Sightmark citadel 5-30×56 lr2 riflescope

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  • make sure this suits by means of getting into your model wide variety.
  • first focal plane reticle
  • red illuminated retiicle
  • exposed, low-profile turrets
  • single-piece 30mm tube
  • 6:1 zoom ratio

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sightmark castle riflescopes

  • first-and-second focal aircraft reticle alternatives
  • shockproof, fog-proof and water resistant
  • sunshade covered (lr1 & lr2) collection
  • unmarried-piece 30mm tube
  • 6:1 zoom ratio
  • absolutely multi-coated optics
  • single piece 30mm tube
  • plane grade aluminum and hand-anodized finish with subdued logos
  • situated on the excessive floor of near-to-long range optic performace, fort riflescopes include low-cost first-focal-aircraft, lengthy-variety capability and 2d-focal-aircraft tactical answers. Fortress series optics are ideal for precision shooters, multi-gun competitors, hunters, and sure, most clearly, leos who demand and deserve peace of thoughts reliability.

    sightmark’s line of citadel riflescopes are designed to assist expert, competitive and recreational shooters climb to the top of their game with impenetrable self belief and win the day with characteristic-rich, top rate appearing optics. All sightmark fort riflescopes boast 30mm unmarried-piece, plane-grade 6061-t6 aluminum tubes; top class, completely multi-lined glass; fine-etched, pink-illuminated reticles; lens covers; throw levers; ip67 waterproof, dustproof, fogproof and shockproof reliability.

    the sightmark castle riflescope is equipped with a facet attention dial that is used to dispose of parallax and finely cognizance the photo. Parallax occurs while the photograph of the goal does no longer cognizance at the same optical aircraft because the reticle inside the riflescope. When parallax is present, the reticle appears to transport over the target while the shooter’s eye isn’t always centered to the eyepiece. Adjusting the aspect consciousness dial well will cast off parallax.

    the sightmark fortress riflescope has finger adjustable elevation and windage adjustments with audible clicks. The fort lr2 have locking, pop-up turrets. These turrets should be pulled as much as disengage the locking mechanism. Once disengaged, changes can be made. Whilst modifications are completed, the turret may be pushed back off to lock the adjustment

    the lr2 reticle is based on milliradian (mrad or mil) design. Milliradian is a measurement of angle. A unmarried mil is equal to a few. 6” at a hundred yards. The changes within the fortress 3-18×50 and five-30×56 riflescope is . 1mrad, that means that every click on will flow the point of impact . 36” at 100 yards or 1cm at a hundred meters. The reticle is a first focal plane reticle. This fashion of reticle will grow at the side of the photograph as magnification is improved. The gain of a primary focal plane reticle is that the scale of the reticle might be true at any magnification. Therefore, rangefinding and performing holdovers can be completed at any factor within the magnification range.

    the sightmark citadel riflescope eyepiece is designed to rotate to modify for diopter. Diopter is the measurement of the eye’s curvature. By using rotating the eyepiece, the diopter is adjusted to properly suit every body’s vision. If the reticle does not appear clean, crisp, nor sharp, rotate the eyepiece till the reticle becomes clear and sharp. This adjustment must stay the identical except the riflescope’s operator modifications.

    product description

    maintain the percentages for your choose by way of capturing with the first focal aircraft fortress 5-30×56 lr2 riflescope. For folks who aren’t afraid to attain out and touch some thing from long-variety, the citadel five-30×50 functions uncovered, pop-up locking turrets and crimson reticle illumination that make it a favourite of each competition shooters and severe hunters. A primary focal plane reticle guarantees shooters can range objectives and use their holdovers across the 6x optical machine determined in this lengthy-distance fort. Proposing completely multi-coated optics and a 30mm unmarried-piece tube, the fort comes fashionable with turn-up lens covers, a sunshade and one cr2032 battery. Constructed of plane grade aluminum with a tough anodized end, the durable fortress five-30×50 lr2 is ip67 water-proof, fogproof and shockproof.

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      The Optic is pretty Sweet for the price. It is a Tad Over Glassed to Put on a 308. Better to have more than less. The 3-18×50 version is perfect for it. But your money your choice. Both are fine. The knobs match the LR2 Reticle. As long as you pay attention and get that model. STRELOCKPro Has the Reticle I wrote the email asking for The 5-30 ffp reticle. In it so you have Support, your welcome. A 20moa EGW rail with medium Rings will set you up for success. A 30moa will be to much but totally bottom you out. 9.7 mils up which is ruffly three Rotations of the knob. Little sluff either way depending on zero. The scope tracks fine. So the bad. Which is potentially arts and crafts fix. No True Zero stop. No BDC Elevation Knob. You can Make a sticker for that off charts and YouTube. No Markings except a Line to know what Rotation your on. You could place a scribe scratch mark for this prettt easy especially if you paint it. The Scope appears to be made to be predominantly utilized for holdovers/unders. The scope is China glass obviously yet they paid attention. Some YouTube reviews have said the parallax knob and the illumination portion reticle don’t move well. This is opinion. I think it works fine. The illumination works like a aim-point or TRS knob and the parallax is not easy but also not difficult. The Elevation and Windage both have descent clicks However they have a little stuff to them due to how it is made. You can add a nylon Washer not supplied and tighten it for a zero stop of sorts. The Glass is Clear the Scope Covers and sunshade come with. So Even though it’s the midline priced Affordable Sightmark. If you are Looking Mil knob Mil Reticle this is it. Read more

    2. Stephen Y.

      This scope would be a 5 star if the eye relief was better in 5 power and 30 power it’s hard to get a good sight picture and the turrets don’t lock down on the line perfectly but other than that it is great Read more

    3. mike schrader

      Very hard to see thru clearly considering price paid. Read more

    4. Eddie

      It was just what I wont works good tracks good Read more

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