Sightmark . 223, five. 56×45 nato boresight with crimson laser

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  • ensure this suits by getting into your model wide variety.
  • <5mw 532nm magnificence iiia pink laser
  • precision accuracy due to compact and lightweight size
  • dependable and durable boresight that is easy to % and travel
  • fastest gun zeroing and sighting system
  • reduce wasted cartridges and shells

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from the producer

sightmark rifle boresights

sightmark laser boresights provide the most handy and correct method for sighting in all types of rifles. In reality chamber the boresight like a normal bullet and a laser dot will challenge to reveal precisely wherein the rifle is aiming. Sightmark laser boresights make it easy to sight in any scope without firing a unmarried shot. Live fireplace is handiest had to great music a weapon being sighted a good way to compensate for inconsistencies, together with bullet drop because of distance. Ideal for hunters or aggressive shooters, the sightmark laser boresight is positive to take the frustration out of sighting in almost any firearm. It’s clean to use and will speedy store each money and time by way of avoiding prolonged stay fireplace tests on the range; use the greater ammo for honing those shooting abilities and for the quest.

sighting-in a new scope or double-checking 0 on our favorite rifles, handguns, and crossbows? Sightmark boresights are the first, exceptional name in boresighting tools. From widely wide-spread barrel-hooked up to quality-precise in-chamber products, our boresights are designed to get you on the right track fast with out wasting ammo.

  • pre-calibrated for precision accuracy
  • exceptional adjustment for authentic middle
  • durable brass production
  • largest selection of calibers
  • reduces wasted ammo
  • compact and lightweight
  • smooth to p. C. And travel
  • wearing case and batteries blanketed
  • a light-weight sporting pouch protects the laser for convenient use in the field and makes it smooth to p. C. And travel.

    sighmark boresights use a visible pink laser with a laser wavelength of 632 – 650nm and <5mw electricity.

    the best adjustment screws along the edges of the boresights allow the laser to preserve a real center.

    product description

    product description

    tested and advocated through the country wide tactical officials affiliation, the sightmark. 223 boresight appreciably reduces wasted cartridges and shells. Chamber the tool to your . 223 rifle like a regular cartridge, and a purple laser dot indicates precisely wherein you are aiming. Surely regulate your attractions or scope, and store your greater ammo for the hunt. Includes a carrying case, three (3) ag3 batteries, and commands.

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    the sightmark laser boresight affords a handy, correct, and price effective method for sighting in rifles and shotguns of every type. Smooth-to-use, definitely chamber the boresight like a regular bullet and a laser dot will display precisely wherein the rifle is aiming–with out firing a single shot. Best for hunters, aggressive shooters, and law enforcement, the sightmark laser boresight gives a fifteen to 100 foot sighting variety with a 632 to 650 nm laser wavelength. The boresight comes with a lightweight wearing pouch to guard the laser for inside the area.


  • laser wavelength (nm:) 632 to 650
  • led type: visible pink laser
  • sighting variety: 15 to a hundred yards
  • dot size: 2 inches at 100 yards
  • operation: on/off quit cap
  • production: brass
  • temperature: -10 to 50 celsius
  • power: <five mw
  • battery kind: two ag5 or three ag3)
  • battery existence: one hour
  • 6 reviews for Sightmark . 223, five. 56×45 nato boresight with crimson laser

    1. frogwild

      Maybe I just got a bad one. I purchased this bore sight for use in my Colt Competition CRZ (.223/5.56). It was delivered this morning and I was anxious to try it out so I opened the package, read the directions, added the batteries and inserted the laser into the chamber. Immediately I noticed that the dot on the wall 5 feet away was at least 5 inches across and not a clean well defined laser dot. I removed the sight and aimed it at the wall and when not in the barrel, the sight rendered a clean dot as you would expect so I re inserted it into the barrel and I got the same dismal result. Then I noticed the dot was shining on the muzzle break. The laser didn’t even make it out of the barrel clean. I wanted to check the laser alignment so I set up a plumb line from a doorway. After carefully leveling a small table to hold the sight, I placed it under the plumb line and found it to be at least 2 inches off at 64 inches. Maybe this is the only one like this but this is the second one I received after returning the first one because the packing was opened. I am returning it today. Maybe I’ll just stick to the old fashioned way of sighting the rifle. Update: 1/28/2017: I returned number 2 and received a 3rd sight. This one seems to have an acceptable measure of accuracy. At 50 yards, it seems to be about 1 inch off the actual POA. I don’t have a longer range to check it. I’m upping the rating to 3 stars because the variance between sight number 2 and sight number 3, plus the problem with #1 mentioned above. I don’t love it, but it’s OK. Read more

    2. Joe

      I read some bad reviews about this product so I was not expecting much from it. I sighted at home using 10 yards 1.9 inches above POI which zeros the gun at 50 and 200 yards. I was only expecting to hit paper when at the range and assumed I would need to zero at the range. Well, first shot at 50 yards dead center. 20 more shots impacted exactly where I wanted. 100 yards about 4 inches high which is normal with this sighting technic. 25 yards, dead on, 15 yards, dead on. Love it. The attached photo shows my first 9 shots at 50 yards using only a red dot sighted with this laser. The outside shots were intentional. Yes, I tape over the paper to conserve targets. Read more

    3. theconstantrunner

      Garbage. You can zero your scope at 25yds, based on the laser point of impact, but if you take out the laser and reinsert again, it will NOT be on the same spot again. The top photo was taken using the Sitelite SL-100 using the 10yd zero method (POI 1.9″ below POA). The bottom photo was using this garbage Sightmark laser bore. As you can see the sightmark is off low and to the right. Sure enough, I took it to the range and was dead on at 50yds with the SL100. With this garbage I would have been off the paper. Read more

    4. Andrew

      I saw 1000+ reviews at 4.5 stars, been looking for a descent inexpensive bore sighters for my 5.56 AR. Well kind of skeptical but can 1000 people be wrong? would a company to go extent to fabricate 1000+ reviews? So decided to buy this bore sighter from Sightmark, I was impressed. Not much too, it, Well Built, good RED Laser, loaded it in my AR. I just bought iron sights, Troy Industries Battle Di Optic Rear & front Aluminium folding sights. Mounted them and sited them pretty easily. Dead on. Also bought the Vortex Optic SPR-1303 Spitfire 3x Prism Scope, and no lie, the Optic was on target, hair off, sighterd it in. in a Seconds All this was done about 50 yards at evening, Targeted my aunts white garage across street. Able to see bright RED LASER with no issues. Real easy to sight in Read more

    5. LKNANML

      Easy to use with mixed results. Dropped it in and zeroed my 1×6 scope and laser sight. Very clear red dot made it ez to see. Done in 10 mins. Next day I showed a friend how ez it was. Red dot was way off. Took it out and put it back. Way off in another direction and blurry. Repeated. Different result every time. Used my friends front loaded muzzle version. Lined up each time. Lots of good reviews and marginal reviews after exchanging a few times. I’d say take a pass on this one as QC seems to be an issue. It’s a novelty cat laser now but they seem to like it. Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      I got this to rough in rifles and save some trouble when I go the range to dial them in. I just put a new 1-6x scope on an AR so it was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I sight my rifles for a 50/200 zero, so simply marked a 1″ grid target with the anticipated POI compensation for 5 yards and taped it to the wall across the room. While aiming the laser at the POI mark, I zero’d the reticle on the middle of the target and called it good. Went to the range to finish sighting in with live rounds and the first shot was less than an inch off. 3 or 4 rounds later I’m dead on, 3 or 4 more for fun and that was it. It took longer to get the gun out of the bag and loaded than it did to zero it. This laser is also VERY handy for training to compensate for height over bore on close shots. Great little product, only thing that sucks is having to take the batteries out to turn it off. If I could give it a 4.5 for that I would but it isn’t worth a full star considering how well it works otherwise. Read more

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