Ordinary necessities olympic 2-inch hex weight lifting entice bar, a thousand-pound potential, black (ee-hex-blk)

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  • ensure this suits by coming into your model wide variety.
  • product of completely strong heavy obligation steel (no longer hole) with greater than 1000-pound ability. Designed for repeated use and durable
  • more long loadable sleeves let you load extra weights., which permits you to perform with a extra range of muscle contraction and improvement
  • a couple of knurling positions and lengths in your comfort and safety. Normal and raised handles come up with greater flexibility while you work with them
  • bars have 1. 97″ bar cease diameter to make certain bars healthy all widespread plates with holes 2″ or less
  • product weight: forty five pounds

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from the manufacturer

bars are fabricated from absolutely stable heavy obligation metallic (now not hole) with extra than one thousand-pound capacity. Designed for repeated use and long lasting. More long loadable sleeves permit you to load more weights., which allows you to carry out with a more variety of muscle contraction and development. Multiple knurling positions and lengths to your convenience and safety.

  • absolutely solid metallic
  • greater long loadable sleeves
  • knurling layout on handles
  • everyday and raised handles
  • product weight: forty five kilos
  • 1. Ninety seven” bar stop diameter
  • a couple of knurling positions and lengths
  • 2″ bar stop diameter fits all plates with 2″ holes or much less.

    knurling layout on handles makes clean operation.

    fabricated from completely strong metal (not hole) for safety.

    product description

    ordinary necessities olympic 2-inch hex weight lifting lure bar, 1000-pound ability

    8 reviews for Ordinary necessities olympic 2-inch hex weight lifting entice bar, a thousand-pound potential, black (ee-hex-blk)

    1. mayra Lemons

      Very sturdy bar and like the black color. The packaging was a little weird but it’s a bar so to be expected. The sizing is perfect although the loading bar may be a bit short and only be able to accommodate 5 plates which is fine for me anyway. Read more

    2. avg person43

      Good bar for the price now that most retailers raised price on home gym equip during Covid. Bar solid and good quality. Can prob only load 4 (maybe 5) full size plates on each side but enough for my use. Has nice black finish and decent knurling on handles. Packaging left something to be desired – came wrapped and taped up in basically a movers blanket with cardboard sleeves covering most of the bar. But this was not exactly a fragile item so seemed to work okay other than a couple spots where the paint was rubbed off. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      Good value for the price. Arrived on schedule, was well packaged in cardboard with an inner wrapping of an insulation type blanket material. Was not damaged in shipping. There were some imperfections in the black paint but not enough to bother me. It’s a utility piece for my home gym, not a show piece. Would recommend if you are looking for a decent, inexpensive trap bar. Read more

    4. Gordo

      Came pretty fast by UPS. A little smaller than the one at a “real” gym, but perfect for a home gym. Plenty of room to fit inside while lifting and it will hold more than enough plates for me (I go pretty heavy, but not extremely so). Light knurling looks fine. It felt a bit heavy –so I weighed it and mine is about 49 lbs. So, a little extra weight for the great price! Read more

    5. Rosa Valenciaq

      I bought this item for my son, who ran cross country and track & field in high school. He utilized a Hex Weight Lifting Trap Bar for training to build his muscle to prevent injuries while participating in these two sports. He is so glad to own his own Hex Weight Lifting Trap Bar to train and prepare for joining his university cross country team. Well built, the price is a deal compared to other vendors, and comes with a 2-year warranty. A happy customer! Read more

    6. A.S.

      This is a good quality sturdy trap bar and a good value for the price (actually even better now that the price dropped $14 a week after I bought it!). The packaging is ok considering the irregular shape and the weight of the bar. The black finish was scrapped off in several places but no big deal for me. One of the little metal clamp thingy at the end of the bar was a little bent but again, it doesn’t affect anything. The handle knurling is not aggressive at all which is fine with me. All in all, I’m very satisfied with this bar. Read more

    7. Turner F. Washington

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. First off the packaging was well done. Lasted throughout shipping and not one scratch or dent on the baby. The black looks beautiful and it is heavy. The UPS guy got a workout carrying it to the door. I am extremely pleased with the purchase to add to my home gym. Read more

    8. kenpo saber

      One star for packaging, like others mentioned it was wraped in a ratty blanket and saran wrap. A box would have been good. Oh well, I cleaned it up before using and moved on from there. As far as the bar, mine arrived undamaged and well within the specified time frame. It is solid, heavy and well built. I have already dropped it by accident twice and its fine. As far as the knurling I dont have a problem with it, I have chalk and wrist straps if needed. I like the feel of the bar when deadlifting, I dont have as much stress on my lower back and it feels good. My only real gripe is the length of the sleeves if you use thinner old school metal plates you can fit more but you have to have a platform or pads to drop it on, bumper plates will take up more sleeve space. I looked around before making this purchase and I could not find a better bar for the same $ Read more

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