Retrospec steel macebell from five to 30lbs for guys & ladies’s metallic mace strength training & complete body exercises

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  • clearly indestructible: retrospec mace bells feature an all-metal construction for an exceedingly long lasting construct. The rounded steel head is absolutely welded to the steel stem for improved strength.
  • ultimate versatility: use this mace bell for an expansion of sporting activities such as energy education, crossfit, fight, and more.
  • improve workout efficiency: particularly and extra correctly goal businesses of muscle mass, big and small, for higher strengthening and persistence.
  • secure opportunity: this mace bell has been designed and constructed to keep you safe in the course of your workout routines. Save you damage through correctly the use of a nicely-built mace bell
  • weight: available in five, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 lbs.
  • department name: unisex-grownup
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at retrospec, our ethics are rooted inside the earth. We are passionate advocates for more responsible and vigilant efforts to improve the health of our planet. Fueled by a small but powerful team of innovators, we thoughtfully design and broaden advanced, yet low-priced products for existence apart from the 9-5. However fee is merely a byproduct of our integrity, no longer the usual by which we degree success.

steel macebell strength schooling weight

retrospec’s mace bells function an all-steel construction for an extremely long lasting build. The rounded steel head is completely welded to the metal stem for multiplied energy.

  • all-metallic construction
  • available in a couple of weights: 5lb, 7lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, and 30lbs
  • target specific muscle businesses
  • product description

    truely indestructible, retrospec’s all-metallic flexible mace bell is good for strengthening, crossfit, and whole training. Growth the efficiency of your exercising and enhance unique muscle organizations with this versatile addition in your fitness ordinary or domestic gymnasium. Retrospec’s mace bell is available in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30lb increments.


    5 lb

    7 reviews for Retrospec steel macebell from five to 30lbs for guys & ladies’s metallic mace strength training & complete body exercises

    1. Glenn

      I’m new to Indian Club and Mace swinging. I actually went to my local hardware store and handled some sledge hammers of different weights to help me determine what I would get as my first Mace and glad I did. I decided to go light and get the 5lb one. Glad I did! There is a definite learning curve with these, especially the over the shoulder, behind the head swings like the 10:2’s and 360s. You will hit yourself and occasionally drop the Mace. The fiver is great for learning technique. Now, I’ve since ordered and received the 10lb club and the difference is striking! What a difference the extra 5lbs and foot length on the handle make. These clubs are well made and balanced. The 5lb handle is knurled from the bottom to about 2/3 up the length. The 10lb handle is knurled a foot on the bottom and then again mid-way up the handle. I can assure you that I will not be moving up to the 10lb for quite a bit. It would also be a bit difficult for indoor use due to the length. It’s an outside club. The heads are flattened so the clubs will stand independently and are plainly marked. Just for reference I am about 6 foot tall and 180lbs. Not exactly a weakling but am not ashamed to say that I’m glad I went with the lighter club. Good purchase. Read more

    2. bobg1b2013

      I am new to Mace training, but have trained using kettlebells, ropes, chains, tires, home made strongman logs, etc for years. I started using a sledgehammer some time back, and wanted to try a purpose-built mace. At this price including shipping, I thought I’d give a real mace a try. Wow! Nice! The mace came in just a few days, and was ingeniously packed using a bare minimum of foam; it arrived in perfect condition. The design and build are close to perfect as far as I can tell. Very solid, nicely balanced, not even any welds or seams to be seen. Will it scratch or smudge a little over time? I’m sure, but it’s supposed to be a hard working warrior tool, not a fine art piece to put on a display shelf. I started with a 10lb mace, figuring I can always buy a larger one if I “outgrow” the 10. It is more than heavy enough to get started; no use ruining my shoulders by starting too heavy. After a warm up with some Indian clubs, I gave it a try. Nice! What a great workout. Just be careful to keep your movements and shoulders “packed” under control in the beginning if you haven’t worked with this kind of tool before, and you will quickly get the hang of it. Would I buy it again or recommend? Absolutely. Do I plan to buy a 15lb and perhaps a 20 in the very near future? Yes, but that’s just me. You could buy a 10lb or lighter and never go higher, and get years of benefit out of using it. A little light, you can perfect your form and get great benefit. It’s NOT like you are competing in powerlifting and trying to go heavier and heavier. Too heavy, too soon, and you might get sloppy or perhaps hurt something. This is highly recommended. Read more

    3. Beth Ann Prudence

      The Retrospec Steel Maceball 7 lb. is exactly what we were looking for. We train teenage athletes – preparing them for a chance at a college athletic career. We have multiple Retrospec Maceball weights – all used for various core strength exercises. Our athletes really like the textured grip pattern on the Retrospec Maceballs. We have found that the smooth grips on other brand Maceballs are difficult to control due to hands slipping. Retrospec products are the standard. We will be investing in more Retrospec products for our training center. Read more

    4. dany

      Love it but since I’m SOOO out of shape and have some health issues even this was too heavy to start with. When working with weight that extends away from your body it will feel MUCH heavier. You lose good body mechanics. Be careful going over head and behind your back if you are not use to this. Read more

    5. Fred A

      A well made piece of equipment! Nice thick handle that will develop grip strength as you move through your Mace workout. All the welds look good and it is well balanced with the majority of the weight in the bell end as it should be. I would recommend the 15lb Retrospec Steel Mace to my friends and students. Read more

    6. NYCknow

      Seems like it may have arrived in “used” condition. The bar is covered in small, raised bumps that could easily scratch up someone’s hand while maneuvering the bar during exercises. There’s a rubber cap on the end, which was disappointing considering it was a hollow bar/pole, and upon it falling off, which it often does, the inside is visibly completely rusted out. I still use it because it took a while to get here and I’m not about to ship this crazy thing back. Wished I waited for a Prime delivery with a more reliable piece of equipment. But I was covid-desperate! Read more

    7. Bruno Vetter

      It’s exactly what it should be. I’ve had another mace before from another company and this one was just as good but cheaper per pound. I use mine for shoulder rehab and conditioning and I love the way it makes my crunchy shoulders feel. Read more

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