Sig sauer sgsor72002 romeo msr inexperienced dot 1×20 2moa, black, one length

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  • make sure this fits by means of entering your model range.
  • excessive-performance lens coatings for fantastic light transmission and dot comparison in any state of affairs
  • extremely-compact length and weight with unlimited eye-relief and parallax-loose operation
  • unique 2 moa dot
  • slipover, see-via turn-backs
  • aircraft grade aluminum housing and mount
  • sport kind: searching

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sig sauer sgsor72002 romeo msr green dot 1×20 2moa

8 reviews for Sig sauer sgsor72002 romeo msr inexperienced dot 1×20 2moa, black, one length

  1. Ben B.

    First off, the product it’s self seems great. Easy to install, comes with a little tool for sight maintenance, and seems rather sturdy. I had it tight on the Saint pistol in about 2 minutes from open to install. The brightness knob is dang hard to turn, very stiff. And the see thru caps are really hard to open and close. …. only bad Mark’s here goes for this seller, Plume I believe. I first had a red dot in the cart ready to go, then in checkout says its 30 dollars more and will take over a week for delivery (as opposed to next day like originally said.). So went back, and my items gone. Searched for just this sight, found it, same seller, red dot, for 15 over the original offered price but next day. Ok fine, still beats going to the store…. when it came, on time- it was first delivered to the wrong house, and the little picture they send you- was of the wrong house!! Luckily my neighbor is cool and I got it back. Then when I open it up- it’s a green laser dot! Green is ok, but after awhile it bothers my eyes- why I ordered the red dot…. I’m going to keep it, and sort of good I got it at all after this. So the sight its self is soild, good buy dont regret it at all. But the seller… negative 5 stars for sending the wrong item and Amazon driver-fail- dropped off at wrong house. Don’t skimp on a quality sight, worth the $$!!!! UPDATE: Been difficult to get to the range recently, with ammo prices/availability what it is now. But I have been able to zero it in, and put it through some testing/proving. This thing is solid. Kept zero after some blatant “targeted” abuse( see what I did there lol). Did not become loose at all. Still would have preferred the red to the green, but hey, I’m still happy with the buy. I would still recommend this product to anyone, and still say it’s worth the price. Now if ammo costs would drop and the stuff would become available, I’d be a happier camper!! Read more

  2. MrBubble

    The reticle started turning off intermittently around the second magazine. We were trying to zero it, and it started to turn off after half of the shots. Sometimes you could fiddle with it and it would come back on. Other times it seemed dead, only to start working again after a while. Obviously it deserves zero stars, but I give it two because the dot was great and I’m giving Sig the benefit of the doubt, assuming I got a lemon. FYI – The reticle was very crisp and the green dot really stood out in the blazing mid-day sun of El Paso, Texas. Read more

  3. Nick

    It is perfect on my ar 556 once sighted then dialed in it has kept 0 for close to over 1000 rounds. To hell and back reliability. Read more

  4. JER

    Works as advertised and I like I can co-witness with my rifle sights. Read more

  5. Michael cooper

    The knob for the lazer was broken and can’t install the batteries so I can’t even use it to test it out ,very disappointed Read more

  6. t3hSn0wm4n

    This little guy is amazing. It arrived yesterday, I put it on my Ruger PCC and went through about 100 rounds. Had it dialed in after just a couple groups. The dot is crisp and bright. And it is vastly superior to a red dot. Read more

  7. Shawn

    I couldn’t be more satisfied from this. Best optic for the price in my opinion. The green dot is the best part Read more

  8. Donald Harris

    Looked good right out of the box. Install on M4 with complete co- witness through to the center of peep sights. Should only need minor adjustment. Not certain of NV settings yet but bright enough or dim enough. Good setting at 6 for me. Read more

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