Pentax papilio ii 6. 5×21 binoculars (grey)

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  • make certain this fits through coming into your model number.
  • specific pentax technology: pentax papillion ii gives no longer most effective distant views but additionally a clean viewing enjoy with the authentic 50 centimeter macro
  • versatile binoculars for a wide variety of conditions: especially developed to view the detail of flowers, bugs and artwork near up; thanks to their compact length, these binoculars also are best to take with you to your favorite hobby which include spectator sports activities, megastar watching, concerts, tour and hiking
  • diopter adjustment: if you have differing prescriptions in every eye, you can alter the left and right lenses independently, even as the lengthy eye comfort lets in you to apply the binoculars without problems, even when sporting glasses
  • completely multi coated: fully multi coated optics provide a vibrant and clean view for top notch element
  • papilio ii series: to be had in 6. 5×21 and eight. 5×21 magnifications and their compact adjustable length permits kids to use them too available in 6. 5×21 and eight. 5×21 magnifications and their compact adjustable size allows youngsters to apply them too
  • aspherical lens elements: offer notable side to area sharpness; this assures that objects on the threshold of your discipline of view are just as sharp as those in the center
  • high first-class bak four prism: with an tremendous refractive index gives brilliant and clean pics all through the entire field of view, and even as additionally bearing in mind authentic to life coloration duplicate
  • rubber covered body: the complete binocular’s frame is housed in rubber coat for surprise resistance even as also taking into account a reliable grip
  • helicoid eyepiece: helicoid eyecups allow pleasant modifications to the preferred eye alleviation
  • what is in the box consists of case, neck strap and lens cowl, optionally available tripod adapter is likewise to be had

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optimize your view

revel in the a laugh of binoculars with papilio ii, suitable for looking items each close-up and distant view. Imparting top notch visibility and brightness for both indoor and out of doors.

enjoy viewing with vibrant and clean binoculars

completely multi-covered optics offer a shiny and clean view for awesome element.

aspherical lenses may be used to correct optical aberrations greater efficiently. Further, it provides outstanding side-to-aspect sharpness.

papilio has an extended eye-relief of 15 mm, this permits you to apply the binoculars quite simply, even when carrying glasses. Additionally, it is simple to keep with a rubber-lined body.

with an exquisite refractive index affords vibrant and clear pics during the entire discipline of view, and while also bearing in mind genuine-to-life color duplicate.

flexible binoculars

especially evolved to view the detail of flowers, bugs and paintings near up.

binoculars that may be used in any scene

thanks to their compact size, those binoculars are also perfect to take with you for your favorite interest which include spectator sports activities, megastar watching, live shows, journey and trekking.

pentax papilio ii allow macro-like observation up to an unheard of 50 cm. The use of this feature will monitor to you the best details of things like tiny bugs or artwork gadgets.

includes case, neck strap and lens cover

a available companion for hen watching and different constant-factor applications

discover a new manner of seeing with pentax binoculars.

bringing collectively generation cultivated thru the development of a huge kind of cameras and lenses, pentax binoculars had been seeing the sector on the grounds that 1938. Enjoy the clarity made feasible through relied on optical performance and progressive coating techniques.

product description

enjoy the fun of binoculars with papilio ii, appropriate for viewing items both near-up and some distance away. The pentax papilio series offers notable visibility and brightness while the use of both in and outdoors. The pentax-developed convergent lens optical device engineering mechanism robotically slides the left and right goal lenses toward the middle to facilitate near-range viewing all the way down to 50cm.

Product Dimensions

4.48, x, 2.1, x, 4.33, inches

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10.4, ounces



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Papilio, II, 6.5×21

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March, 4, 2015



3 reviews for Pentax papilio ii 6. 5×21 binoculars (grey)

  1. A photographer

    These are very nice little compacts. They’re not as difficult to use as others I’ve tried. The problem I have with compacts is the eyepiece (ocular) lenses are always small with a very narrow beam of light and these eyepieces have to be placed and held directly over the center of the eye. Higher power compacts such as the 8×21 and 10×21 models are virtually impossible for me to use since that beam of light is even narrower. The 6.5x Papilios are a bit brighter and easier on my eyes. To anyone who hesitates due to the lower magnification, don’t sweat it. A 6.5 magnification is pretty decent and it’s easier to hold steady, especially compared to 10 power models. I doubt you’ll see much difference between a 6.5x and a 7x. Their claim-to-fame is that the Papilios focus very close, necessary for butterfly and insect watching, but handy also for birding. Take it from someone who has done birding with the venerable old Leitz Trinovid 10×40 models in the past. Those binoculars had a “close” focus of about 25 feet and that can be a handicap when birding in deep woodlands. The old Trinovids were superb for open country but too claustrophobic in tight spaces. To my eyes, the optical quality of the Papilios is just fine. They’re sharp with good contrast and a pleasing color rendition. These binoculars are lightweight, perhaps a bit too lightly built. They appear to be all plastic construction with a rubbery gripping surface that allows good handling. They are small binoculars so that means there’s not that many places to put your fingers. Those with large hands might find them difficult to manipulate until they adjust to this small size. I was a little surprised at how loose they are. The focus knob and the body hinge are quite loose and a little bit too easy to adjust, in my opinion. I’d like these controls to be stiffer so you don’t inadvertently change the settings. Eye relief is just enough for me as an eyeglasses wearer but there’s no eye relief to spare. Overall, nice binoculars but I wouldn’t want them to be my only binos. They’re not good for low light and they probably won’t handle the banging around most binoculars get during normal use. For those uses you really should have standard size binoculars in your choice of magnification, either porro prism or roof prism. The Papilios are good for travel, to keep in your vehicle or to back up the main binocular. As a compact, I really like them. Read more

  2. MS

    This is a decent though not spectacular binocular in the traditional sense. But the close focus capability of 18″ absolutely IS spectacular! This “II” version has fully multi-coated optics and gives an impressive image for such a small device. It’s decent for back yard birding and such. Not quite as nice as our high quality 10×42 but only in the sense it doesn’t magnify quite as much and is not quite as bright in low light conditions. After comparing, I would be perfectly happy with the Papilio as my only binocular for what we use them for. The eye relief is quite comfortable with or without glasses and it has zero tendency to black-out while looking at the periphery. It also has a wide sweet spot. The small size and light weight are great. Where this thing completely rules is viewing small items close up, it’s much like having a hand held stereo microscope that works at a distance! It is the absolutely perfect tool for looking at butterflies, dragonflies, all sorts of bugs and flower blooms, and things like lighted mineral sample displays at museums and such. It is an amazing piece of kit and in IMO, in the very top echelon of “bang for the buck”. I will probably have to buy another so we can share them during family outings to our city’s zoo and walk in live butterfly display. IMO the 6.5x version is the better choice due to less shaking, brighter view and wider field. But that is just my preference and others like the 8.5x a little better. I do wish they made it with an objective cover, though slipping it in the included belt-loop case suffices. I also wish the case was a bit larger so the bino would fit in the case while the eye-cups are fully extended. Read more

  3. Ron

    I LOVE these binoculars. I didn’t expect them to be all that good considering the size, but I was blown away by their performance. They’re bright, incredibly sharp, and very compact and versatile. I went with the 6.5x over the 8.5x as I wanted the brighter steadier image and wider FOV. Most reviews I’ve seen have also recommend the 6.5x as the more well rounded pair. The close focus is amazing. It’s like having a handheld microscope you can point and use wherever you want. You will see new details on things that are impossible to see with the naked eye (tiny hairs on a spiders leg, the sub-pixels on a LCD screen, etc). The binoculars are worth it for the close focus alone. It comes with a compact form-fitting leather case and a quick disconnecting neck strap. I also love that they included a tripod socket on the bottom. Ive tested that feature, and the solid image from the tripod drastically increases the amount of detail you can see. I have several pairs of more expensive binoculars, but I think If I could only own one pair it would be these Pentax Papilios. Read more

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