Nikon 7246 movement 12×50 ex severe all-terrain binocular, black

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  • make sure this suits by means of getting into your model range.
  • water-proof, fogproof, and shockproof performance
  • all-metal chassis in light-weight polycarbonate shell
  • rubber-covered frame for firm, non-slip grip
  • magnification: 12x
  • goal lens: 50mm

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9.6, x, 8.4, x, 4.2, inches

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4.8, ounces



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July, 7, 2004





5 reviews for Nikon 7246 movement 12×50 ex severe all-terrain binocular, black

  1. Jepson

    Hope this helps the reader. Did extensive subjective testing of these Nikon Action EX 12×50’s compared to Nikon Monarch 5 12×42’s and Monarch 7 10×42’s. Initially decided I really wanted the 12 power…did bring in objects a bit closer than the 10’s and “shake” is not a noticeable problem for me. Then, regardless of the “specs and lab test results” and a call to Nikon customer service itself for their overall recommendation in the 12 power strength, all of which pointed to the Monarch 5’s, I really preferred the EX’s the best overall. I spent 3-4 hours in bright sun, cloudy weather, dusk into dark, and checking out the moon. Pros of the EX’s…slightly sharper detail, easier to focus (more range), colors seemed more true, slightly larger viewing area due to the 50 vs 42 size. Pros of Monarch 5’s…more compact, “fit” of eye cups to my face felt more comfortable, attached lens protector is convenient. Brightness during dusk viewing a draw. If one wants easier portability, the Monarch 5’s are fine. If one wants binoculars to be binoculars, I’d go with the Action EX’s and save about $100 to boot. Read more

  2. civicduty

    For our 10-day backcountry sea kayaking trip, I bought myself this pair of binoculars (12×50) and my husband the Monarch 7s (10×42) (which are three times the price). Both pairs were rained on very heavily and appear to be holding up magnificently. Both were also exposed to plenty of seawater. We used these binoculars to scout out potential campsites, boats, animals of all kinds (breaching whales, bears on shore, etc.), and we were both happy with their performance. The Monarchs are obviously more compact and a little lighter, which makes them better for the backcountry. They also have the advantage of not having those stupid individual lens caps. If you’re regularly using your binoculars, it is a pain to attach them to the strap all the time, and then individually detach them to put them back on the binoculars. Even when they are attached to the strap, as I discovered, they can easily be knocked off. They can also be easily knocked off the lenses. I ended up removing mine completely on day 2 and putting them at the bottom of a dry bag. Obviously, I risked scratches, and had I prepared beforehand, I could’ve made something classy out of floss and duct tape to keep them together. My husband didn’t have this problem, since his lens caps (top and bottom) were attached to the binoculars at all times. As far as visibility goes, they’re both great. I’m no expert. I prefer the 12x because… I can see more. We had overcast conditions, and I couldn’t notice a difference in the total illumination between the two models. Both were sharp. His might be a smidge sharper, but it’s hard to compare b/c the magnifications are different. Read more

  3. Melissa

    I bought these 12×50’s and compared them with my Pentax 10×50’s and honestly i didn’t see much of a difference when star gazing. They were a little heavier than my Pentax and had a slightly shorter field of view, but I’m still very pleased. But if you’re undecided between a 12×50 or 10×50, I’d stick with the 10 no matter, what brand. Compared to my 7×50 Cometron, i do feel like i get more with the 10×50. These binoculars are waterproof and they feel solid and sturdy. They came perfectly colminated and the eye covers for securely. I did have to coat the lenses with Fog Zero to stop them from fogging. The only thing I’m not crazy about are the eye pieces. I love that you can click/turn adjust, but they seem kinda hard. If they were a softer rubber these would be perfect. I still give it 5 stars because I’d still recommend them and they work perfectly. Perhaps others don’t feel they are uncomfortable and it’s just me. Since my binos are all for stargazing/astronomy, i use a tripod. I don’t think they’re heavy, per se, but but i am terribly at keeping steady. With these Nikon’s i can see Jupiter and its 4 moons (i can’t see the bands though) and i can kinda make it the “ears” on Saturn. Even though i can only see several stars with my naked eyes, looking through these is awesome. Read more

  4. Master of Cats

    I own two telescopes, including one 5 foot long 10″ diamater Dobsotnian. I like that a little more than this, but this is about half as good at 1/4th the price, and 1/20th the size and weight. These are VERY high quality binocs at a reasonable price. Great optics, suprisnlgly powerful and clear. Very 3D view if you adjust them first to your two differnt eyes. User tip: wrap the strap over your elbow and put your arm through, to reduce shake. It’s a rifle trick but works for binoculars. I also got a tripod adapter for these, but the strap trick is almost as good without carrying a tripod. These also have excellent nigh abilities. Not night vision, but sort of feels like it. These would be useful in the possibility of a coming soft collapse. You can see threats coming in the dark with the eyes of a cat, not a human. Read more

  5. Rogbo

    The Nikon 12×50 gives a great view both terrestrial and astronomy. I’m disabled and I spend a lot of time on my back porch bird watching. With a selection of food, feeders, and a bath I have 10 – 20 different species in a day. Close in my Nikon Monarch 7 8×30 are perfect, but farther out, not so much. These 12x50s give me a view to the crow tree half a block away where crow, northern flickers, and woodpeckers frolic. For night time views they are bright. From a darker site I picked out half a dozen Messiers and the Andromeda galaxy. My complaints would be weight and the eyepieces that seemed designed to remove nose skin. Overall I am super happy with these binoculars and the reach they give me. Read more

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