Rws 2300596 lock down scope mount 1″

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  • make sure this suits by using coming into your model quantity.
  • blanketed additives: rws lock down scope mount for air rifles, 1-inch jewelry
  • game kind: airsoft
  • imperative “wrap-around” earrings offer pressure-free mounting
  • dual cringe pin locking gadget
  • complete duration clamping bar
  • made from high-grade aluminum
  • set up gear included

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from the manufacturer

set up tools protected.

rws lock down scope mount – 1 inch – 2300596

the rws lock down mount for airgun scopes locks on tight with its complete-length 11mm rail frame and clamping bar and remains locked in region with its non-obligatory dual-recoil pin locking device. The rws lock down mount installs effortlessly and maintains your airgun scope locked on target ensuring a steady group, shot after shot.

  • wrap-around rings
  • dual cringe pin locking device
  • full period clamping bar
  • one-piece production
  • . Half inch elevation built into mount to overcome barrel deflection in rws air rifles
  • made to in shape 11mm flat pinnacle rail
  • twin flinch pins are removable for use with air rifles that do not have balk pin depressions
  • fabricated from excessive-grade aluminum
  • compatible with 1 inch scope tubes
  • included wrap-round earrings offer strain-loose mounting.

    less complicated mounting. Attach, maintain and tighten the bolts once and also you’re accomplished.

    stable, all-steel satisfactory.

    product description

    the rws lock down is the ultimate in scope mount layout for modern-day magnum spring air guns. The mount makes use of a beneficiant amount of four mounting lug screws to make sure an exceptionally inflexible in shape. The rws lock down is designed with 2 recoil pins to provide excessive preserving electricity. The lock down mount has been tested on the fixed-barrel aspect cocking rws rifles with brilliant fulfillment. The new rws lock down mount is an awesome addition to the rws line of top class merchandise and could make scope mounting a simple mission.

    8 reviews for Rws 2300596 lock down scope mount 1″

    1. Nathan B

      Please note that these rings are somewhat wide. They are wider than I typically would mount rings that are independent and not fixed like these RWS rings. The Hawke 2-7 scope I bought will NOT fit with these rings. I had to use my Hammers 3-9 scope, which is not as nice. The Hammers scope did fit but there wasn’t a ton of extra space. Only pointing this stuff out since those are both popular scope options. Hope this helps! Read more

    2. Kindle Customer

      I needed a good drop compensating mount for a Walther Parrus, and thought this was the answer. After about 150 rounds I saw that the mount was slipping rearward, even with the stop pin engaged. When I pulled the mount I saw that the stop pin was deforming the aluminum base and that it was allowing the pin to tilt back. This base should be steel , not aluminum, and the stop pin should be a larger diameter for more bearing area in the mount and on the rifle. This may work OK on an RWS rifle that has a separate dovetail base on top of the receiver that allow both stop pins to be used, on rifles with the dovetails milled into the receiver and only one pin hole it just cant take the recoil. Read more

    3. Sam

      Fits snugly on my Marlin Model 60 and accommodates my 1 inch diameter scope. Easy installation all hardware and tools included. Read more

    4. neonleon

      I mounted this on a Marlin Glenfield Model 60 that had a tip on mount. This is a inexpensive solution to mounting a scope on this gun. I wanted to mount a 1 inch diameter scope and even though this is listed as an airgun scope mount it works fine on model 60. I have shot 400 rounds on the rifle since mounting and the scope held zero. I mounted scope with Laser bore sight tool and when I got to the range i had it zeroed at 25 yards within 5 shots. This tells me that this mount goes on straight/ Highly recommend if you own a model 60. I learned about it on YouTube. Read more

    5. Dave S.

      Worked out Great on my 2 Diana Fixed Barrel Rifles the Diana 460 Magnum in 22 cal and the Diana 430L in 177 cal. Not to Difficult to Put on any RWS / Diana Rifle if ya take your time to do it Right. Used 2 of the Mantis Airgun rated Scopes in 3-9-40 with an Adjustable Objective. Awesome setup all the way around.. Read more

    6. C Sword

      Built like a tank. Heavy as a tank. Made a heavy rifle notably heavier. Despite the weight it’s still a 5/5. How RWS manufactures this and retails it for 25 dollars is a mystery. Well made. Has not moved since initial install. Does not mar scope finish. Taper kept elevation scope dial reasonably centered despite Diana barrel sag. If they made it in aluminum version it would be so much better. It really does weigh more than the target scope that’s mounted in it. No other critiques. Read more

    7. William A. Parmley

      I am using this mount on my Diana 34 airgun. It is a perfect fit and looks good on the rifle. I have shot about 250 rounds with it installed and so far neither the mount or scope have slipped. Many reviewers express concern that the rings only use two screws, but they have sticky little rubber pads inside that grip the scope tube quite well and so far have kept mine from slipping, and the rings are not as bulky as the four-screw type. As far as droop compensation goes, I did have to dial in a little “down” with my scope, but not too much, so the mount seems to be doing the job in that respect. This is definitely the type of mount you need for a break-barrel spring gun to compensate for droop and to withstand recoil, since it has two stop pins that engage the holes in the RWS scope rail. (Note: after buying this I saw a similar mount at Pyramid Air that is made to overlap the front of the RWS scope rail and so should withstand recoil even better. That would be worth a look if you have any concern about that, but so far — 250 rounds — I have no problem with this one.) Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      It is fairly well built, fastens to my Diana N-TEC 340 (11mm rail) well – BUT my new UTG scope is supposed to fit between the rings, but it does NOT. I could have tapered the inside of a couple of rings to make it fit — but I decided not to do that. I only need another 2 mm clearance on a UTG 3-9x 40mm 1″ Hunter, multicolor MILDOT (Spec stated 122mm, measures ~ 118 mm.) If RWS could make this a tad shorter — say 115 mm, a lot more scopes might fit. Did not get to verify the droop factor on this mount – which is why we wanted it. Read more

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