Prostaff 1000 and 1000i

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  • ensure this suits through getting into your model range.
  • tru-goal generation lets in you to select among first and distant goal priority modes relying on the scenario
  • excessive quality 6x monocular
  • press and maintain the electricity button to spark off the continuous measurement feature (up to 8 seconds)
  • multilayer coating is carried out to one or more lens and prism surfaces
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accuracy, consistency & cost

the prostaff 1000 6×20 laser rangefinder puts a stable 1,000-backyard most ranging functionality into your hand, collectively with compact ergonomics as a way to in shape your pocket.

functions and technology engineered for higher hunting

the 6x optical device and lens coating era makes seeing—and ranging—deer out to six hundred yards a fact,

pick out between exceptional ranging modes depending on the scenario. First goal precedence mode lets in you to range an object as small as a fence post whilst remote goal priority mode presentations the variety of the farthest target amongst a set of goals measured.

the prostaff thousands rainproof construction permits you consider searching––rather than the climate.


1000, 1000i

8 reviews for Prostaff 1000 and 1000i

  1. Leon S

    The rangefinder works for reasonably short ranging like 100 yards. I found that a large hard surface would range. However, I had to be extremely steady to capture the yardage on small items (like a tree or the neighbors sheep). Most the time I found the rangefinder would not return a reading when out at 200 yards or greater. Examples – It would return a reading when aimed at the side of a barn ~400 yards; it would not return a reading on the sheep grazing by the same barn. It would not return a reading when focused on a tree (~9″ diameter) at the end of the clearing I was hunting (about 210 yards). I had to rest the range finder on a hard surface and focus on a very large tree (~2ft diameter) to get a reading. I still have the rangefinder and may give it to my grandson to play with – I’ve replaced it with a Leupold that I’m satisfied with. Read more

  2. BGreen

    I thought PROSTAFF 1000 was a replacement for the AL11. It’s not. Not even close. The PROSTAFF 1000 is cheaply made and only displays whole meters. If precision is important, pass on this unit. If you are expecting Nikon build quality, pass on this unit. In ideal use conditions (clear, bright sunny day) it works well at closer distances. UPDATE: January 2021 As I learned above, this is not a high precision device, but I assumed it was still accurate. Unfortunately, that has proven to be incorrect. Even in short distances — 18-50 m, the Prostaff 1000 is off by 4 m at 18 m and the error grows from there. This is ranging easy, reflective targets against a clean background. This is a cute toy, it is not a tool and it is not representative of the quality I formerly associated with the Nikon name. Read more

  3. Tomcat65

    There is no illumination, but if you hunt during daylight hours, the read-out is bold enough to see in most conditions. The angle compensation on the 1000i has been Spot-on every time. I’m easily ranging 300yds on 8″ steel targets. I don’t shoot anything farther, but it’s good to know whether it’s worth trying to call a target in closer. I’ve spent some time with it, out and about, ranging different objects just for fun, my longest ranging distance has been on open water, 1149yds to a tow boat. The average ranging distance for me, has been accurate on cows well past 600yds, deer and coyotes up to 500yds, turkeys within 300yds, flying geese up to 100yds. A tripod would likely extend that range, but of course it will be less in fog, rain, and snow. It’s a shame that Nikon wants to distance themselves from the shooting sports, their product performance is excellent in the field, and at the range. Read more

  4. Terry Jones

    Arrived ahead of time in excellent condition. have been using it out to 300 yards and it works great. Excellent range finder for the price. Read more

  5. Martin Otano

    I was excited about this item but it would not range more that 500 yards and is horrible in the woods! Read more

  6. RJP

    Has issues in snowing conditions. Read more

  7. Chez

    I bought the pro staff 1000i and typically use it for ranging up to 200 meters. It measures consistently and flawlessly. I’ve not used it to its fullest potential but it takes care of my ranging needs to determine best point of aim. Read more

  8. John

    The rangefinder does exactly what I need.It won’t work very well through glass or the mesh of a blind but besides that it’s a great rangefinder for the price👍 Read more

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