Pga tour guys’s expandable flat the front golfing quick

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  • one hundred% polyester
  • imported
  • elastic closure
  • device wash
  • expandable waistband
  • pga tour dry: moisture absorption and manage for cooler, drier comfort
  • easy care: device washable, maintains its smoothness
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flat the front extender brief 플랫 프론트 익스텐더 반바지


30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44


Caviar, Asphalt, Black Iris, Bright White, Chinchilla, Quiet Shade, Silver Cloud

8 reviews for Pga tour guys’s expandable flat the front golfing quick

  1. Senior Seegee

    It’s pretty hard not to like these shorts, they have an excellent fabric, they look good on, very well priced and they are EXTREMLY comfortable. The elastic waist is what does it and I for one will be getting more of these. Highly recommended Read more

  2. taxi mom

    I bought these for my husband he said they were very comfortable. This is the second pair that I have ordered for him. The only negative thing I have to say is that I thought I was ordering a black pair which was called black Idris turned out they were navy blue colored instead of black. Read more

  3. Me

    I don’t get it. There are holes in the upper inner side of both front pockets – Sewn that way, it looks intentional. You can stick your entire hand through it. What is that for? It is not in the product description. I have asked 3 golfers and they don’t have any idea why there would be holes. I don’t want to lose my keys or any other small item I might put in my pocket, so I returned them. Otherwise the fit was nice. Fabric was thin but seemed ok. Read more

  4. Daniel D.

    I would recommend never Buying PGA shorts of any kind. I’ve won mine twice and they have balls all over the bottoms of them. I just tried to get a return because I’ve worn them twice. Amazon gives me the finger and offered me a five dollar credit. Again I would not buy PGA shorts. They will not work with the end-user Read more

  5. H20 skier

    Great pair of shorts for courses that require more formal attire. The inseam is short for 10 inches as compared to others. The bottom hem or lack of a visible hem makes them look different accordinto my wife. Otherwise, very comfortable, they didn’t improve my game though 😉 Read more

  6. Shane Fleming

    I was expecting these to run a little small, judging from other comments, so I ordered a size larger than I normally wear. I wish I didn’t do that. They might run slightly smaller BUT they do have an expandable waist so any size discrepancy is adjusted with that. They are extremely comfortable and look very nice. I will definitely be picking up a few more pairs of these!! Read more

  7. TheBagman

    Thin good fitting pants that would be great for golf on a hot day. Read more

  8. Frank Daugherty

    I just got back from wearing these shirts for the first time. The heat index is 96° and I stayed dry while on the course. The wicking is impressive. They stretch and move so well you are unaware of the shorts at all. Big roomy pockets and expandable waist band for extra comfort. I like them enough to buy two more pairs. Read more

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