time imaginative and prescient binocular (5x), black

    1. Amazon Customer

      Order for my husband for Christmas wasn’t sure what all the technical jargon was about but when they came in I tried them out first lol well I could see much further than expected I live on the atchafalaya river I am guessing it’s at least a 1/2 mile from my house to across the river non obstructive view and it lit up the opposite river back as much as my back yard I couldn’t believe I could see that far I expected to see just my back yard which approx the length of a football field from my house to the river and the river is approx 2 football fields across so that 3 football fields that’s my best guess lol but you get the idea you can see crystal clear a long way!!! I think I’ll have more fun watching deer than he will watching coyote Read more

    2. PhilB

      Good, solid night vision binoculars, apparently well-built, and adjustable for your interpupillary distance. They work really well. If it’s not completely dark, under starlight or moonlight for example, you may not even need to turn on the IR. (This is one advantage over most digital devices.) Read more

    3. Ann Sapp

      I bought this for my husband for Christmas because I always wanted a pair of nightvision binoculars. So we were both happy. Simply put- you can go outside in the dark and see! Awesome. Enjoy them very much. Read more

    4. Yisrael isaacsson

      1st unit did not turn on, using brand new batteries, tested same batteries……failure. replacement unit…….same story. 2nd replacement unit same story…………what is up with this company? 3rd replacement unit same story……… instead of amazon sending me a label for return, they sent me another pair…………THAT DIDNT WORK Read more

    5. ihicks

      I’ve had these night vision binoculars for a couple of years now and they are fantastic. They have come in very handy when trying to locate your cat out in the woods or any other thing you need to see and it’s dark. My friends are very impressed with them it was a good purchase for me. Read more

    6. jordan ray

      Pretty clear. I watched a coyote at 80 yards without the IR illuminator. Couldn’t see a lot of detail but could tell what it was. Worth the money. Read more

    7. Bill A. Belt

      We were heading for South Africa and wanted a pair of night binoculars where I could see the animals at night. I was certainly not disappointed in the performance of these night vision binoculars. If you have been shopping for a set of night vision binoculars’ you have already noticed how expensive they can be and may be thinking about opting for a single telescope type rather than binoculars. These binoculars worked great in total darkness however we did notice that in even remote lighted areas your vision using the binoculars is greatly reduced. The key is the darker it is, the better vision we found. These are 5 power and while than may not seem like a lot we found it to be more than adequate. Most of out subjects were less that 50 feet and we got great views at that distance. You can stretch the distance some however the quality of the subject begins to lesson. These are generation 1 type binocular and unless you have a source in the military for more advance types, these are as good as we have seen on the market for the price being charged. There is an adjustable focus on the top of the binoculars. The unit has two high quality generation 1 image intensifier tubs. The optics are all glass and the pair has a soft touch finish. There is a padded neck strap. They are a little heavy, weighing in at 38 ounces, however we quickly brushed this aside as we could see wild animals in the bush. From the naked eye the animals could not be seen at all. The constriction of the binoculars appears to be very good. The company claims these binoculars to be the most advanced and most highly acclaimed night vision binoculars in the industry. We have been well pleased with our purchased. As a side note we purchased 6 extra batteries on Amazon in the event the one battery died and we might not be able to locate the proper size battery in the wilds of Africa. Read more

    8. Mitch

      Both eye pieces would not focus at the same time so using the binocular function was not helpful. I returned the item. Read more

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