Puma golfing 2019 men’s jackpot brief

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  • one hundred% polyester
  • imported
  • button closure
  • device wash
  • puma
  • jackpot short
  • vintage bronze
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the jackpot short is our quality pair yet. Created with technical fabrics that wick moisture faraway from the skin to assist keep you dry and cozy and a brand new, lighter mesh stretch waistband with silicone gripper tape to keep your blouse tucked in, floral-inspired printed pocket luggage, and on-seam pockets. To be had in 14 hues, so your toughest decision is which coloured) to buy מכנסי הקופה הקצרים הם הזוג הטוב ביותר שלנו עד כה. מיוצר מבדים טכניים שמנדפים לחות מהעור כדי לסייע לכם להישאר יבשים ונוחים ורצועת מותן נמתחת מרשת חדשה וקלה יותר עם סרט אחיזה מסיליקון כדי לשמור על החולצה תחובה פנימה, תיקי כיס מודפסים בהשראה פרחונית וכיסים על התפר. זמין ב-14 צבעים, אז ההחלטה הקשה ביותר שלך היא איזה צבע) לקנות die jackpot brief ist unser bestes paar. Hergestellt aus technischen stoffen, die feuchtigkeit von der haut wegleiten, um sie trocken und bequem zu halten. Ein neuer, leichterer stretch-bund aus netzstoff mit silikon-gripper hält ihr hemd in taschen mit blumenmuster und taschen auf der naht. Erhältlich in 14 farben. شورت جاك بوت هو أفضل زوج لدينا على الإطلاق. مصنوع من أقمشة تقنية تمتص الرطوبة بعيدًا عن الجلد للمساعدة في الحفاظ على جفافك وراحتك وحزام خصر مطاطي شبكي خفيف الوزن مع شريط سيليكون للإمساك للحفاظ على قميصك مشدودًا في حقائب الجيب المطبوعة المستوحاة من الزهور وجيوب على الدرزات. متوفر في 14 لونًا، لذا فإن أصعب قرار هو اللون الذي تفضله) للشراء o brief curto é o nosso melhor par até hoje. Criado com tecidos técnicos que absorvem a umidade da pele para ajudar a manter você seco e confortável e uma cintura elástica de malha mais leve com fita de silicone para manter sua camisa escondida, bolsas de bolso estampadas com inspiração floral e bolsos costurados. Disponível em 14 cores, então sua decisão mais difícil é qual colorida) comprar 这款短夹克是我们最好的一双。 采用技术面料,可吸走皮肤上的水分,帮助您保持干爽舒适;新的轻质网眼弹力腰带配有硅胶抓手带,让您的衬衫塞入以花卉风格的印花口袋袋和缝骨口袋。 有 14 种颜色可供选择,因此您最严苛的决定是哪种颜色)购买 잭팟 쇼츠는 아직 최고의 제품입니다. 피부에서 수분을 흡수하는 기능성 원단으로 제작되어 건조하고 편안한 상태를 유지하며, 실리콘 그리퍼 테이프가 있는 새로운 경량 메시 스트레치 허리 밴드와 꽃에서 영감을 받은 프린트 포켓 백, 솔기 포켓. 14가지 색상으로 제공되므로 가장 어려운 결정은 어떤 색상이다)


28, 30, 32, 33, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42


Antique Bronze, Bright White, Deep Lichen Green, Peacoat, Puma Black, Quarry, Quiet Shade, Amazon Green, Dazzling Blue, Digi-Blue, Gibraltar Sea, Ibiza Blue, Lupine, Milky Blue, Moss Green, Pureed Pumpkin, Vibrant Orange, Barbados Cherry, Blue Bell, Mist Green, Rapture Rose, Khaki, White Pepper

8 reviews for Puma golfing 2019 men’s jackpot brief

  1. Allys0nn

    I bought these for my husband as a gift and he says they are the most comfortable golf shorts ever!!! We usually always buy Nike or Under Armour but I wanted to get a fun color and saw these and decided to get them and I’m so glad I did because they are amazing.. the fabric is so strong but light and they don’t wrinkle up easy.. my husband wants to buy them in all the different colors now.. I would recommend this to anyone.. especially guys who are avid golfers like my husband .. he golfs every weekend all year round. Read more

  2. Alex

    These shorts hit every mark for me except one, and it’s a big one… The pockets are absolutely terrible. They are way to shallow and are cut at an odd triangle so whatever is in you pocket falls out when you sit down and 1/3 of my phone sticks out of the pocket. Good for golf to hold a tee, ball marker and repair tool but that is really about it… Read more

  3. Ed Ochoa

    These are very nice shorts similar to the pounce models however the front pockets are very shallow like another reviewer had said, does not really bother me that much since i do not usually put anything in my pockets when i play however just wanted to point that small detail out. other than that they fit great and feel fantastic. Read more

  4. Al67

    I ordered three pairs of Puma Jackpot golf shorts in peacote, rose, and orange. Great bright colors, fit perfect, and look great. The material in these shorts is a little heavier than offerings from most companies but they are still cool and comfortable with plenty of stretch. I really like these shorts and highly recommend them. Love the color selection. I normally wear a size 38” and these fit perfect. Highly recommend. Read more


    Be careful with this product. It runs it’s a size or two large vs other puma products. As a result, my shorts will go directly to Goodwill Read more

  6. Smitty25er

    PUMA jackpot shorts are the best golf shorts you can buy. The stretch waistband adds plenty of room for movement and makes the shorts super comfortable. The waistband is also soft as opposed to thicker, harder material some shorts have. The shorts are soft to the touch and feel like you have nothing on your legs. The color options also make these shorts the best choice. The shorts can also be worn casually or for a little dress up lunch or dinner. Read more

  7. Cookie Monster

    Shorts fit great, perfect length and breathe nicely. Nice all around shorts, can be worn as dress shorts for those nicer occasions, or just for daily activities. Nice shorts for the money, without breaking the bank. Read more

  8. antiques restoration

    These were a gift for my man who asked for some red shorts for his birthday that are suitable for the golf course. The quality is great, they were true to size and fit him well. Read more

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