Pink trace lg-409 lasergrips with heavy responsibility creation and instinctive activation for kimber micro nine, protecting shooting and opposition

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  • ensure this fits with the aid of coming into your version variety.
  • runtime: four hours of battery lifestyles that runs on (2) 2032 batteries (covered)
  • ease of use: the front activation button engages the laser straight away when the firearm is held in a ordinary firing grip – this model features a master on/off switch for completely powering down the unit – consumer installed – no gunsmithing required
  • reliable: manufacturing unit sighted at 50 toes, however is fully user adjustable for windage and elevation with furnished device
  • fits: kimber micro 9 pistols
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from the manufacturer

merchandise to raise your self assurance in moments that depend

in 1994, red hint evolved and offered its first laser sight – an inner machine for glock pistols, called the gls. Years later, the newly patented, person-established lasergrips product line turned into unveiled on the 1996 shot display. Through the years, the engineers at ctc had been devoted to constant improvement and the evolution of merchandise. As we method our 25th 12 months, purple hint is pleased to feature digital sights, precision riflescopes and sporting riflescopes to our series.

complete attention

rapid acquisition and reliable production is obtainable in a complete line of crimson dots and reflex attractions

award winning lasers without problems suit in your weapon and ensure accuracy inside the most pivotal moments

from large to small, first focal to second, the glass within the ctc riflescopes are clear, precise and on course

product description

lg-409 lasergrips are the remaining laser sight for one of the greatest hid convey handguns to be had – the kimber micro 9. Among our slimmest lasergrips ever, the lg-409 capabilities a rubber overmold front activation pad fused with durable polymer grips. User-established in mins, lasergrips enhance the defensive abilities of the compact micro line of pistols. This model is specifically designed for micro 9mm fashions. Please see model lg-478 for micro . 380 models.


LG-409, LG-409G

8 reviews for Pink trace lg-409 lasergrips with heavy responsibility creation and instinctive activation for kimber micro nine, protecting shooting and opposition

  1. Don Christensen

    UPDATE: Rerating to One Star. Crimson Trace will not answer emails or take phone calls. Original complaint below……. I purchased an LG-409 Lasergrip for my Kimber Micro 9 carry gun in late May of this year. After installing and zeroing in, it only had to be slightly adjusted it one more time. It is very accurate and stable. On August 16th, i was at the range praciticing with other guns, and of course i make it a point to shoot my carry gun at least once every week. This last Sunday afternoon, the laser beam did not work. I changed the batteries, and it still didn’t work. Tested the original batteries, and they are still very strong. I called and was told by recordings to sent them an email. I have sent them 4 emails (with the receipt attached each time) asking them to send me an RNA so that I can get it fixed or replaced ASAP. They have not contacted me. I understand that they are likely short handed at this time, but this is very poor service. I rated them 2 Stars only because of the great quality of the product. Until service improves, they are a No-Star company. Read more

  2. Joe G in Tennessee

    It’s really too bad because my wife was hoping for a laser grip for her sidearm for Christmas. This grip didn’t come close to fitting (see pic)… I’m giving it 1 star because they say it fits a Kimber Micro 9 and it doesn’t. Other than that, it looked good. However, IMHO, I didn’t see anything that could justify such a high cost. Read more

  3. Steve

    If the grips were a bit dressier, I’d give these grips 5 stars. That may be a bit unfair to some, but the price would speak differently. Nevertheless, I really like the grips and the laser sight works fabulous. One word of caution: The Micro 9 is a nice gun, but it is small. Therefore, be careful not to obscure the beam with your index finger. Read more

  4. Angela Bach

    The Crimson Trace units are simply the best. I’ve had a Crimson a Trace laser for over 7 years on another gun with zero issues! I’ve also purchased three other “off brand / cheaper” units and there is no comparison. NONE of the other units are still working. None lasted more than a year before failing. The installation of the Crimson Trace is quick and the fit flawless. They are more expensive but this is a genuine case of getting what you pay for. (If I had used the money I spent on the other units for a Crimson Trace I would have saved money and it would still be working!) If you can’t afford it now – save for it until you can, don’t compromise. Read more

  5. Trat73

    I almost returned this thinking it didn’t fit, but I realized that Kimber micro 9’s have a movable bushing on the right side of the gun. Hogue grips require a different set up than these, so if you’re switching from Hogue to Crimson trace you’ll have to move the bushing. Could be why some reviewers are reporting that it didn’t fit. Read more

  6. Gregory J.

    Did not fit my micro 9 9mm pistol Read more

  7. AV Guy

    Sweet integration with the micro 9 platform. Hindsight says I should have gotten the gun with the sight as it would have e been cheaper, but I wanted my wife to learn to shoot before introduction to the laser. Product is damn slick. If you have fat hands, you may obstruct the laser though. Overall once dialed in. I put 500 rounds and zero was maintained. Read more

  8. Edward Saslow

    Next day delivery was great. The grips feel a little bigger and fit my hand better than the ones that come on the gun. The sights fit perfectly after moving the bushing to the lower position and the battery mounting has been improved upon. To top it all off the sight required no adjustment. Crimson trace is a quality product. Read more

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