Resistance band exercising loop cords – with the aid of fila accessories pace and body weight energy training (available in mild, medium, heavy – sold one by one)

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  • ensure this suits via coming into your model range.
  • ressitance band loop: outstanding bands are designed to help with assisted pull-u. S. A. And different health sporting activities inside the gymnasium which includes squats, lunges, shoulder presses, assisted pull ups, pace training, and lots more
  • durable rubber: exercising bands are built of a durable rubber fabric supposed to address heavy masses, so you wont want to fear approximately breaking or snapping mid exercise
  • commercial grade: you will find those extraordinary and loops in nearly all functional health gyms and featured in high depth workouts anywhere
  • assisted pull ups: resistance band loops can be used for assisted pull usaby using wrapping across the bar and your foot, offering some momentum and making pulls u. S. Extra on hand
  • dimensions: available in 3 resistance – light (half”w), medium (3/4″w) and heavy (1″w)
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  • hello! I would like to realize which super bands are approximately 10 – 35 lbs? Purple, green, blue?
  • query: hi! I would like to realize which exquisite bands are approximately 10 – 35 lbs? Pink, green, blue? Answer: the color blue – medium. By way of lionel store seller on april 24, 2020 crumble all answers


    Heavy (Red), Light (Lime), Medium (Blue)

    8 reviews for Resistance band exercising loop cords – with the aid of fila accessories pace and body weight energy training (available in mild, medium, heavy – sold one by one)

    1. Dan

      This was my original review of this product: “This is a well made product but I wish it provided a larger increase in resistance over the next band down. I have been doubling up with the medium band to get resistance i wanted.” After 5 weeks of use(just outside the return window), this band started tearing. I was referred to the manufacturer for a remedy. After going back and forth with the manufacturer they gave me a gift card for a replacement of this product for use through their website. I informed them that I wanted a refund instead because I no longer trust their product. Their reply was that they could not refund because the purchase was made through Amazon. I told them this was not acceptable(through email) and never heard a word back from them again. This is NOT a problem with Amazon but a problem with the manufacturer. Buyer beware, they don’t stand behind their products. p.s. this review is for the red band but for some reason the blue band is the only one that shows up. Read more

    2. fedor potanin

      This product is not suitable beyond light movements and stretching. I attempted to incorporate with banded squats and after the very first session the developed tearing. Would not recommend. Read more

    3. Spanmaster

      Great lightweight workout band. My husband uses this every night in the livingroom. Can do multiple exercises with it. Read more

    4. Jack Moore

      I use this for pull ups. I used to hate doing pull ups. With these, I feel like I can do pull ups everyday. Read more

    5. Rachel

      It was good, came with exercises. Smelled very strong but great quality! Read more

    6. Maria Mulligan

      Continuing my physical therapy Read more

    7. Jean Skaff

      Good quality but not heavy as they say; I purchased the heavy one but its resistance is medium in other brands Read more

    8. Catherine Kimball

      This product is very easy to use, I like it very much, it is very convenient to use, and the quality is very good. Read more

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