Ontel surprise palms general exercise device resistance training bands, white

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  • resistance schooling: get a total arm exercising with this resistance band machine that effortlessly receives rid of hassle regions right at domestic. Tone and sculpt hands, returned, traps, and hard to reach areas while burning calories.
  • upper frame resistance bands: includes machine with three interchangeable resistance bands for all fitness stages. Includes 15, 25, and 35 lb. Bands. Additionally workout routines chest and again muscular tissues.
  • domestic fitness center device: together with operating out, the system consists of a exercising & nutrients guide to help reach your fitness desires. It effortlessly folds for compact storage so you can exercising even as travelling.
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the resistance bands are perfect for all fitness degrees – from novice to critical athletes! Customise your exercising! You could use bands to create varying ranges of resistance.

  • level 1 – 15lb resistance band
  • stage 2 – 25lb resistance band
  • stage 3- 35lb resistance band
  • wonder palms general arm exercising machine

    introducing wonder hands the resistance arm band gadget that offers you a total arm workout! Now you could in the end cast off that flabby problem area we all hate and get the firm & gorgeous palms you’ve continually wanted in just mins an afternoon!

    the secret is the dynamic resistance movement that works your triceps, biceps, shoulders, again and even your chest all on the equal time for wonderful results you won’t consider! Surprise palms hones in and targets the ones tough-to-reach areas, transforming them into firm, sculpted, toned hands and shoulders you’ll be proud to expose off! You’ll immediately start burning calories and feel your muscle tissue tightening & firming!

    shape, tighten & tone

    key functions

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    ontel surprise arms general exercising machine resistance education bands, white

    8 reviews for Ontel surprise palms general exercise device resistance training bands, white

    1. Darelene M. Aloot

      Not well made. Fell apart after4 uses or less Read more

    2. owen

      The principle is good but the product is made of plastic and after about a month of use it broke into pieces. Needs to made of something stronger, carbon fiber or steel so men could use it as it does work. Read more

    3. Rebecca T.

      OMG! I absolutely am in love with this arm blaster workout tool!!! At least that’s what it should be called in my opinion. Ontel Wonder Arms Workout Tool is freaking amazing! I WAS so hesitant to purchase this device at first because I read a lot of horrible reviews about how dangerous it can be and how it’s durability is not up to par with usage endurance. That it falls apart after being used after the first time of usage “allegedly.” Well I’ve had mine for 3 weeks now and I use it every other day. My first week I started with the blue band, I could only do it for 5 minutes at a time, then after the second week I am layering bands, using the blue & yellow bands together for at least 10 minutes, now my third week I am using the orange band for 20 minutes at a time and miraculously it’s still going strong right along with me. I also, follow their instructions to the letter. I even waited to share my experience with you on here just case it broke on me, but it hasn’t. I purchased it inspite of some the scary reviews I read on here because I am desperateto tone my arms flabby skin, lose the lingering fat around my upper arms to. And I don’t believe in plastic surgery unless it’s absolutely necessary. I suffer from hyper mobility joint disorder, RA, Fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune disorders so working out with heavyweights, working out as a whole has been out of the question for me for sometime now. I used to be an athlete, I was very toned and slim. Was in great shape and healthy. I got very ill all of sudden and gained all this weight, well fast forward 15 years I am now desperate to get fit and have been looking for a workout tool that I could do without causing more injuries to my joints nor bones. Then I found Ontel Wonder Arms, it works perfectly well for me! My arms are starting to slim down and tone. I love, love Ontel Wonder Arms Workout Tool!!! Thank you Amazon for carrying this item, it’s awesome! Read more

    4. Robin L. Woods

      It broke the first time I used it! It snapped while I had it up in front of my face area, it could have hurt me. The box was completely damaged when it arrived 6 weeks after ordering it! Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      Used once and the product snapped on me using the blue 15 lb band. Will not be buying again. Read more

    6. Abd

      this broke on the first day. on top of that the bands are weak. the description says it comes with 15,25, and 35lb bands. Mine came with 15,20, and 25lb. I had this for 5 hours, the band’s had wear marks on them after 2 uses, and then the plastic snapped. returning. Read more

    7. Lindy

      Thin cheap plastic, hope it’s lasts, not very sturdy. Did not come with guides as promised. That said it is easy to use, ok so far. Guess I’ll wait to see if there are results. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      My first one broke but product really works the arms. My jackets not tight on the upper level of the arms. Did buy again. Read more

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