Prosourcefit set of 2 neoprene dumbbell coated for non-slip grip

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  • ensure this suits by way of entering your model range.
  • toned muscle tissues – brilliant to be used in any health magnificence or application to tone muscular tissues, inclusive of aerobic for higher intensity
  • non-slip grip – colourful neoprene coating guarantees a non-slip grip and provides protection towards calluses
  • variety – is available in wide variety of coloration-coded weights for gradual progression – ideal for at-home exercising programs.
  • no rolling – hexagonal shape prevents rolling while placing them right down to live in region for a secure workout surroundings.
  • handy – a variety of dumbbells help maintain fitness with out a health club, and the compact size stores easily.
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say good-bye handy callouses and uncomfortable dumbbell grips. Prosourcefit neoprene dumbbells have a terrific cushioned grip that makes resistance education comfortable and springs in a huge variety of weight options. The dumbbells’ compact length makes storage or shifting with it for your hands a breeze, allowing for resistance schooling to be without problems integrated into every day exercise exercises!

  • provides a cozy grip for resistance training
  • compact and portable design
  • grippy neoprene coating for slip loose exercises
  • weights range from 1 – 12lbs in colourful options
  • comfy neoprene-covered dumbbells provide a soft grip that save you callouses whilst adding resistance for aerobic or strength schooling. Pass properly in the course of exercises with the non-slip at ease draw close and hexagonal form that forestalls dumbbells from rolling.

    the compact length of neoprene dumbbells make them an awesome health device for at-home workouts and travel. They shop without difficulty and gained’t take in a lot room, so that you can continually have the gadget you want reachable to stay in form!

    prosourcefit neoprene dumbbells offer a complete set of weights for sluggish resistance education to help you create a lean, toned body. Add weights to workouts to steadily increase muscle for a calorie-burning enhance. Suitable for extra frame demanding situations all through lunges, squats, bicep curls, shoulder presses or again rows.


    Green 9lb, Lime 4lb, Orange 6lb, Pink 1lb, Purple 5lb, Yellow 2lb

    8 reviews for Prosourcefit set of 2 neoprene dumbbell coated for non-slip grip

    1. Lunada Bay Lady

      DO NOT BUY THE 4-POUND DUMBBELLS! I don’t usually give 1-star reviews, and I rarely shout in all caps. But these “4-pound” dumbbells weigh only a little over 3 pounds! (Please see photo.) I bought one set with this problem and returned them for a replacement. The replacement set ALSO was grossly underweight. I also bought some 3-pound dumbbells from this company, and they were fine weight-wise, though they were dirty. I would advise you to weigh any dumbbells you get from this company. Read more

    2. KMcK

      I bought a set of 11 lb dumbbells. I weighed them on a postal scale:. One weighed 10 lbs, 15,2 ozs. Good. The other weighed 12 lbs. 1.2 ozs. Bad! I already have 12 lb. dumbbells. I ordered these because I need 11 lb. dumbbells, not 12 lb. In addition, they were shipped in a single thickness cardboard box.. Just the box and the two dumbbells. The box must have been dropped in shipping because the neoprene was cracked on one of the dumbbells. Unfortunately, it is the 11 lb. dumbbell that is cracked. Not the 12 lb. If another source has what you need, I recommend trying them. ProSource is a crap shoot. Read more

    3. Tracie Y.

      I ordered these 2 weights and they are supposed to be 8 lbs each. They are visibly different in size and when I weigh them, one is over 6 lbs and the other over 9 lbs. what are these – rejects being resold?? Read more

    4. Russ Martin

      I am 67 years old and wanted to keep my arm strength up. I bicycle regularly, but have not been doing anything for my arms/shoulders. I realized I should be, so looked for a pair of dumbbells that were not to heavy and not too light. I also wanted vinyl covered weights as they do not mark or dent floors, are easier to grip, and do not get cold. These fit my requirements without being too expensive. I bought the 7 pound size, which is between the weight of a bag of sugar and a gallon of water. I suppose you could lift one of those, but these make it easier without the possible mess! The set of weights that I received were packed well and arrived in perfect condition. They also came in only two days. I keep them handy next to my desk and lift when I’m bored or taking a break. All in all, you won’t go wrong with these. I hope this review was helpful! Read more

    5. CuriousJay

      I returned another non-neoprene hand weights because it lacked the grip I needed to perform my weight routine. If you intend to increase your dumbbell routine, get good gripping material. These work perfectly because I have no fear that the weights will fly out of my hand because the neoprene gives the hand bar some texture and gripping or slipping is not an issue. Read more

    6. Grassshopper021

      I bought these to go with my Peloton bike. Not only does the red match perfectly but these fit in the holders perfectly. The weights are nicely shaped, the coating isn’t too rough, and they are well-made. There isn’t too much to say about weights other than if they are quality or not, and these are definitely nice. Read more

    7. A Book Loving Cook

      My occupational therapist told me I needed a pair of 1-pound weights to do wrist exercises. These are perfect. Their weight is accurate per my kitchen scale, the coating is comfortable plus it has a very slight rough finish that makes sure they won’t slip out of my hand, and the size of each weight, even at only 1 pound, easily fits my normal/average size hand and fingers. I appreciate that the ends are not round so they don’t roll on their own and as a bonus, I love their coral-pink color (can a hand weight be adorable?). I’ve only just received them so I can’t speak to their durability. But so far I am delighted with my purchase, including how they arrived 24 hours after I ordered them. Read more

    8. MetaDreaming

      These dumbbells permanently ruined the surface of my dining room table where I left them sitting for about 24 hours after unpacking the box. Whatever chemicals make up the neoprene (?) covering, they give off a toxic smell, feel sticky while holding, and will cause permanent damage to untold surfaces. Wow! Bad! They should come with a prominent warning about possible damage to surfaces. Refinishing the surface of or replacing my dining room table was not a part of my quarantine plans not to mention the cost ($$$) doing so! Read more

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