Scopecoat eotech xps 2 or three, scp12he11bk, black

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  • make sure this fits through entering your model variety.
  • designed specially for your optic maximum safety from dust dirt and debris journey or garage
  • neoprene 3mm construction gives the duvet an elastic in shape repelling moisture rain and condensation.
  • journeying with the duvet set up to your weapon sight will will stop dings and scratches
  • inside the discipline utilization with the duvet mounted will preserve the weapon sight free of water and dust
  • garage for your safe with cover hooked up will preserve it dirt ding loose and ready to apply faster

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from the producer

  • army and firearms enterprise veterans owned and operated
  • “stay to defend” recognition on shipping, garage and protection of weapons and equipment
  • advanced through remarks from the end purchaser, no longer a boardroom
  • customized to your exact crimson dot sight optic
  • neoprene 3mm, elastic type fit, protection from dings and moisture
  • store or travel with the cover installed guarantees a dust free optic
  • product description

    sentry manufactures scopecoats designed specially to protect your illuminated optics. Crafted from our popular 3mm thick neoprene/nylon laminate composition that assists in repelling moisture and condensation far from your optic, as well as, dirt and particles. This aggregate facilitates to guard your optics from the factors and harm at the same time as storing or transporting your tools. Scopecoat safeguards military optics, which includes brands inclusive of aimpoint, elcan, eotech, leopold, trijicion, and extra. Severe additionally available in 6mm neoprene for those that call for uncompromising protection.

    8 reviews for Scopecoat eotech xps 2 or three, scp12he11bk, black

    1. DBH

      Been looking for some kind of dust/lens protector for my Holosun 510c. Found a review of this Scopecoat where a reviewer said he used it on his Holosun. At the same time I got a response from Holosun also saying this should work. So I ordered it. Got it in 2 days. It’s not a perfect fit like it would be on an Eotech, but it does fit tightly and stays on the Holosun. I’m very happy, with it and now at least my Holosun is protected from dust and scratches when it’s stored or transported. I recommend it. Read more

    2. Chong Min Lee

      Fits perfectly on my holosun 510c. Read more

    3. LouRevue

      Given the price of this, I think it’s an okay. I’m using this on my EOTech EXPS3-2 and the fit of this cover is very tight…almost to the point where it doesn’t fit. I’m hoping that over time the cover will stretch out a bit and fit a bit easier. The thickness of the cover is just okay. Kind of wished it was a bit thicker. The cover is just good enough to protect my optic from light bumps and scratches but that’s about it. All in all, the least I can do is use a $20 cover to protect a $500 optic. Not the greatest solution but better than nothing. Read more

    4. Edward M. Pristas

      So i seen two questions about the scopecoat, one stated it fits the Eotech EXPS3, the other said it doesn’t. One comment stated it didn’t fit or it was very tight and didn’t fit that great. I’m here to tell you that it fits amazing an almost covers the the entire QD “quick detachment”. I’m super impressed. I’m going to buy the eotech g33 and when i do i will buy the scopecoat that covers both. Read more

    5. Chris

      Does what it needs to do. Mine fits perfectly on my eotech. No issues whatsoever. It’s definitely pricey for what your getting and if there was another company with more competitive pricing I’d try them out. But for now, this product has worked great and protects my RDS. Read more

    6. John Trahan

      This cover fits perfectly and will protect the body and the sight window. The four stars is for great product, performs as expected. If you need a product to keep fine sand or dust away from the sight window, you may need to find an alternative product. I would recommend this product to others. Read more

    7. John Rigsby

      Nice snug fit, stretch it over the edge with little effort, on my Holosun HS510C. Will work just fine. Read more

    8. B. Chau

      I don’t treat my AR like a safe queen, but this cover is perfect when i’m transporting my AR in a Pelican 1660 case. During travel my AR sits in the main compartment with another AR next to it and lots of other gear than can potentially damage the glass itself. I see some people are wondering if the cover fits loosely like the stock photo may show. It fits very snuggly on my XPS2, it feels and fits like a wetsuit, no chance of it randomly sliding off by itself. Read more

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