Scoretower mixture set – scoreboard & drinkholders for horseshoes

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  • ensure this suits by way of entering your version range.
  • provides gamers and spectators with recreation rating
  • drink holder holds cans, bottles, coozies, and mugs
  • consists of 5 color-coded scoreclamps to fit your group’s colors
  • stands a handy 54″ tall when in use
  • rugged stake without difficulty pushes into floor the use of just your foot
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scoretower blend set – scoreboard & drinkholders for horseshoes

that is the precise answer for thirsty cornhole recreation gamers at each ends of the courtroom. Consists of one scoretower with drinkholders, and one partner drinkholder. The beveragetower drinkholder is crafted from the equal durable all-weather componenets because the scoretower, it without difficulty pushes into the ground, and holds four drinks at a handy top for the gamers.

product description

neglect paper and pencils and hassle! The rating tower mixture set is a double-sided loose-status scorekeeper to your out of doors video games, and it consists of a separate beverage tower as well. Push it into the ground, and abruptly all gamers can without problems see the score. The shade coded scoreclamps are clean to study and set. The step-stake is crafted from heavy gauge steel with black powder coat paint for persistence. This score tower is made from all-weather plastics designed to rise up to outdoor use. Status at 58 inches tall this is ideal for most height adults. The double-sided pictures make it smooth for players and the crowd to comply with along without problems. All climate materials come to you in a reusable garage field.



8 reviews for Scoretower mixture set – scoreboard & drinkholders for horseshoes

  1. Mark Wilson

    How did we get by without this awesome score tower/ beverage holder ? We use it playing cornhole. Easy set up and it disassembles to store it for next time. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Opened it up expecting a stand as it says in the discription as we need it for concrete and it’s the only one we found for concrete use…and guess what no stand. I guess we have to order that separately?! Here’s the discription on Amazon: USE IN GRASS OR ON PAVEMENT-Whether you’re playing in a park, or at a tailgate party for your favorite sports team this free-standing scorekeeper will work for you. It easily pushes into soft ground, or comes with an optional base to stand on hard surface There was no base to stand on the hard ground in the box, just a stake. Then looking back through the questions asked someone replied you have to order it as an additional purchase. Not happy and will be returning. Read more

  3. Flycamp

    Great product until you try and put it back in the “storage box”. If they made the “storage box” an inch wider everything would fit well when you want to store it for the next game. If you buy it pay careful attention when you unpackage it because it probably the only way it will fit back in the box and be able to close it up tight. I ended up cutting 1/2″ or so off the sides of the score boards and placard so anyone wanting to help pick up the game can package it up. A box is really needed to package it up to keep everything nice for years to come. Great product and I would recommend it. Maybe you could get your own storage box…. Read more

  4. Kristy Foote

    At first I was looking at those that just sold the one scorekeeper with the cup holders. I mean who can play corn hole with out a beverage but you can’t have one in your hand and throw a bag. Next thing you know the kids or the dog sends it flying as you only resort is the ground. Then BAM!! You see one score keeper with a cup holders, but wait! You do have people on the other end indulging in a few beverages too!! So I found you guys with the awesome combo pack. It was a huge hit and well, it still is. We love our score cards because sometimes as the night goes on you forget the score and what better way to keep track of it all. You have a place to set your drink, and let me tell you everyone it even holds the big foam koozies!! Have a glass put it in there too! It is sturdy in the ground so no matter if you set one or two in the holders it stays right in place and even better you know the score! Go for the combo set and all will be happy!! Thanks so much for a great product!! Read more

  5. Steven Fuller

    We added this to our cornhole setup because we were consistently forgetting the score & wasting time in discussion. It works great & we can now just enjoy the game more. The product is sturdy, and survived a couple of hits with errant bags without any damage. The metal stand splits into 2 pieces for easy travel, and the secondary cup holder stand uses the same metal frame as the scoreboard. We don’t really use the cup holder stand, but I like that I have a spare frame if one gets damaged. Read more

  6. PM Connors

    Actually, the title says it all. The stands are basically permanently set up in our back yard. They have been through two major storms here in Arizona and they were unblemished from the thrashing. Fully recommend for the backyard experience. Read more

  7. Justanothermother

    I have bought 2 of these. The first one I bought for my husband to go with his corn hole set, and then when my brother-in-law made his own corn hole set, I bought a set for him as well. They are perfect for keeping score and keeping drinks easily accessible. PROS: *Keep drinks available in sturdy upholders *Easy to keep track of score *One for each side *Clips are durable and hold up well CONS: *Not good to keep out in the rain – made of a plastic type cardboard so I suggest putting them away when you are done playing. This isn’t an issue for us, we move all of our corn hole items out of the elements to ensure they will last. I think it’s a great addition to make the game more social. I also suggest getting the in-hole lighting so you can play at night! Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    the clips are easy to move and securely fasten to the score board. the score board is large print and easy to see. the cup holders are a big plus. having an additional set of cup holders for the opposite side when playing corn hole game is great. the only down side is the screws that connect the stake pieces together are relatively short and I am afraid they will strip out easily. we intend to keep them screwed together for longer life, but then they quite long for transporting. overall satisfied with the purchase, although a little costly. Read more

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