Puma golf women’s 2019 blossom polo

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  • eighty three% polyester, 13% cotton, 4% elastane
  • imported
  • button closure
  • system wash
  • drycell era-draws sweat faraway from your pores and skin to assist preserve you dry and at ease.
  • fusionyarn flex generation-a crafted combination of overall performance and natural fibers for the best fusion of normal comfort and on-course overall performance.
  • moisture wicking end
  • performance in shape-a slightly wider healthy inside the shoulders, chest and sleeves to make certain maximum comfort and freedom of motion at some point of play.
  • uv protection-upf forty+ provides the ultimate solar safety rating. Permits 1/40th of the sun’s uv radiation to pass thru it.
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product description

the women’s blossom polo functions overall performance enhancing technologies, which includes dry mobile, to wick away moisture, along with new fusionyarnflex fabrics for extreme comfort. A unique, all-over sublimated floral photograph will have you showing off your girly aspect at the same time as dominating on direction. El polo de flores para mujer cuenta con tecnologías de mejora del rendimiento, incluyendo células secas, para eliminar la humedad, junto con nuevos tejidos fusionyarnflex para una comodidad extrema. Un gráfico floral sublimado único y exclusivo te hará mostrar tu lado femenino mientras dominas en el curso. חולצת הפולו פורחת לנשים כוללת טכנולוגיות לשיפור ביצועים, כולל תא יבש, כדי לנדף לחות, יחד עם בדי fusionyarnflex חדשים לנוחות קיצונית. גרפיקה פרחונית ייחודית עם סובלימציה על כל הבגד תגרום לך להשוויץ בצד הנשי שלך תוך כדי שליטה על המסלול. Das damen-poloshirt mit blumenmuster verfügt über leistungssteigernde technologien, einschließlich trockenzellen, um feuchtigkeit abzuleiten, zusammen mit neuen fusionyarnflex-stoffen für extremen komfort. Eine einzigartige, vollflächig sublimierte florale grafik wird sie ihre mädchenhafte seite zeigen lassen, während sie auf kurs dominieren. A polo feminina florida possui tecnologias de melhoria de desempenho, incluindo células secas, para eliminar a umidade, juntamente com novos tecidos fusionyarnflex para conforto extremo. Uma estampa floral exclusiva e sublimada a long wayá você mostrar seu lado feminino enquanto domina no campo. 女式花朵 polo 衫采用性能增强技术,包括干细胞,吸湿排汗,融合新面料带来极致的舒适感。 独特的全身升华印花图案让您在球场上展现少女的一面。 女款開花 polo 衫採用機能增強技術,包括乾電池,可吸濕排汗,以及新款 fusionyarnflex 布料,極致舒適。 獨一無二的全身熱昇華花卉圖案,讓您展現少女的一面,同時主宰球場。 여성용 블라썸 폴로는 드라이 셀을 포함한 성능 향상 기술과 습기를 제거하며 새로운 퓨전 얀플렉스 원단으로 극한의 편안함을 제공합니다. 독특하고, 전체적으로 승화된 꽃 그래픽은 코스에서 지배하는 동안 소녀의 면을 과시하게 할 것입니다.


X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


Bright White-fuchsia Purple, Bright White-quarry, Bright White-sweet Lavender, Bright White-pale Pink, Bright White-Pale Pink

2 reviews for Puma golf women’s 2019 blossom polo

  1. tiffany schultheiss

    A gift my mother likes! Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Polo shirt was for golf Read more

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