Night time owl optics nightshot virtual night time vision riflescope with ir illuminator, black, nightshot,medium

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  • make sure this fits by way of getting into your model wide variety.
  • clean-to-use: mount, sight, shoot
  • call for mounting advice: (800) 444-5994
  • range: one hundred-two hundred yds. In typical midnight environments
  • excessive decision, 640×480 show
  • for use with rifles up to 30 caliber (see under)
  • built-in infrared illuminator
  • weatherproof
  • daylight operation will not harm scope

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from the manufacturer

nightshot night vision rifle scope from night time owl optics

– 3x magnification.

– focal duration – fifty two mm (2. 05 in).

– subject of view – five. 6 deg.

– aperture – 40mm (1. 57 in) f: 1. 3.

– focusing distance – 3m to infinity (10ft to infinity).

optional excessive-strength ir illuminator available for buy separately (now not included).

weaver or picatinny rail like minded.

nightshot night vision rifle scope from night time owl optics

the potential to look at more distance is relative to the quantity of to be had ambient light.

choose among 3 different reticle types. Every of the three reticle sorts can be configured in white or black permitting the shooter to alter reticle type and colour to high-quality match the cutting-edge capturing environment

– the nightshot uses four x aa or lithium batteries.

– expected working time on one set of accurate-first-rate alkaline batteries:

– 4 hours with ir on excessive.

– 7 hours with ir on low.

product description

a few contemporary wearing rifles may have higher than normal center-line dimensions of bore to rifle scope. Weaver rails are common on way of life-style rifles (e. G. Bolt-motion or lever-motion), don’t have a better than ordinary condition, and should now not require an adaptor.

battery existence

expect battery life of four. Five to 17. 5 hours in step with set of batteries, relying on how you use the scope and the sort of batteries. Poor quality batteries will shorten battery-existence.

hours of use in these operating modes

battery existence with: ir-off ir-low ir-high

right-great alkaline 11. Nine 7. 1 4. Five

lithium batteries 17. Five eleven. 1 6. 7

5 reviews for Night time owl optics nightshot virtual night time vision riflescope with ir illuminator, black, nightshot,medium

  1. Louisiana Man

    This is a great scope for the price. Just received mine a few days ago and have used 50 223rds with the scope. It worked OK during the day to sight it in if the sun was not shinning. Can only see black or dark parts of a target in bright sun. In pitch black darkness it is amazing what you can see with it. What I don’t like about it is the battery door location. You may have to remove the scope to replace the batteries, no way that scope is in the exact location if removed. So every time you replace the batteries you have to sight it in. What prompted this review is the realization that the scope is not tight against the mount it comes on. While cleaning the rifle after sighting it in I noticed if you wiggle the scope it flexes on top of the mount. I can’t imagine it floats on purpose. I am going to keep and use it but I will not have any confidence in this unit. Of course Its use is not for trophy animals but night hunting for the coyote and pig. Hopefully I will at least scare them away. 2nd review: I am changing my review to 5 stars because of the way Night Owl Optics handled my problem. They sent me a replacement before they received the return item. Perfect service, very personable and friendly. Thanks Night Owl Optics. By the way, I like this scope so much, I bought another one. Update on the battery compartment, Looks like the pictures show the new location for getting to the batteries. This is a great improvement over an already great NV scope. Read more

  2. Robert H.

    Reiceved my night optics today and I gotta say I love it. I don’t usually take the time to write a lot of reviews but I felt I needed to on this one. I searched and searched, price compared, cheap to super expensive, USA made to Foreign. I ended up going with this one. Can’t beat the specs and this price range. I’ve used many NVGS over my 20+ years in the Army, some that I’ve really been impressed with and some that will really give you a headache. So, with all that in mind, this NVG Scope is Great! Super clear, super easy to focus, super easy and accurate when sighting in on my AR15. You will not be disappointed with these. Read more

  3. clay daley

    Before I purchased this scope I seriously had my doubts about it. It’s Generation I technology, only has X 3 magnification, and only cost $400 dollars. I mean how good can a night vision scope be for that price? I ordered the scope and the shipping was superfast! I took it out last night to give it a go and I was blown away! I put it on my 300blackout and started shooting from 50 yards, it only took a couple shots to get it hitting where I wanted. I then moved to 100 yards and was able to shoot the center of the target with no problem. The visibility you get from this scope is pretty amazing! I could easily shoot a target at 200 yards. I am very happy with my purchase and if you want a bang for your buck I would definitely recommend this scope! Read more

  4. G9000

    I ordered this scope knowing that other products I have used from Night Owl Optics have been nice products and performed extremely well, in particular, their iGen2020 is amazing. I have looked through numerous NV scopes, and what attracted me to this scope was the price, the simplicity and the weight. I really wanted a NV rifle scope for my AR15 that is simple to use and not so heavy. Anyone who hunts knows that when an opportunity presents itself for a shot, that opportunity does not typically last very long, and you need to be able to react fast. I am very happy to find out that this a point and shoot scope! I have used during ¼ moon nights so far, and shots out past 100 yards are well within the capabilities of this scope. Who knows what the capability will be on a full moon night! I realize there are higher end NV scopes out there but the cost of those scopes are several times the cost of the Nightshot, and honestly, I don’t know that I have seen a scope that sees better at night without going to Gen 2 or Gen 3 technology, which is many times the cost. At the price, I think I may need one for my pellet gun as well, to deal with a few pesky pests around the back yard at night! Read more

  5. Georgia Mike

    Anybody with interest in a night vision scope that doesnt cost more than most guns should check this out. This is a DIGITAL Night vision scope, it does not have an Image Intensifier Tube that is subject to degradation and to burnout from bright light. It is basically a camera sensor sensitive to IR AND visible light – can be used in bright daylight. Construction is somewhat simple and it does not look at all like a traditional optical scope, but in its simplicity I also see quality. It has built-in IR illuminator that I found to be satisfactory at 100 yds or more. It is 3x magnification, which is sufficient at 100 yds to consistently hit a torso-size steel target. I was ringing a 4-5″ diameter steel target at 25 yds with every shot and rapid fire (Ruger 10/22) and at 100 yds about 1 out of every 3 shots with cheap bulk ammo that I found doesn’t group better than about 3″ at 100 yds. Field of view is only 5.6 degrees, but that translates to over 330 MOA. It attached to my Weaver rail with no problem but also fits Picatinney rail. Downside? Battery life is reported to be short with IR on high power, but I find low power IR sufficient at 100 yds, battery life at low power is reported at 5 hrs with alkaline. An external illuminator would be helpful here, as you can turn off the IR illuminator and probably triple battery life. Another negative, 4 AA’s load from bottom, and on most guns means scope will need to be removed, but if it is mounted/tightened consistently every time it should return to the same zero. I showed this scope to several people recently and I know three that have ordered their own. I highly recommend this scope if you want a basic night vision scope that works. Read more

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