Pulsar thermion xm50 five. 5-22×42 thermal riflescope

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  • make sure this suits through getting into your model range.
  • 2, 500 yd detection variety with 320×240 decision, 12um pixel pitch core
  • 8x digital zoom non-stop zoom and stepped zoom
  • photo in picture virtual zoom with a movement imaginative and prescient app that connects scope to clever tool
  • constructed in recording with draw back activation
  • thirteen variable electronic reticles and one shot zeroing with freeze feature
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pulsar thermion riflescopes

  • zeroing profiles management
  • high definition photo
  • image-in-picture
  • customizable reticle options
  • full-color hd amoled show
  • aps 3 rechargeable battery
  • aps battery charger
  • major charger
  • usb cable
  • case
  • cleansing fabric
  • aps three battery cowl
  • brief start guide
  • boasting modern layout and the modern-day in superior technological innovations, the pulsar thermion offers the premium thermal imaging you’ve come to count on, but on a conventional-style plane-grade 30 mm-tube.

    thermion thermal riflescopes are to be had in flagship 640×480 microbolometer sensor resolution with a 17μ pixel pitch, and 320×240 microbolometer sensor resolution with 12μ pixel pitch. The cutting-edge thermal imaging riflescopes for expert hunters who fee traditions and searching for technological superiority.

    thermion key capabilities

    way to the revolutionary electronics unit can be commenced nearly immediately. Short begin-up enables to save the strength and as a result prolongs time of operation. The unit can be kept switched off after which hastily activated whilst the proper time comes.

    shade palettes offer custom designed display options. At the same time as white hot and black hot are maximum popular, pink hot, rainbow and ultramarine spotlight a warmth signature’s more intense hot spots. Violet, purple monochrome and sepia are most excellent palettes for decreased eye fatigue over lengthy intervals of observation.

    thermion riflescopes have twin battery device which includes batteries internal and outside, outside battery ensures additional operation time and may be changed in a be counted of seconds.

    integrated video (along with flinch-activated) and nonetheless photograph recording in mpeg-four and . Jpg makes sharing the thermal movement brief and smooth. The on board 16-gb internal memory handles recoil perfectly and stores hours of video or heaps of pix.

    ipx7 water resistant-rated for safety from heavy rainfall, snow or different precipitation. The thermion is designed to run perfectly, even after submersion in up to a few toes of water for as much as 30 minutes.

    balk rated up to six,000 joules for ideal overall performance on large calibers as much as . 375 h&h, 12-gauge and 9. 3×64.

    the usage of wireless and the move imaginative and prescient app, connect the thermion to a smartphone or pill for use as a 2nd show or far off manipulate. Additionally makes shifting recorded documents, adjusting settings, upgrading firmware.

    virtual zoom, as much as 8x, provides improved attention and universal target popularity at enormous distances.


    XM50, XQ50

    8 reviews for Pulsar thermion xm50 five. 5-22×42 thermal riflescope

    1. Jonathan

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I tried/had the XM38 (magnification to high) and the XP38 (magnification to low) but the XP50 hit the sweet spot. Picture is great and PIP is awesome. I like the streaming app and scope options. Battery life could be better, so buy extras and problem solved. I find controls difficult or clumsy but workable. Instructions including online manual suck. Do it’s try and error. The WiFi to phone is very slow for transfers and sound still not working on Apple products and I use MacBook and I phone. Needs Bluetooth. Could not get Mac to sink with cable. Lens cap and seal came off when shooting. That’s all the bad, small stuff. Overall scope is awesome. I give it a buy. Don’t settle for lesser model just to regret and get this one anyway. Read more

    2. Khodadad Dinyari

      There are plenty of options out there and it can be stressful figuring out what to pick. I like this scope since it looks like a normal scope and won’t draw too much attention to it. Second, it can record video and broadcast it via wifi to a smartphone or tablet. This is great since others can see what the scope sees. If done right, a group of people could benefit from one sight. There isn’t a laser range finder but you can use a tool to determine the distance by measuring objects. If you are planning on using this for fast moving targets (coyote) and need to know the exact distance in real time you might want the Trail. I like this scope and look forward to playing with it more. Read more

    3. Ken Yang

      What a great buy!!! Ive been using the cheaper ATN thermal scopes and they were inferior to the Pulsar. Even in cold weather, i could still make out the outline of the trees vs the fence line. I could see mouse running around at over 200 ft, the neighbors cow half a mile away, and deer running in and out of the woods. The sheerness of the display is amazing! You can easily see the difference in warmth of any creature. The thickness of the tube makes it perfect for any 30mm rifle scope mount. Read more

    4. Aaron

      I returned it because the listing said it was new but I received it looking like this with the original factory box destroyed and it did not seem like it was brand new it appeared to have been open and handled previously. I can’t say 100% that it was not new but just receiving a $6000 item with the original box destroyed was enough to make me not want it. The outer box had no damage to it whatsoever so it’s obvious that they packed it with it looking like this. Read more

    5. Greg Hertenstein

      No detailed instruction book but you can download. It is also pretty easy to use & can’t wait to try it out on some oinkers. Ruthless ext. Read more

    6. Mike Sims

      Awesome scope. Hogs can’t hide. Read more

    7. T-Bag

      Like my Trail XP50, the Thermion XP50 will not hold a Zero. Sight it in only to find later that it move 4″-12″. Read more

    8. Tommy J. Jones

      For the price $3k. Its a great scope. Battery life and field of view are limited. 2 batteries, internal and external. Should last all night. If you have an extra external you will have no issue or plug in high cap battery. The high base mag 4x xm38 limits the field of view but can shoot very far. Ther thermal contrast makes target easy to pick up. Design is excellent. Remember on thermals and digital every time you zoom it doubles. 4x to 8x to 16x.everytime it doubles reduction is cut in half. The picture in picture feature allows you to have big screen on 4x, small picture on 8 x or more. Love this feature. Will never buy another thermal without it. I will keep this until pulsar comes out with a 640 scope with 3x base magnification or more. The xm38 and xm50 are capable for long shots. Ive kind coyotes out past 300yds a few times. Ideal for open farm land or semi arid areas. Wore wooded areas id recommend a base mag under 2 and/ or a 640 scope. With the firmware update this scopes image approaches 640 scopes in quite. PULSAR has 2nd to none customer service. Based outta Texas. Read more

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