Night time owl optics 42mm night time vision monocular

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  • make sure this suits with the aid of coming into your version variety.
  • this compact monocular has an incorporated cope with strap for extra comfort and better handling. Its 42mm lens frame is attractive and sturdy. This precise design puts manage at your fingertips, making it best for searching, camping, and wildlife viewing.
  • better-first-class era-1 photograph intensifier tube
  • built-in columnated infrared illuminator to be used in complete darkness or to improve goal popularity in any environment
  • objective and ocular lenses built of brilliant all-glass optics
  • 3x magnification

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the light-weight, compact night owl optics 3-energy monocular has a constructed in take care of strap for more consolation and higher managing. Its three-ring lens frame is appealing and strong. This monocular’s specific layout puts manipulate at your fingertips, making it ideal for looking, camping, wildlife viewing and security packages. The 42mm lens layout is the maximum popular for a monocular, imparting a great stability among favored magnification and a extensive discipline of view. Functions: • 3x magnification • better-high-quality technology-1 picture intensifier tube • integrated columnated infrared illuminator to be used in entire darkness or to improve target recognition in any surroundings • goal and ocular lenses built of exceptional all-glass optics • smooth-contact rubberized finish with cope with strap specs: • magnification: 3x • goal optic design: guide recognition • lens diameter: 42 mm • decision: 35 lp/mm on center • spectral sensitivity: four hundred nm to 900 nm • diopter adjustment: +4 to -4 • minimum focal distance: four. Nine’ (1. 5m) • angular field of view: 19° • discipline of view at two hundred feet. Distance: 67 toes. Wide (61m / 20m) • dimensions: 6. 2”l x 2. 35”w x 3. Eight”h • weight, with out batteries: 13. Nine oz.. • power supply: requires (1) 3-volt kind-123 lithium battery (not included) • battery existence: 45 to a hundred hours, relying on infrared usage • infrared illuminator, integrated

8 reviews for Night time owl optics 42mm night time vision monocular

  1. asweet1

    Spoiler alert: This night vision monocular doesn’t have the exact same capability as one that costs 15 times as much! Yes, shockingly those like me used to using top of the line $3,000+ PVS-14s won’t find the same capability here for $175 but what you get is still a useful and capable piece of night vision equipment if you understand its capabilities and limitations. I still have more testing to do but my initial impressions are that the picture is actually far clearer than I expected with a great range of focus adjustment however the light amplification is a little lower than I hoped for but probably about right for the price. Now as others have mentioned these work GREAT with the help from IR. Unfortunately the built in IR emitter puts out a red light that can be seen when looking at the unit but I tested it with some of my higher end IR flashlights that do not do show any visible light and it worked just as well. So my advice if you are trying to be as minimally visible as possible while using these but still want to have outstanding see in the dark results is to pair this with an external IR light. The flashing beacon on my SureFire helmet light was nearly blinding with these despite being completely invisible to the naked eye for example which be a good way to mark your campsite if trying to find your way back in the dark. My only other concern is the durability both from bumps and moisture but only time will tell. For under $200 I think this is a solid value and so I’m giving it 4 stars or about an 85% rating. Read more

  2. Cindy

    Did not work. I put new batteries in it – went outside at night – could not see anything in “Night Vision”. I guess mine was defective. Returned for refund. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Works great for the money! There are definitely stronger night optics out there for hundreds or thousands of dollars, but if you just want basic vision at night, this is perfect! Read more

  4. J

    Clearity is not the best. Range is also not very good. Over all though this will let you do exactly what it is supposed to do and see a short distance at night. Fogging is also a problem during humid conditions. Read more

  5. Monte

    Good bang for your buck! Read more

  6. Bovineplane

    No it is not an ANVIS- 6. But this thing works pretty well for what I paid. Follow the directions to focus which really helps the operation. I wish it was binocular but otherwise for the money I have no complaints. Would recommend if you catch it on sale. Read more

  7. GJW; Florida

    I pretty much bought this unit blind since there were no reviews. So, here is what I know now after owning it. It does not come with a battery. It uses one cr123, which is easy to install by unscrewing the I.R. spotlight, which is 5/8″ diameter. I suggest buying several batteries when you order the unit. This unit comes with a black heavy duty nylon belt carry case. The belt loop will fit up to a 2″ belt. When you look through the eye lens you see green, so use your off eye, there by not screwing up your night vision on your dominant eye. This unit has only two buttons to operate. One is to turn on the battery and image tube ( green light). The other turns on the I.R. emitter (red light). The lights are small and possitioned above the eye lens. Now, these buttons protrude a bit, and can be bumped and turned on inadvertantly. So, I suggest you carry it in it’s pouch with the eye lens up. That way you can lift the velcro flap and see if the green light is on or not, no gain waisting a battery. The unit appears well made, but is not water proof and is not armor coated. You have to spend more money if you desire either of those options. The owners manual seems to be correct as far as viewing distances. Without I.R. emitter on, 1/4 moon light = 50yds, 1/2 moon light =75yds. Street lights work real good. I have a street light accross the street and another 100yds away with alot of shadowy dark areas in between. With only the battery & image tube turned on, all the dark areas ceased to exist, just like daylight only green! The spects say you can see a man out to 125yds using the I.R. emitter and moon or streetlights. It is true. Now, without any other light except the I.R. emitter, you can expect to see a man at 50yds easy, further if he is moving around. Now for the bad news. The I.R. emitter produces a nice red glow. It is not passive, luckily the emitter is only 5/8″ diameter. Otherwise this is a great unit for the price, I’m happy. UPDATE: I have used this unit for a year. The battery lasts a long time, although I do not turn on the I.R. emitter very often. The battery/image tube only button works for me most of the time. This unit w/battery and case is only 16.5 oz. Read more

  8. Leo

    Works great for my needs as night-time security, although I only ever catch small animals! Make sure you follow the directions EXACTLY, otherwise you can damage/destroy very easily. This is a sensitive piece of electronics, after-all. Read more

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