Remington 19729 integral scope mount for 783 bolt action rifle

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remington or 30mm matte model 783 19729

8 reviews for Remington 19729 integral scope mount for 783 bolt action rifle

  1. C. CREWS

    I purchased these scope rings because they were supposed to be the new ones that were made specifically for the the Remington 783 and could have gotten the others elsewhere for less cost ! I bought the rifle from Cabelas and a nice Nikon scope from elsewhere . I could not mount the scope and took it to a gun shop to have it mounted and bore sighted ! He could not get the screws to fit in the rifle that was pre-drilled either . He had to use a different screws to mount it from his own inventory !! I should not have had to go to the expense of re-doing there mistakes ! Remington has lost their credibility with me ! I will be hesitant to purchase anything such as this again . I am a Remington man and own several shotguns and rifles. My son just gave me an almost mint condition year 1965 ,,, Remington 1100 , vent rib, 28 inch , modified choke , for my birthday ! ( I already had one ) but I was very happy about another nice gun . Shame on your designer ! Read more

  2. mee0214

    I have a Remington 783. I tried 3 different types of mounts (all for the Remington 700 series rifles) and none of them worked well…if at all. These fit perfectly the first time and held my scope properly. So, if you have a 783 variant, save yourself a bunch of hassle and experimenting and just get these, you won’t be disappointed. Read more

  3. Sev

    These are some of the only mounts available for the Remington 783. Shipping was kind of slow, but not much of any issue. I had to run a tap (8-32) through one of the scope mounts in the set that I received, due to overspray on the threads. So be sure you have a tap/die set handy just in case you run into the same issue. Don’t force the screws through, they should thread in easy (on the scope mount). I put a 3×9-50mm Redfield Revolution scope on my 783 using these mounts. I can never find clearance information from other folks, so I’ll provide what I measured on my setup. The minimum clearance between the objective lens and the top of the barrel was 3.5mm. Nice and low with good eye relief. Haven’t put any rounds through the rifle with these mounts on it yet, so I’ll update this review if any issues arise. Feel free to ask any questions, and I’ll try to answer as soon as I can. Read more

  4. HandyDan

    These rings fit very well on my Remington 783. I like having the mounts and rings as all one piece, it is one less place I have to worry about coming loose when shooting. I didn’t notice any problems with stripping the screw holes like some people did, but I think some of those people might be torquing them down too hard anyway. If I notice that they are starting to get loose I’ll dab a little Locktite on them. I’m not crazy about the plastic inserts to fit a 1″ scope, but the inserts do have some locking tabs to engage the metal of the rings, so at least they aren’t sliding all over the place. Read more

  5. illinoisgunguy

    should have spent a little more and got some 2 piece rings and mounts…..this limits you on ring spacing…..the sleeve for inch scopes seems pretty mickey mouse to me….anyway it was a gift to my son for Christmas and we made them work but they really aren’t on par with the $300 Burris scope I got him…..we are going to change them out first chance we get….. Read more

  6. Peggy

    👍 Read more

  7. rookie23

    fit the model 783 perfectly, looks factory. i managed to mount a 6x24x50 scope and everything cleared, i don’t think you could get anything any bigger on the gun with these rings, but overall i am satisfied from the look to fit to function so i would recommend to anyone with a 783 Read more

  8. Larry Anderson

    I bought the Remington 783 rifle for deer season this year. At the same time I picked up a scope only to find that I needed mounts. Amazon was fast on getting my order delivered. I mounted the scope myself, had it bore sited, sighted it in on the farm and nailed my deer with a clean shot at about 300 yds. Great gun. Good scope. Solid mounts. Read more

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