Prosourcefit multi-use doorway chin-up/pull-up bar, portable & smooth garage – health instructor for domestic health club exercise

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  • ensure this fits by way of entering your version quantity.
  • doorway mount – heavy-responsibility pull-up bar mounts in most wellknown doorframes; consists of give up cap brackets and screws
  • adjustable & durable – extendable rod can be adjusted to fit internal of doorframes between 24”-39”; holds up to 220 pounds
  • comfort grips – 2 cushioned foam grips are greater fomfortable for palms and minimizes slipping and fatigu
  • top body education – ideal for at domestic-workouts to construct higher frame muscle groups, outstanding for progams like p90x
  • multipurpose – a convenient manner to improve fitness with pull-ups, chin-ups, triceps dips, leg raises, also can be used as a foot anchor for crunches
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prosourcefit makes excessive pleasant products for strength and resistance training, performance, muscle healing, yoga and pilates. Our fitness equipment is made with commercial fitness center exceptional at prices that also makes them ideal for domestic workout routines. We exist to encourage active, healthful life with products that make health manageable and fun for everybody. Our full-size line of device is perfect for domestic exercises, personal trainers, crossfit packing containers, yoga studios, and gymnasiums of every kind.

build your upper body muscle mass faster with a handy pull-up bar you could set up at domestic and use each time. The adjustable bar holds as much as 220 kilos for pull-ups, chin-ups, and leg increases. You can additionally area it decrease in the door for triceps dips and floor crunches. Cushioned foam grips save you slipping and are more relaxed for palms. Tremendous for squeezing in brief workouts while time is restrained.

  • 220 lb. Potential
  • adjusts from 24” to 39”
  • 2 secure foam grips
  • heavy responsibility construction
  • mounting hardware protected
  • not all doorways are made the equal, so why have to your pull-up bar? The doorway pull-up bar can alter from 24” to 39” and now have a at ease fit for the unique sized doorframes starting from wellknown to huge.

    made of durable metallic, the doorway pull-up bar can resist each day use and properly preserve as much as 220lbs. Now you could have a peace of thoughts as you pull-up and chin-up to attain your fitness goals!

    clean installation package and little by little manual are blanketed for mounting the doorway pull-up bar speedy and adequately. Rubber inserts are blanketed for each mount to make sure the pull-up bar remains put regardless of how frequently you operate it. You could additionally install another mount near the lowest of the doorframe for core sports with loose spare parts.

    installation kit protected

    easy installation kit and little by little guide are blanketed for mounting the doorway pull-up bar fast and accurately. Rubber inserts are covered for each mount to make sure the pull-up bar stays positioned no matter how frequently you use it. You could additionally set up every other mount near the bottom of the doorframe for middle sports with loose spare parts.

    product description

    product description

    the heavy duty clean fitness center doorway chin-up/pull-up bar from prosource gives an cheaper way to tone and construct muscle tissue at domestic, with out massive gadget or marring your doorframe with set up screws. Designed to slip into any widespread doors the multi-grip pull-up bar may be set up anywhere you’ve got a robust doorframe. However, when you have a everlasting area in thoughts, it is able to additionally be hooked up to the doorframe with the elective, included j brackets. Way to the multi-grip layout, you will be capable of develop your returned, chest, shoulders, palms, and abdominal compound muscles with one easy piece of system. Further to conventional pull-united statesand chin-ups, the bar lets in you to carry out closed-huge attitude and hammer grips in addition to more than one leg increases and indirect curls. Built to last, the multi-grip pull-up bar is constructed of high-grade metallic with prosource consolation grip foam for a secure and ache-free grip. The bar’s maximum weight potential is 300 kilos within a sturdy doorframe.

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    train like a pro with the prosource smooth gymnasium lite doorway pull-up bar. The clean gymnasium lite is difficult and relaxed, with a heavy-responsibility, adjustable frame that fits maximum doors among 25 and 39 inches huge. When hooked up well, the bar supports up to 220 pounds, supplying you with a help for pull-usaand chin-united states of americaand a foot anchor for sit down-americaand crunches. Plus, the bar boasts prosource comfort grips to assist minimize hand fatigue. Equipped with all of the necessary mounting hardware (tools no longer covered), the pull-up bar is an ideal accessory for such famous dvd workouts as p90x, insanity, and more.


    Multi-Grip, black and silver

    8 reviews for Prosourcefit multi-use doorway chin-up/pull-up bar, portable & smooth garage – health instructor for domestic health club exercise

    1. Adam L.

      This product just broke during normal use. I weigh 195lbs and it cracked as I was doing my 10th pull-up. My window of return ended 10 days ago. Was great until it broke. Now it turns out to be a waste of money. Read more

    2. Chris Junkins

      Don’t go exactly by the instructions, read them and get a gist of what you’re supposed to connect and how… then put a few sections together loosely before assembling all together. Basically if you go by the instructions you will end up not being able to get the last screw or two through all the holes it needs to go through because they don’t fit right and it will send you on a tizzy eventually. Trust me. I made the mistake of following it exactly and had to take it all appart and just figure it out myself. One star deducted for bad assembly instructions. The product itself is darned good and holds me at 250+ pounds, even if atm I can’t do a full pull-up. The product now comes with cushions to go over the areas that contact the wood/paint/etc., so the previous people who said they had to put cloth or torn T-shirts over the parts that contact the wood got something good done for once it seems. You no longer have to worry about that part of it. The pads just simply slip over the ends. Read more

    3. emmy

      I used this pull up bar for several months and was happy with it, but this morning I went to do a chin up as usual and the bar came crashing down. I now have a massive bruise on my back. When I looked at the bar after it fell, I saw that the culprit was a strip of foam that is glued to the bar that hooks onto the back of the door frame – see pictures. This foam was not glued on properly and it is coming off easily now. I think the bar is otherwise durable and may have just been incompatible with my door frame, which has a somewhat narrow lip. That said, I am a 130 lb adult, I think this bar should be able to hold my weight, and it couldn’t, so I feel compelled to leave a review. Read more

    4. Jonathan Tablada

      I liked this a lot. It does the job. I will say that you should be careful of ruining your doorposts. I took old t-shirts and wrapped it around the sides with duct tape, and that fixed the issue (check out the photos). It would be nice if it came with a solution rather than me inventing one. Read more

    5. Lorenzo

      This ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar is NICE! It appears to be solid…the metal seems to be strong and worthy of handling chin-ups or pull-ups for years to come. The INSIDE of my doors measure at 34″(inches) long…(doorway measurements) The OUTSIDE of my doors measure at 38″(inches) long…(molding to molding end)! About 2 1/2″(inches), On Each Side, Rest On The Doors Molding. About 1″(inches), On Each Side, (on the outside), Does Not Touch The Molding. OKAY!…Now this is what I did: +I inserted a round 5/8th”(inch), 15″(inches) long, piece of wood into the middle long bar before assembling and tightening the screws. I wanted to give the bar a little more support just in-case the middle bar bends…NOT THAT IT WILL…I’M JUST OVERLY CAUTIONS! lol You can also use a 15″(inch) long piece of metal that’s about 5/8th” round. +To prevent any damage to the door-molding, I cut a 5″(inch) piece of 2 1/4″ x 2 1/4″ long of Air Conditioner Weather-Seal and placed them under the parts of the bar that make contact with the door-molding. THIS WAS A GOOD PURCHASE… I RECOMMEND PURCHASING THIS BAR! Read more

    6. Turd Ferguson

      I’ve been using similar door frame pull-up bars for seven years – this is the fourth such bar that I have purchased. The previous pull-up bars I have purchased all had foam material covering the area of the bar that would touch the door frame. Instead of foam, this pull-up bar uses a cheap plastic covering – the first time I used it, the door frame was damaged. With any door frame pull-up bar there is always a bit of minimal cupping in the area of the door frame where the metal touches the frame – it is significantly worse with this pull-up bar. Besides the damage to the door frame, the pull-up bar is well made – it is heavy and sturdy. Read more

    7. Somil Madhok

      Great Pull Up Bar It has so many grips on it I wrapped t-shirts around the parts that hang on the door so it does not damage the paint Now, I can do pull ups at home so I don’t look like a novice at the gym Read more

    8. Matthew Do

      Just got it on June 5, 2017 easy to assemble. Love the product. I didn’t expect it comes with 2 foams for the doorframe on the side which is very convenient I don’t have to use my old shirts/towels to cover it, cuz i sont want any dent on my doorframe. Before I bought it i read the customer reviews and saw that people using their shirts to cover i was worried about that too but then when i open the package i saw those foams. Read more

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