Ohuhu agility ladder, velocity training exercise ladders for soccer football boxing footwork sports activities pace agility schooling with bring bag,15ft 12 rung,yellow/blue

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  • make sure this suits by using getting into your version variety.
  • extraordinary cloth: this agility ladder is crafted with top notch pp cloth designed to remaining for years of use and training
  • adjustable 15″ rung distance: this pace ladder is built with a rung distance of 15”, normal period attain 19 feet. The person rungs may be moved and modified for preferential needs
  • easy set-up: truly unravel the straps and rungs to set up on surfaces for use
  • portable wearing bag: this exercising velocity ladder is ready with an advantage bag for ease of wearing, portability and on-the-cross training
  • conditioning system: this speed education ladder is a perfect tool for all athletes and running shoes to enhance foot pace, movement control, lateral reaction, coordination, ordinary balance and widespread health
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product description

ohuhu pace & agility training ladder with black wearing case

develop speedy, specific foot moves and recognition with this ohuhu speed & agility training ladder.

  • crafted with high first-rate pp cloth, designed to final for years
  • gives 15″ distance between every rung
  • provides smooth placement, set-up and portability
  • includes a wearing bag for on-the-move schooling
  • ideal conditioning tool for all athletes in any recreation to improve foot velocity, lateral quickness, agility, coordination, and normal stability
  • enhance your usual endurance, velocity and stamina with this ohuhu speed & agility schooling ladder before or after your subsequent exercising.


    -color: black strap + yellow rungs

    -product size:

    rung: 17 inches

    rung to rung distance: 15 inches

    bundle includes:

    -1 x agility ladder with black wearing case

    adjustable rung distance

    adjustable rung distance

  • this velocity ladder is constructed with a rung distance of 15″
  • the person rungs can be moved and modified for preferential needs.
  • excellent fabric

    fantastic fabric

  • this agility ladder is crafted with incredible pp material;
  • designed to remaining for years of use and education.
  • the ladder exercise

  • continues middle power, average appropriate health, flexibility and overall performance.
  • will increase efficiency of performance, speed and stability in lots of sports activities including baseball, basket ball, soccer, volleyball, and greater.
  • improves athletes’ competencies to keep balance, pace, electricity and co-ordination.
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    Blue, Yellow

    8 reviews for Ohuhu agility ladder, velocity training exercise ladders for soccer football boxing footwork sports activities pace agility schooling with bring bag,15ft 12 rung,yellow/blue

    1. Christina

      There seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether or not you can adjust the rung distance. It was the very first thing I attempted to do when we received this order and you CAN manually change the distance between the rungs but it requires a pushing/pulling motion of the nylon, on each side of each rung, in order to do so. It is as laborious as it sounds, so plan on an entire afternoon if this is something you want to modify or simply purchase one that’s already a rung distance of your liking. This one is spaced 15″ apart and if I were to purchase another, I’d personally choose something closer to 10-12″. The rungs are held very firmly in place and will not shift as a result of being touched, kicked or tripped over during use – the ladder itself however would need to be straightened out. Great exercise tool and very easy to neatly stow away in the accompanying carry bag. Read more

    2. C. Brown

      Received the Ohuhu 13 Rung Agility Ladder today, on a Saturday after ordering it Wednesday afternoon so fairly quick shipping. I bought this for my six year old grandson who has a personal trainer and they use an agility ladder at his trainings. I wanted one at home for him to practice with between trainings as he was having a little issue with the feet/stepping patterns he was instructed to do by his personal trainer. We opened it up as soon as it arrived and he used it right away. Worked perfect, he stepped/stomped on the rungs as well as the straps and it had no issues. I like that it came with a bag for storage. This is definitely worth the price. Read more

    3. Suzy OHara

      Exactly what I was looking for in a work out ladder for my son who is 12 years old and works out for basketball and football. Really like the length!!!! Perfect for what he needs! Read more

    4. R. Hester

      This was a great price and it looks to be durable and sturdy but we haven’t used it a ton to know for sure. It has Velcro straps and a bag to store it, and folds back up easily. It lays out on the ground flat and is easy to use. It seems to be just what my son wanted for his soccer agility training. Read more

    5. Ann

      Package arrived on time and in excellent . Purchased as a gift for granddaughter, she was thrilled with it. It helps her with soccer foot skills. Highly recommend. It also comes with storage bag. Read more

    6. Steve Darby

      Bought this for my high school football team to do agility work, the players do their best to destroy it but so far its held up to the abuse. It is made with pretty lightweight material and I suppose at some point it will fail but for the price its a great value. I like the straps with snaps at the end, makes it easy to roll up and stow. Read more

    7. Lrdboneil

      I bought these for my boys volleyball team to work on their agility and speed. So far they have held up great. I like that the ends of the straps have snaps so that you can make one giant ladder. Read more

    8. Brad

      About what i expected. Lightweight and easy to use. Looks like it has snap buttons on the end tails at each end for maybe attaching to a second set to lengthen? I wish those buttons were designed to snap to itself. Would be much easier for rolling up to put away vs using the little provided loose velcro strap. Otherwise perfect for what i got it for. Read more

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