P2m in-chamber laser boresight, 12-gauge with purple laser

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  • ensure this fits through getting into your model wide variety.
  • <5mw 632-650nm magnificence iiia red laser
  • plane grade aluminum casing
  • precision accuracy- do not waste ammo
  • quickest gun zeroing and sighting gadget
  • highest first-class low cost boresight

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keep time and ammo with the p2m bore sight. P2m offers the very best great boresight for the price in the marketplace. Zero quicker and shoot straighter.

5 reviews for P2m in-chamber laser boresight, 12-gauge with purple laser

  1. August Noon

    No batteries. It clearly says they are included and they are even in the second picture. Don’t get me wrong, the thing seems like it’s built well, but how am I supposed to know that? There is no power source. I need this gun sighted in for tomorrow which is why I pay for prime, on time, fast shipping. And I bought this because it looked well made and supposedly included batteries and would be here by today. I live in the country and now have to go look for some obscure lithium ion batteries at the feed or hardware store in town. I don’t have a good feeling about that… if the product works well and the seller does something to make this right, I may very well change this review to five stars. Until then, there you go. Edit: I finally got to a neighboring town and got some 357 batteries. While I’m still not happy that it didn’t come with batteries as advertised, once I got them this is the best made laser bore sighter I’ve ever owned. Including the expensive ones for rifles and pistols. All of them could use an on/off switch, but on the last thread, this one turns off. My others don’t. Dot is crisp and clear and it’s quite well made. It seems very sturdy and I expect it to last a long time. Please guys, work on your QC issues and you could have a real winner here. The seller did finally offer to send me batteries if I sent an email to their customer support (annoying. Should have just sent them to me without me having to do anything, seeing as how they have my address and all). Overall, I hope this company starts doing a better job with quality control, but with that said I would highly recommend for less than $9. Read more

  2. Justus

    After entering the batteries and reading the “manual” only to no avail, I went to the store and bought three more batteries. The batteries cost more than the product itself. I returned home only to realize that it wasn’t the batteries and that I had wasted $20. I decided to give the customer support a chance to make it right, I emailed customer support, then emailed another customer support with more specific details, then filled out their form, and on the second form which requested a ludicrous amount of information and time I told them that I valued my time and thanked them for wasting so much of it. As I am sure other people will recieve defective product, a word for the wise, don’t bother to get new batteries, and don’t go down the customer “service” rabbit hole that I started to go down. Update: I ended up sticking a screwdriver in the battery compartment and smacking the back with the hammer. Long story short after a bit of abuse I got it to light up. I have no idea how accurate it was but anyway its progress. Read more

  3. Larry G.

    The product comes with batteries, but I assume they are very cheap batteries in order to keep the overall product cost down. Still a great value, even if you just assume the product doesn’t come with batteries. If you go out an buy new batteries the laser is strong and bright. Also, there is a black plastic sleeve that holds the batteries in the shell. Here are some pictures of how the sleeve should work. A number of people complained that you have to take the batteries out to turn the laser off. My hack is to take some of the cardboard from the battery packaging and stuck it on top to prevent the closing of the electrical circuit when the cap is screwed on. To use the laser, I unscrew the cap, remove the cardboard piece, and screw the cap back on. Read more

  4. unreal203

    I read other reviews that said this was inconsistent with beam placement. I did not have that problem. I used this to sight in a Keltec KSG, and a Century Arms Catamount Fury 2 (Chinese made clone of a Saiga 12). The sighter easily chambered in both guns. I dialed in my sights, flip-up iron on the Keltec, holographic on the Saiga clone. I removed the laser and reinstalled several times each. Beam placement was pretty consistent. Not dead on consistent, but nothing to complain about. All that’s left is finalizing settings at the range. The lack of the fifth star is due to the laser shutting itself off while trying to sight in. I had to hit my guns a couple times to get the laser to turn back on while in the chamber, or partially draw back the action and reset. Not a big deal, but I don’t want to give other prospective buyers false hope about how flawless these things are. The fact that you have to assemble the sighter to turn it on, put it in the gun, and then disassemble it to turn it off is not too big of a deal, but again, the false hope thing. Although I must say, there is a good time and a bad time to drive your cats crazy with a red dot. Read more

  5. Johnny

    Worked like a champ. Ithaca deerslayer model 37 12 gauge. Already wasted 24 pack of slugs on a new scope. This thing got me sited in in 2 mins. The new scope I installed had to be shimmed and this thing sped up that process very quickly. This laser is very consistent every time it’s in the chamber. 3” pattern at 50 yds. Not bad for a 40+ year old gun with a smooth barrel. Read more

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