Prosourcefit dip stand station, heavy duty adjustable peak upper body device for domestic gymnasium for tricep dips, pull-ups, push-ups, l-sits

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  • rubber ft assist to prevent slipping, and a stabilizing protection connector extends length between bars from sixteen 1/four” to 23 1/4″
  • padded grips make it relaxed to construct muscle without weights by means of performing dips, l-sits, push-ups, inverted rows
  • every bar is 24″ huge, 31″ excessive, and is adjustable up to 35″, so that you can set them parallel or staggered for greater workout variety
  • powder lined, sturdy iron tubes can help up to four hundred lbs., so that you can correctly educate chest, triceps, shoulders and core
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prosourcefit makes excessive fine merchandise for strength and resistance schooling, performance, muscle healing, yoga and pilates. Our fitness equipment is made with industrial gymnasium nice at fees that also makes them perfect for home workout routines. We exist to inspire lively, healthful lifestyles with products that make health possible and enjoyable for every person. Our widespread line of system is perfect for home exercises, personal running shoes, crossfit packing containers, yoga studios, and gymnasiums of all kinds.

educate your entire top frame and build center power with out weights or bulky device that takes up an excessive amount of area. The prosourcefit dip station sculpts muscle tissues with your very own frame weight as resistance and is adjustable in height to deal with all sizes and heights. Product of durable iron, the body press bar is surprisingly light and can be damaged down for smooth garage. Use for a number sports like push-ups, l-sits, conventional dips and greater!

  • sturdy iron tubes can aid up to 400lbs
  • adjustable bar heights to deal with all shapes and sizes, or for greater exercising range with staggered or parallel bar alternatives
  • ideal for higher frame and middle workouts
  • clean to gather and damage down
  • to be had in red, yellow and black
  • constructed of ultra long lasting iron bars that incorporates a stabilizing connector for extra support, you can workout with a peace of thoughts knowing the dip bars can preserve up to 400lbs. Rubber soles on the bottom provide the added safety of getting a non-slip base so it will live positioned no matter how excessive your exercises are.

    the dip bars are adjustable in heights starting from 31” to 35”, allowing for adaptability to one-of-a-kind levels of health necessities. Energetic fanatics of all styles and sizes can tailor the height for comfy workouts. Superior athletes trying to educate and growth strength can project their bodies with staggered heights to push via plateaus and attain the next stage!

    most exercising gadget stays positioned once they’re assembled, however now not the prosourcefit dip station! It is brief to bring together and also can be broken down just as without problems making it ideal for space saving domestic garage. No longer home lots? Actually % it with you inside the trunk of your vehicle with out it taking up too much area! Now you can maintain to work for your upper body and middle power anyplace you go.

    product description

    train your complete top body with the prosource fit dip station. This adjustable parallel dip bar lets in you to perform an expansion of sporting events the use of your body weight to bolster and build your upper body.


    Black, Red, Yellow


    Pro, Lite

    8 reviews for Prosourcefit dip stand station, heavy duty adjustable peak upper body device for domestic gymnasium for tricep dips, pull-ups, push-ups, l-sits

    1. Maria

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. It took about 15 minutes to set up. It’s a nice exercise equipment at home! Quite sturdy/ heavy. Read more

    2. Another customer

      After reading some reviews claiming that the dip station was wobbling, I was careful to try it with caution, and when using it on flat surfaces it remains quite firm. Also, it only took me 15 minutes to assemble it, and after test it I can say that it is quite solid and well structured. I have been able to make regular dips, bar straight dips, australian chin ups, inverted row, L-sit and triceps extension without any inconvenience. I have also made weighted dips with 45 pounds and the dip station feels sturdy enough. I love the fact of being able to join both bars to only 16 inches between them to make dips in perfect form protecting my shoulders. It has been a GREAT purchase Read more

    3. Daniel M.

      This is a great product especially for the price. I am 6’ and weigh around 200 lbs. it supports my weight with zero wobble. The safety attachment should assure everyone that the arms will not ever be twerked out or extended. The rubber bumpers on the bottom of each leg ensure that this will not slide even on a slippery surface. Very easy to put together with an Allen wrench and 8 bolts and then two screw in safety pins that keep both sides together (see picture). I like the rubber grip as well because it allows me to do more dips without it hurting my wrist or hand. The grip also makes body weight rows easier. Read more

    4. jxa202

      Hello. First of all, I just want to mention that this is the only dip stand station I ever purchase. So, maybe I do have the best product and other products are that much worse. But, I really doubt it. Here is why. 1. It is light. So, when I lean on it, it shakes. 2. The middle bar that connects to main rods are skinny, hence it feels like it could collapse. 3. It skids from time to time. So, I leaned against the wall. Oh, I am 5’11” and 225lb. Maybe this is made for people who weighs much less. If that was the case and I somehow missed that in the description, it is my fault. Read more

    5. Jazz Jones

      Received the dip stand on Friday and I had no problem putting them together Saturday afternoon. I already had a pair of Lebert but needed taller set to add to my family gym. These are perfect for my arm length but my dad is over 6 feet tall and trains with me as well. I have them adjusted at the tallest height and these are the ideal height for pull-ups, rows and core stabilization training. We used these on Sunday for “family training day” and they did not disappoint. I opted to not use the adjoining bar because I wanted to test whether they would wobble or become unstable and no issues. I’m 170lbs solid and no issues with these becoming unstable holding my weight. My dad is 72 yrs old and these allowed him to maintain perfect form while performing lunges/reverse lunges. I am very happy with this purchase and will post an updated review with pics once we’ve used these more. However, so far so good. Read more

    6. Brian B

      I ordered this dip station after my other set of challenger bars threatened to topple me multiple times. I decided I needed bars that were either in one piece or fixed with a connector, and I also wanted to ensure that the distance between bars wasn’t too wide, as this has been a problem for me in the past. These definitely fit the bill! First off, they are very sturdy. The bars themselves are much wider and heavier than my last set, so already an improvement. The connector works great and has multiple holes, so you can set your preferred width. I have it set to the most narrow setting and it is perfect. Having the narrower width has greatly reduced my shoulder strain. The color could be better (black or graphite would be nice), but that’s not really important. These are very functional, and I would recommend them to anyone for home gym use. (Brian’s wife) Read more

    7. M.G. Pepe

      I wanted a sturdy stand for my Physical Therapy exercises and the ProSource Dip Stand was exactly what I was looking for. The stand was fairly easy to assemble, as a 66 year old woman with arthritis that’s saying something. The two individual bars are connect an the bottom on one side with a separate pipe that allows for width adjustment. My only possible wish was that there would be more than two height adjustments. However, this stand works well for me. I am 5 ft. 6 in. and am using the bars at the tallest setting. When I first started using the stand I lifted myself too far to one end and the other end raised off the floor. It did not tilt enough to turn over, but you might want to be aware. If you have a permanent space for the stand I would suggest placing the stand on a piece of thick plywood and bracing the stand to it. Overall, this is a quality product and I highly recommend it as an exercise aide. Read more

    8. Followed to death

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Just got it today! 4.5 Stars! It’s a perfect piece of equipment, the dip station allows you do various types of exercises that aren’t listed in the booklet that came with it. It can be used for simple stretching and releasing tension from your back,and it can help with sit ups by helping yourself get up with hands and it can be helpful to do dips with help of legs to complete exhaustion of your muscles if desired. I can come up with back exercises by adding some weight to it etc…and so can anyone. It was easy to assemble but…one bolt got damaged and it’s loose when screwed all the way in, this does not interfere with using this equipment and I can replace it with another one. The review video was cut short but you get a picture, my assistant seen in the video helping me out made it much easier to assemble it. So, many people have back problems and this is perfect way to relax your back muscles and spine, staying fit and healthy throughout life. One last advice for everyone, warm up before exercising to reduce chances of contusions. Posted by “Followed to Death” on July 8th 2020. Read more

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